Clean Certified

When you buy from Terra Universal, you work with the leading manufacturing expert in cleanroom and other critical-environment applications.


Over 45 years of design and fabrication experience in semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, and other critical environments. Terra's products have become industry-standard contamination solutions.

Certified Expertise

Terra has been independently certified as a clean manufacturing specialist, documentation of our standardized approaches to contamination control in all levels of design and fabrication. Terra's manufacturing operations are supported by state-of-the-art CAD/CAM/CNC equipment and rigorous employee training.

Products bearing this seal have been independently certified for cleanroom compatibility (down to Class 1, per FED-STD-209).

Certified Safety

Terra Universal has an extensive set of listings with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) across many of its product lines. These listings include regular third party inspections at Terra’s manufacturing facility. Terra also works with third party testing laboratories for its CE marked products.

Comprehensive Contamination-Control Approaches

Humidity, static, temperature, particulates, and chemical vapors all affect yields of sensitive materials. Because these environmental factors influence each other, Terra's contamination-control professionals design comprehensive solutions.

Cleanroom Certified

"Terra Universal, Inc.,
employs approved
cleanroom design
processes and
fabrication methods
in the manufacture of its

Dr. Philip R. Austin, PE
Ultraclean Products
Approval Laboratory,
Livonia, Michigan

Cleanroom Certification Stamp