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120 VPneumatic VacuumNo20"0.25"NoAVS Model 4052-15 43588 $1,6415-7 Days2
120 VPneumatic VacuumNo20"0.25"YesAVN Model 4052-19 43592 $2,0155-7 Days3
120 VPneumatic VacuumNo25"0.25"YesAVN Model 4052-20 43593 $2,3885-7 Days4
120 VPneumatic VacuumNo30"0.25"YesAVN Model 4052-21 43594 $2,5385-7 Days5
120 VPneumatic VacuumNo35"0.25"YesAVN Model 4052-22 43595 $2,6875-7 Days6
120 VPneumatic VacuumNo50"0.25"YesAVN Model 4052-64 55775 $5,2215-7 Days7
220 VPneumatic VacuumNo25"0.25"YesAVN Model 4052-20-220 43740 $2,6505-7 Days8
220 VPneumatic VacuumNo30"0.25"YesAVN Model 4052-21-220 43741 $2,6855-7 Days9
220 VPneumatic VacuumNo35"0.25"YesAVN Model 4052-22-220 43742 $2,8355-7 Days10
220 VPneumatic VacuumNo50"0.25"YesAVN Model 4052-64-220 55776 $5,4835-7 Days11
240 VPneumatic VacuumNo20"0.25"NoAVS Model 4052-15-220 43737 $1,9035-7 Days12
240 VPneumatic VacuumNo20"0.25"YesAVN Model 4052-19-220 43739 $2,2765-7 Days13
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Product Details

• Choose from gas purge (AVN) for moisture-sensitive components, and non-gas purge (AVS) models

• Stainless steel vacuum nozzle automatically retracts

• Operate hands-free by pressing the foot pedal

• Flexible controls: create impulse heat seal with or without vacuum and gas purge

• Cleanroom-compatible, powder-coated steel housing

• Compact portable design

• Pneumatic seal is not initialized until jaws are safely locked

• Maintenance-free vacuum pump

• Sealing applications include sensitive electronic, medical and pharmaceutical samples

• Seal lengths: 20", 25", 30", 35", 50"

• Seal width: 0.25"

• Optional digital temperature control and work tray available

Available Accessories

Popular Accessories

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  • Vacuum Sealer Digital Temperature Module
    Control temperature this push-button AmeriVacS control module. East-to-see digital readout displays temperature, alarms and other menu options. Cannot be field retrofitted to existing models.
  • Vacuum Sealer Adjustable Stand
    The stainless steel stand is a convenient way to save cleanroom space during sealing.
  • Vacuum Sealer Product Support Tray
    AmeriVacs work tray provides support for product being sealed, and greater control over the sealing process. Attachable and adjustable tray is compatible with CAV, and AVP, AVN and AVS sealers up to 35".

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