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AVC Chamber Industrial Vacuum Sealers

AVC Chamber Vacuum Sealers
  • Comes in both gas flush and non-gas flush models
  • Cleanroom compatible
  • Produces clean, wrinkle-free seals
  • Consistent vacuum pressure through preset controls
  • Large 22" x 22" x 4" (559 mm x 559 mm x 102 mm) vacuum chamber
  • Works at the touch of a button
  • Two-year parts and labor warranty

These cleanroom-safe chamber vacuum sealers come in your choice of gas flush and non-gas flush models. The large 22" x 22" x 4" (559 mm x 559 mm x 102 mm) chamber is designed for trays, tapes, reeled products, shipping tubes and the like. These units produce clean, wrinkle-free seals by creating the seal before the bag distorts.

The chamber sealers quickly and efficiently vacuum seal your products at the touch of a button. The elimination of excess air reduces space for more economical shipping costs, holds content in place to prevent damage, and precludes any static generation. The chamber vacuum sealer achieves consistent vacuum pressure by allowing you to preset the level you require. Throughout their journey, your valuable products will be assured of arriving in a safe, dry and contaminant-free environment.

Applications for the AVC Chamber Vacuum Sealer
  • Trays
  • Tapes
  • Reeled products
  • Shipping tubes
Terra's Nitrogen Generators are a reliable
inert gas source for Vacuum Sealers.
AVC Chamber Vacuum Sealers
Gas Purge Volts AmeriVacS Part # Cat. # Price
No 120 AVC-20 4052-31 Price
No 220 AVC-20-220 4052-31-220 Price
Yes 120 AVC-G-20 4052-32 Price
Yes 220 AVC-G-20-220 4052-32-220 Price

Accessories and Replacement Parts
for AVC Chamber Vacuum Sealers
Description Applies To:
seal length, in. (mm)
Part #
Cat. # Price
Digital Temperature Control Must Be Ordered at Purchase,
Can’t Be Retrofitted
DTC 4052-36 Price
Workstand All WIS 4052-38 Price
Replacement Element 20 (508) Sealers E-20 4052-39 Price
Teflon Set 20 (508) Sealers T-20 4052-43 Price
Pressure Bar Kit 20 (508) Sealers PBK-20 4052-47 Price
Seal Bar Kit 20 (508) Sealers SBK-20 4052-51 Price
Gray Rubber Set 20 (508) Sealers GRS-20 4052-55 Price
10mm Replacement Element 20 (508) Sealers E-10-20 4052-59 Price

Chamber Size 22" x 22" x 4"
(559 mm x 559 mm x 102 mm)
Seal Length 20"
(508 mm)
Seal Width 0.25" (10mm optional)
Vacuum Flow 18 CFM (30.6 m³/hr)
Maximum Vacuum Pressure 28.5 inHg
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