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Tubular SteelVinylBlackStandard17" - 22"With FootringStandardSafety CastersBTS-L-RC-C10-AV126 2803-17 $3525-7 Days2
Tubular SteelVinylBlueStandard17" - 22"With FootringStandardSafety CastersBTS-L-RC-C10-AV106 2803-18 $3525-7 Days3
Tubular SteelVinylPebbleStandard17" - 22"With FootringStandardSafety CastersBTS-L-RC-C10-AV139 2803-20 $3525-7 Days4
Tubular SteelVinylBlackStandard27" - 32"With FootringStandardSafety CastersBTS-H-RC-C10-AV126 2803-21 $3635-7 Days5
Tubular SteelVinylBlueStandard27" - 32"With FootringStandardSafety CastersBTS-H-RC-C10-AV106 2803-22 $3635-7 Days6
Tubular SteelVinylPebbleStandard27" - 32"With FootringStandardSafety CastersBTS-H-RC-C10-AV139 2803-24 $3635-7 Days7
Chrome-plated MetalVinylBlackStandard17" - 22"With FootringStandardSafety CastersBTA-L-RC-C10-AV126 2803-25 $3565-7 Days8
Chrome-plated MetalVinylBlueStandard17" - 22"W/O FootringStandardSafety CastersBTA-L-RC-C10-AV106 2803-26 $3565-7 Days9
Chrome-plated MetalVinylPebbleStandard17" - 22"W/O FootringStandardSafety CastersBTA-L-RC-C10-AV139 2803-28 $3565-7 Days10
Chrome-plated MetalVinylBlackStandard25" - 30"W/O FootringStandardSafety CastersBTA-H-RC-C10-AV126 2803-29 $3785-7 Days11
Chrome-plated MetalVinylBlueStandard25" - 30"W/O FootringStandardSafety CastersBTA-H-RC-C10-AV106 2803-30 $3785-7 Days12
Chrome-plated MetalVinylPebbleStandard25" - 30"W/O FootringStandardSafety CastersBTA-H-RC-C10-AV139 2803-32 $3785-7 Days13
Chrome-plated MetalESD VinylBlackStandard17" - 22"With FootringStandardESD Safety CastersBTS-L-RK-C10-K-MBLK 2803-33 $4165-7 Days14
Tubular SteelESD VinylBlueStandard17" - 22"With FootringStandardESD Safety CastersBTS-L-RK-C10-K-MBLU 2803-34 $4165-7 Days15
Tubular SteelESD VinylBlackStandard27" - 32"With FootringStandardESD Safety CastersBTS-H-RK-C10-K-MBLK 2803-37 $4285-7 Days16
Tubular SteelESD VinylBlueStandard27" - 32"With FootringStandardESD Safety CastersBTS-H-RK-C10-K-MBLU 2803-38 $4285-7 Days17
Chrome-plated MetalESD VinylBlackStandard17" - 22"W/O FootringStandardESD Safety CastersBTA-L-RK-C10-K-MBLK 2803-41 $4195-7 Days18
Chrome-plated MetalESD VinylBlueStandard17" - 22"W/O FootringStandardESD Safety CastersBTA-L-RK-C10-K-MBLU 2803-42 $4195-7 Days19
Chrome-plated MetalESD VinylBlackStandard25" - 30"W/O FootringStandardSafety CastersBTA-H-RK-C10-K-MBLK 2803-45 $4435-7 Days20
Chrome-plated MetalESD VinylBlueStandard25" - 30"W/O FootringStandardSafety CastersBTA-H-RK-C10-K-MBLU 2803-46 $4435-7 Days21
Tubular SteelVinylBlackStandard17" - 22"With FootringWaterfallSafety CastersETS-L-RC-C10-AV126 2805-17 $3775-7 Days22
Tubular SteelVinylBlueStandard17" - 22"With FootringWaterfallSafety CastersETS-L-RC-C10-AV106 2805-18 $3645-7 Days23
Tubular SteelVinylPebbleStandard17" - 22"With FootringWaterfallSafety CastersETS-L-RC-C10-AV139 2805-20 $3775-7 Days24
Tubular SteelVinylBlackStandard27" - 32"With FootringWaterfallSafety CastersETS-H-RC-C10-AV126 2805-21 $3895-7 Days25
Tubular SteelVinylBlueStandard27" - 32"With FootringWaterfallSafety CastersETS-H-RC-C10-AV106 2805-22 $3895-7 Days26
