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The SNO GUN II™ High Precision Cleaner

The SNO GUN™ II High Precision Cleaner
tube adjusts snowflake size
  SnoGun Extension
Removal of particles from 0.0005" (0.0013 cm) diameter gold bonding wires with Sno-Gun
The SNO GUN™ II High Precision Cleaner The SNO GUN™ II High Precision Cleaner
Circuit before cleaning. Note contamination. Circuit after
cleaning. All contamination
  • Safely removes contaminants—including fingerprints, light hydrocarbon residue, and submicron particles—using dry ice snow
  • More effective than nitrogen at cleaning wafers, chips, optics, and other particle-sensitive components
  • Safe for use with microcircuit wires or energized electronic components
  • Portable, easy-aim design and adjustable nozzles provide broad or very localized cleaning of hard-to-reach surfaces
  • Environmentally friendly operation eliminates the need for solvent disposal—contaminants are carried away in a stream of inert CO2
  • Low operating cost: CO2 is inexpensive and readily available

The SNO GUN II provides a safe, inexpensive, highly effective alternative to solvent or dry nitrogen cleaning of semiconductor components, PC boards, and other sensitive parts.

Removes Surface Contaminants as Small as 0.1 Micron
Dry ice particles generated by the SNO GUN II penetrate the boundary layer immediately adjacent to the surface. Contaminants that are untouched by nitrogen guns are dislodged and carried away in the flowing stream. Light organic contamination may be removed by the localized solvent effect created when dry ice particles impinge on a surface.

The SNO GUN II cleaning process does not scratch delicate semiconductor or precision optical surfaces. Even the finest wires in microcircuitry remain undisturbed. CO2 is non-conductive, allowing electronic components to be safely cleaned even while energized.

The hand-held SNO GUN II is transportable to wherever cleaning is required. Simply attach the SNO GUN II to a CO2 cylinder and start cleaning more effectively.

Complete Line of Features to Meet Every Application
The SNO GUN II comes with interchangeable nozzles with 9 standard combinations. By changing the nozzle configurations, you can adjust the spray pattern, size, and force of the dry ice particles. Micro-particles can be generated in the < 1mm diameter range with a velocity from 150 fps to 1000 fps (45.7 m/s to 304.8 m/s) that produce an aggressive dry ice storm capable of removing light oils, light greases, and hydrocarbons. Fingerprints can be removed from many surfaces. Three extension tubes provide larger, more gentle snowfall capable of cleaning unadhered particles down to 0.1 micron without disturbing delicate substrates.

The SNO GUN II includes a .5-micron filter inside the valve for point-of-use filtration, a Teflon-jacketed nozzle design that minimizes condensation, a 10' (3048 mm) flexible hose (for connection to a standard gas cylinder), and hard plastic storage case.

See below for information on a CO2 Purifier and Micro Precision Steam Cleaner.

CO2 Consumption: 36 lbs./hr. under continuous duty.
Shipping Case Dimensions: 13"W x 18"L x 5.5"H
330 mm x 457 mm x 140 mm
Shipping Weight: 9 lbs. (4.1 g)
  Va-Tran Part # Cat. # Price
SNO GUN ll SG-2 4545-00A $ 1,659

The SNO GUN II provides safe, effective, economical cleaning in a wide range of critical applications.
Silicone Wafers—The speedy cleaning process effectively removes contaminants as small as 0.1 microns from wafer surfaces. Versatile tip configurations allow adjustment of force and pattern of dry ice spray to ensure safe cleaning. Select Terra's DryClean™ Glove Box to prevent moisture condensation.
Hybrid Circuits—Short blasts of dry ice snow typically remove all particles from hard-to-reach recesses in hybrid packages without disturbing delicate wire bonds. Applying and slowing heating Methyl Alcohol to its boiling point and then re-spraying the area with dry ice snow can remove stains.
Disk Drives—The SNO GUN II safely removes particles from disk heads, drive cavities, and magnetic media itself. Automated configurations can be installed for continuous operation on assembly lines.
Flat Panel Displays—The SNO GUN II is ideal for removal of particles, fingerprints, and other light residues on FPD substrates and glass prior to coating.
Optics—From a 400-inch (10160 mm) telescope mirror to 20-mm by 20-mm photoelectric cells, CO2 cleaning removes dust particles and light hydrocarbon contamination without surface pitting.
Medical Devices—Cardiac and ophthalmic shunts are cleaned to a precision level. Medical tools and instruments have dust, light oils, and fingerprints removed.
Micro-mechanical assemblies and other precision parts—Removes dust and deposits from gyroscopes and microvalving components. Ideal for difficult to reach areas (threads, orifices).
PC Boards—By altering the nozzle configuration, you can pinpoint highly localized contaminants or remove fingerprints and other residues from larger surface areas.
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