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Download, browse or print Terra's Medical and Pharmacy Equipment catalog*

Looking for medical or pharmacy equipment? Products featured in this convenient catalog meet your regulatory needs while giving you a range of options to make your job easier. Cleanliness is at the core of everything we sell; general use and specialized equipment is designed with this critical specification in mind.

Products range from USP <797> cleanrooms, PCR workstations and ULPA-filtered hand dryers, to anaerobic chambers, biosafety isolators and stainless steel computer carts. Dispose of waste in OSHA-compliant receptacles, and keep your facility clean with electropolished glove dispensers. Open the catalog to see more!

*These files are accurate at the time of print publication. To verify current pricing and specifications, please call Terra or refer to the appropriate Internet product descriptions (use "Price Checker" for price and page link).

Life Sciences Instrumentation

Vol 11 No. 1
August, 2014

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