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  1. Plasma-Preen Cleaner/Etchers
    Plasma-Preen Cleaner/Etchers (9505-PP-02)
    Group of 12 products
    Some ship in 0 - 6 days
    1 Maximum Temperature1 Temperature Range2 Reactor Type2 Voltage

    Available Maximum Temperature: 392°F
    Available Temperature Range: 77° to 392°F
    Available Reactor Type: Barrel, Water-cooled
    Available Voltage: 120 V, 240 V
  2. Dry Ice Cleaner; Sno Gun II, Va-Tran Systems, Inc.

  3. Cleaning Systems; Micro-Precision Steam
    Cleaning Systems; Micro-Precision Steam (4545-PP-01)
    Group of 4 products
    Some ship in 8 - 14 days
    2 Maximum Temperature2 Temperature Range1 Heated1 Voltage

    Available Maximum Temperature: 250°F, 350°F
    Available Temperature Range: 250°F, 250° to 350°F
    Available Heated: Yes
    Available Voltage: 120 V
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17 products meet your criteria.

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