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Disposable Vacuum Pump Inlet Filter

Disposable Vacuum Pump Inlet Filter Disposable Vacuum Pump Inlet Filter
  • Protects vacuum pumps from damage by solid contaminants
  • Recommended for vacuums to 10–6 Torr

This filter provides high-efficiency removal of relatively large quantities of solids and liquids to prevent damage to vacuum pumps and the loss of valuable or hazardous materials. It also maintains a contamination-free environment by trapping particles fed into the pump.

Includes a 304 stainless steel housing with welded KF-25 flange inlet and outlet and no drain port. Select the clamp, seal and adapter (see below) to attach filter to your pump. Used in conjunction with an exhaust filter, these units provide complete protection of the external environment against any contaminants involved in pumping operations.

Brenner Fiedler Part # Cat. # Price
Disposable Vacuum Pump Inlet Filter CF0118-30 9401-00 $ 541
Filter Clamp
Clamps Inlet or Outlet Filter snugly onto most pumps.
QF25-CW 9400-02 $ 82
Clamp Seal
Ensures a leak-proof seal between filter and clamp.
22701 9400-01 $ 56
Aluminum Adapter .25" NPT APF-KF25-.25-A 9400-03 $ 79
Recommended Vacuum Service: 10–6 Torr
Max. Flow Rating of Vacuum Pump: 9 CFM
255.06 L/min
Loss in Pumping Speed: 9% at max. flow rate
Inlet and Outlet Ports: KF-25
Material of Construction:
(Head, bowl, etc.)
304 Stainless Steel
Maximum Temperature: 220°F
Shipping Weight: 14 oz.
(28.3 g)
Dimensions: 4" diameter x 5.9"
(102 mm x 150 mm)
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