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Goosenecks & Spray Guns

The products listed below can be used in a variety of wet processing applications, including Terra Universal's Wet Processing Station.

Gooseneck Liquid Dispensing Assemblies

Gooseneck Liquid Dispensing Assemblies

These gooseneck assemblies prevent the problems of exterior corrosion caused by corrosive fumes or vapors. Their all-plastic construction eliminates contamination and corrosion that is common with brass, steel, aluminum and 304 stainless steel in distilled, demineralized or deionized water.

The gooseneck assembly includes a 0.375" (10 mm) gooseneck tip with tapered tube connection, a 0.375" (10 mm) schedule 80 180° return bend threaded at both ends, a 0.375" NPT x 0.5" NPT base assembly with tailpiece and a 0.5" (13 mm) nut for fastening the assembly to the deck. The PVC gooseneck assembly can be used with four different valve assemblies. Refer to the table below to select the type of valve assembly you will need.

Cat. # Price
Gooseneck Assembly PVC    
Installed 9412-98 $ 202
Uninstalled 9413-50 $ 45
Valve Assembly Type    
0.375" (10 mm) Threaded Omni Valve PVC 9412-00 $ 23
0.375" (10 mm) Threaded Globe Valve PVC 9412-01 $ 60
0.375" (10 mm) Threaded True Union Ball Valve PVC 9412-03 $ 108
0.375" (10 mm) Threaded Needle Valve PVC 9412-04 $ 84

Nitrogen Spray Gun
Nitrogen/DI Water Spray Guns
DI Water Spray Gun

Nitrogen/DI Water Spray Guns

  • Provides safe, convenient high-pressure dispensing of nitrogen or DI water
  • Ideal for use in Terra's Wet Processing Station

Standard cap color: natural. Nitrogen cap/nozzle prevents pressure build-up if outlet is blocked. Installation price includes installation in Terra's Wet Processing Station (including all necessary fittings and plumbing).

DI Water/Nitrogen Spray Guns
Description Cap
Spray Gun
Spray Gun
Cat. # Price Cat. # Price
DI Water Spray Gun 0.25" FNPT Connection Natural 2002-22 $ 246 2002-23 $ 705
Nitrogen Spray Gun 0.25" FNPT Connection Natural 2002-21 $ 235 2002-24 $ 497

Replacement 0.5 Micron Filter For Nitrogen Spray Gun
Cat. # Price
2002-45 $ 26

Maximum Pressure: 75 PSIG (nitrogen spray gun); 80 PSIG (DI water spray gun)
Orifice: 3/16" (5 mm)
Connection: 0.25" female NPT
Filter: 0.5 µm PTFE membrane (nitrogen spray gun only)
Materials: All wetted parts PFA, Teflon®, PTFE
(and polyethylene on nitrogen spray gun only)
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