Tubular SteelVinylPebbleStandard27" - 32"With FootringWaterfallSafety CastersETS-H-RC-C10-AV139 2805-24 $3895-7 Days27
Chrome-plated MetalVinylBlackStandard17" - 22"W/O FootringWaterfallSafety CastersETA-L-RC-C10-AV126 2805-25 $3815-7 Days28
Chrome-plated MetalVinylBlueStandard17" - 22"W/O FootringWaterfallSafety CastersETA-L-RC-C10-AV106 2805-26 $3815-7 Days29
Chrome-plated MetalVinylPebbleStandard17" - 22"W/O FootringWaterfallSafety CastersETA-L-RC-C10-AV139 2805-28 $3815-7 Days30
Chrome-plated MetalVinylBlackStandard25" - 30"W/O FootringWaterfallSafety CastersETA-H-RC-C10-AV126 2805-29 $4055-7 Days31
Chrome-plated MetalVinylBlueStandard25" - 30"W/O FootringWaterfallSafety CastersETA-H-RC-C10-AV106 2805-30 $4055-7 Days32
Chrome-plated MetalVinylPebbleStandard25" - 30"With FootringWaterfallSafety CastersETA-H-RC-C10-AV139 2805-32 $4055-7 Days33
Tubular SteelESD VinylBlackStandard17" - 22"With FootringWaterfallESD Safety CastersETS-L-RK-C10-K-MBLK 2805-33 $4425-7 Days34
Tubular SteelESD VinylBlueStandard17" - 22"W/O FootringWaterfallESD Safety CastersETS-L-RK-C10-K-MBLU 2805-34 $4425-7 Days35
Tubular SteelESD VinylBlackStandard27" - 32"With FootringWaterfallESD Safety CastersETS-H-RK-C10-K-MBLK 2805-37 $4555-7 Days36
Tubular SteelESD VinylBlueStandard27" - 32"With FootringWaterfallESD Safety CastersETS-H-RK-C10-K-MBLU 2805-38 $4555-7 Days37
Chrome-plated MetalESD VinylBlackStandard17" - 22"W/O FootringWaterfallESD Safety CastersETA-L-RK-C10-K-MBLK 2805-41 $4475-7 Days38
Chrome-plated MetalESD VinylBlueStandard17" - 22"W/O FootringWaterfallESD Safety CastersETA-L-RK-C10-K-MBLU 2805-42 $4475-7 Days39
Chrome-plated MetalESD VinylBlackStandard25" - 30"W/O FootringWaterfallESD Safety CastersETA-H-RK-C10-K-MBLK 2805-45 $4705-7 Days40
Chrome-plated MetalESD VinylBlueStandard25" - 30"W/O FootringWaterfallESD Safety CastersETA-H-RK-C10-K-MBLU 2805-46 $4705-7 Days41
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• Ideal for cleanrooms with strict particle standards or in areas that are highly sensitive to airborne contamination

• Hermetically sealed air exchanger beneath the seat cushion provides containment for particles when the upholstered seat compresses

• Durable, non-shedding vinyl upholstery prevents release of particles

• Certified by an independent laboratory to meet ISO 4/Class 10 particle requirements

• Chrome-plated components ensure cleanroom compatibility

• Soft Touch" pneumatic height control brings seat to comfortable level at the press of a lever

• Available with either standard or waterfall-front seat

• Includes hooded polyurethane casters (conductive casters on static-control models)

• Conductive/static-dissipative upholstery available for ESD control (includes grounding chain)

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Static-Control Chair Particle Data

Class 10 Chairs, Standard and Static-Control

Particle Data During 30 Minutes of Seat Compression ISO4/Class 10 Chairs with Grade 2 Vinyl during compression)
Particle Size>0.1 Micron>0.3 Micron>0.5 Micron
Sample 19/Ft37/Ft36/Ft3
Sample 24/Ft33/Ft32/Ft3
Sample 36/Ft32/Ft31/Ft3

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