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AluminumBlackStandard22With FootringEEA-H-RCBlack PowdercoatRC 2809-05 79798 $4744-6 Days2
AluminumESD BlueStandard22With FootringEEA-H-RKChromeESD Resistance 2809-06 79799 $6004-6 Days3
AluminumBlackStandard17W/O FootringEEA-L-RCBlack PowdercoatRC 2809-07 79800 $3944-6 Days4
ChairAluminumMicrocon BlueStandard17W/O FootringEEA-L-RKChromeESD Resistance 2809-08 79801 $5204-6 Days5
ChairAluminumBlackErgonomic19With FootringEEA-M-RCBlack PowdercoatRC 2809-09 79802 $4684-6 Days6
ChairAluminumESD BlueErgonomic19With FootringEEA-M-RKChromeESD Resistance 2809-10 79803 $5944-6 Days7
ChairReinforced CompositeBlueStandard22With FootringEER-H-RCBlack PowdercoatRC 2809-11 79804 $4254-6 Days8
ChairReinforced CompositeBlueStandard17W/O FootringEER-L-RCBlack PowdercoatRC 2809-12 79805 $3454-6 Days9
ChairReinforced CompositeBlueErgonomic19With FootringEER-M-RCBlack PowdercoatRC 2809-13 79806 $4194-6 Days10
ChairTubular SteelBlackStandard25With FootringEES-H-RCBlack PowdercoatRC 2809-14 79807 $4194-6 Days11
ChairTubular SteelESD BlueStandard25With FootringEES-H-RKChromeESD Resistance 2809-15 79808 $5454-6 Days12
ChairTubular SteelBlackStandard18With FootringEES-L-RCBlack PowdercoatRC 2809-16 79809 $3954-6 Days13
ChairTubular SteelESD BlueStandard18With FootringEES-L-RKChromeESD Resistance 2809-17 79810 $5214-6 Days14
ChairTubular SteelBlackErgonomic21With FootringEES-M-RCBlack PowdercoatRC 2809-18 79811 $4004-6 Days15
ChairTubular SteelESD BlueErgonomic21With FootringEES-M-RKChromeESD Resistance 2809-19 79812 $5264-6 Days16
ChairAluminumBlueStandard22With FootringEEW-H-RCBlack PowdercoatRC 2809-20 79813 $4844-6 Days17
ChairAluminumESD BlueStandard22With FootringEEW-H-RKChromeESD Resistance 2809-21 79814 $6104-6 Days18
ChairAluminumBlueStandard17W/O FootringEEW-L-RCBlack PowdercoatRC 2809-22 79815 $4034-6 Days19
ChairAluminumESD BlueStandard17W/O FootringEEW-L-RKChromeESD Resistance 2809-23 79816 $5294-6 Days20
ChairAluminumBlueErgonomic19With FootringEEW-M-RCBlack PowdercoatRC 2809-24 79817 $4784-6 Days21
ChairAluminumESD BlueErgonomic19With FootringEEW-M-RKChromeESD Resistance 2809-25 79818 $6044-6 Days22
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Custom-configured product. Contact Terra by phone, chat or email for a project-specific quote.
Custom-configured product. Contact Terra by phone, chat or email for a project-specific quote.
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Product Details
  • Biofit-engineered Elite ISO 8 Cleanroom chairs for use in static control applications and technical settings
  • 3” upholstered lab chairs in black, blue vinyl and Microcon blue on ESD models
  • Polyurethane Casters: 2” dual soft wheels resist movement when chair is unoccupied
  • Pneumatic control for seat adjustment
  • Footring: 21” or 22” diameter footring on select models
  • Elite (EE) ISO 8 models:
  • Height sizes: desktop, benchtop and high bench
  • Finish: black powdercoat or chrome
  • Base: aluminum, tubular steel or reinforced composite
  • ESD features: Meets ANSI/ESD STM12.1 Standards; non-marring hooded casters with black tread and Microcon blue vinyl
  • T-shaped construction for stability
  • Four-way contouring and internal seat board bumperguard
  • CAL 117 Fire Retardant Standards and LEED Compliant
  • Complies with ANSI and BIFMA product safety and performance standard guidelines
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