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Keyless Door Entry Access Control System
From Linear®

Keyless Card Entry
Keyless card reader is installed near the cleanroom entrance, and is used to program individual access cards.
Door Locks
Electromagnetic Sliding Door Lock: a strong magnetic field holds the two halves together until the field is interrupted.
Large, brightly-colored “mushroom” palm switch. When the pneumatic button is depressed, personnel may leave the room during the time delay.  
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  • Go keyless! Make it fast and easy for personnel to enter/exit protected rooms
  • Keep your sensitive, critical environment secure
  • No keys to make, or doors to lock at the end of shifts
  • Have control of all persons entering the cleanroom
  • Use for either hardwall room swing- or sliding-door entrances
  • Push the large, easy-to-see Exit button to leave
  • System has a capacity of up to 2,000 users

Do you work in a highly-sensitive environment that requires authorized access? Solve the problem of controlling traffic with this electronic keyless entry proximity system. Access cards are programmed for each individual to authorize his/her presence in protected rooms.

The low-voltage ProxPad card reader is mounted at the entrance of the cleanroom; typically in the control panel that also contains fan/filter controls and pressure gauges. It is wired to a dedicated power supply, separate from the cleanroom’s lights and filters.

To access the room, the user simply places his ProxCard proximity card against the reader: an LED light turns green when the card is identified, and the door opens. The light stays red if the card is not recognized, and the door remains closed. For cards not programmed properly, the light will appear yellow, requiring administrator intervention.

When a card signals the door to open, there is a five-second delay before it closes. If a door is propped open for 30 seconds or more, an alert will sound. For doors that are forced open, an alert sounds after 10 seconds. These alerts continue to sound until the door is closed. An optional battery back-up will continue to power the doors in the event of a power loss.

Door Locks
A magnetic lock is used for sliding hardwall doors. When an access card is recognized, or the exit button is pushed, a strong magnetic field is electronically interrupted, allowing the door to open. Once the door slides back into place, the magnetic field is re-established.

A bolt is used to secure swing doors; the lock stays in place until it is released electronically. When the electrical field turns off, the bolt falls back into place.

As a more secure option, a second card reader can be installed inside the room so that an access card is also required for personnel to leave the work area. Talk to your Terra Product Specialist for details.

Ordering information
Both entry systems come complete with everything you need to get started, including the dedicated power supply. Access cards can be used with either system, and are sold separately.
Keyless Entry Type Description Cat. # Price
Sliding Door Includes ProxPad controller, magnetic door lock, exit button, power supply 5050-30 $ 1,768
Swing Door Includes ProxPad controller, strike door lock, exit button, power supply 5050-31 $ 1,581
Accessory Cat. # Price
ProxCard Programmable Access Card (each) 5050-32 $ 91
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