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Convertible Glove Ports

glove ports
Shown: #1694-52 Standard Glove Ports (Sold individually)
Glove and Iris Ports
Standard Glove Ports equipped with Accordion Sleeves (#1689-47)
Port Cover
Use port covers (#1694-53) to seal the chamber prior to replacing the gloves
Iris ports
Optional iris port (#1694-54) seals against standard port for easy access by gloved hands
convertible-glove-port-gasket convertible-glove-port-gasket
No. 1694-51A No. 1694-55
Terra’s standard glove ports, made of ABS plastic, accommodate a variety of glove and sleeve combinations. The versatile internal mounting hardware allows you to expand system capabilities by adding either port covers or iris ports (8-inch ports not compatible with covers and iris ports).
  • Three-component assembly allows for easy removal and replacement with interchangeable parts
  • 10” (254 mm) ports, standard on all Terra gloveboxes, provide ample room for arm motion
  • 8" (203 mm) ports also available for smaller glove boxes
  • An elastomeric gasket and retaining ring create a tight seal between the glove port and the smooth surfaces of the glovebox
  • Port covers and iris ports (sold separately) feature additional seals and internal threading, which allow for quick installation on 10" glove port (No. 1694-52)
  • Oval and oversized port diameters provide wider range of arm motion
  • Several application-specific materials available, including pharmaceutical-grade stainless steel, PVC, polypropylene, and PTFE
  • Each glove port includes the neoprene gasket, a retaining ring, and fastening hardware for a wall thickness up to 0.25” (6 mm)
Standard Glove Ports (Select  #1694-52 for use with Port Cover/Iris Adapter). See below for other sizes, materials and configurations.
ABS Plastic Polypropylene
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
10" 1694-52 $ 316 - -
8"/9" 1694-51A $ 163 1694-55 $ 224
All models include port, retaining ring and dual neoprene gaskets.
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convertible-glove-port-gasket iris-port
The Convertible Glove Port mechanically fastens to the mounting surface and features an inlaid elastomeric seal The Insert Adapter features internal threads and an additional integral elastomeric seal for quick installation

Modify Terra's Glove Ports for a Customized Solution

Terra’s Convertible Glove Port provides a flexible, customizable access point that can adapt to a variety of different processes and workflows. By leveraging the modular construction and interchangeable inserts, the Convertible Glove Port can be installed on virtually any smooth wall surface and add new capabilities to existing equipment or structures, such as data access ports and observation windows.

observation-port data-por waste-port
Observation ports can be retrofitted to existing walls to offer unique viewpoints Add power and/or data connections by swapping in custom inserts A 10” waste disposal port can be added to gloveboxes, cabinets or any other wall surface

Optional Glove Port Components

Port Covers

glove ports
Port Cover #1694-53
Port covers feature a threaded closure and an O-ring that seals tightly against the glove ports from the inside of the chamber. Using this internal-mount system, the chamber can be sealed when work is not in process and gloves/sleeves can be replaced without breaching the enclosure. Handles allow for easy manipulation of these caps. Use on 10-inch glove ports, No. 1694-52 (standard on most Terra gloveboxes).

Port Covers
Cat. # Price
1694-53 $ 251

Iris Port

port cover
Iris Port #1694-54
Iris ports also mount against the standard glove ports from the inside, converting the chamber into an easy-access, non-sealed chamber that operators can access using standard laboratory gloves. Use on 10-inch glove port, No. 1694-52 (standard on most Terra gloveboxes).

Iris Port
Cat. # Price
1694-54 $ 390

Specialty Glove Ports

Round Stainless Steel Glove Ports

Oval Stainless Steel Glove Ports

Stainless Steel Glove Ports glove port
Shown: #1672-07. Price includes installation.  Shown: #1672-10. Price includes installation.
Round 304 Stainless Steel Ports
(316L pharmaceutical-grade SS also available)
Cat. # Price
8" (203 mm) 1672-05-2 $ 453
9" (229 mm) 1672-06-2 $ 567
10" (254 mm) 1672-07-2 $ 681
12" (305 mm) 1672-08-2 $ 797
Oval 304 Stainless Steel Ports
(316L pharmaceutical-grade SS also available)
Diameter (max/min)
Cat. # Price
9"/7" (229mm/178 mm) 1672-10-2 $ 625
10"/7" (254mm/178 mm) 1672-11-2 $ 739
12"/7" (305mm/178 mm) 1672-12-2 $ 854

Round Polypropylene Glove Ports

Oval Polypropylene Glove Ports

round polypropylene ports glove port
Shown: #1672-22. Price includes installation. Shown: #1672-27. Price includes installation.
Round Polypropylene Ports
Cat. # Price
6" (152 mm) 1672-21 $ 377
8" (203 mm) 1672-22 $ 444
10" (254 mm) 1672-23 $ 444
12" (305 mm) 1672-24 $ 451
Oval Polypropylene Ports
Cat. # Price
8" (203 mm) 1672-27 $ 444

Round PVC Glove Ports

Round PVC Ports
Cat. # Price
6" (152 mm) 1672-15 $ 243
8" (203 mm) 1672-16 $ 257
10" (254 mm) 1672-17 $ 284
12" (305 mm) 1672-18 $ 311
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