Terra Part # 1700-18
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Terra Part # 1700-18
Usually ships in 1-3 business days

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Stocked Item is in stock and ready for immediate shipping

• Dimensions: 3" (76 mm) diameter x 1 1/4 " (32 mm) tread width

• Wheel material: hard rubber

• Finish material: Bright Zinc Plated

• Load capacity: 210 lb (95.3 kg) each

• Double-bearing construction with hardened raceways lend extra strength

• No brake

• Zinc plated casters are not suitable for cleanroom use. Select stainless steel caster set 1700-41 to avoid potential contamination and corrosion

Accessories: Casters

Wheel Diameter: 3"

Caster Load Rating: 210 lbs.

Caster Finish: Zinc

Brakes: No brake

Caster Type: Stem, heavy-duty

Wheel Material: Hard Rubber

Unit of Measure: EA

Electrical Specifications: None

Weight, Shipping: 1.49 lb

Package Type: Box

Features and Benefits



Application Key
1, 2Recommended for use on stands used for desiccators, glove boxes, computer cart, reticle and screen frame storage cabinets.
3, 4Stainless steel finish and Bakelite® wheels make these ideal for ultra-clean applications, including Terra's Stainless Steel Desiccators
5, 6Standard plate casters used on Terra's acid and chemical carts.
7Similar to type 5 above, but without brakes.
8Used on Terra's Softwall Cleanrooms (one required for each support post).
11Standard caster used on Terra's heavy-duty PureFlow Mobile Storage Systems.
Casters for all Terra Product Carts and Stands (All dimensions are inches)
Fig.Dia. in. (mm)Tread Width in. (mm)Wheel MaterialBearingAxle in. (mm)Load Capacity lbs. (kg)Overall Height in. (mm)FinishStem in. (mm)TypeCat. #
13 (76)1.25 (32)Hard RubberSintered.375 (10)210 (95)3.9375 (100)Bright Zinc.5-13 x 1.5 (13-330 x 38)Heavy duty Low Profile1700-18
23 (76)1.25 (32)Hard RubberSintered.375 (10)210 (95)3.9375 (100)Bright Zinc.5-13 x 1.5 (13-330 x 38)Heavy duty Low Profile1700-40
34 (102)1.5 (38)BakeliteStainless Steel.375 (10)300 (136)5.0625 (129)Stainless Steel.5-13 x 1.5 (13-330 x 38)Heavy duty1700-41
44 (102)1.5 (38)BakeliteStainless Steel.375 (10)300 (136)5.0625 (129)Stainless Steel.5-13 x 1.5 (13-330 x 38)Heavy duty1700-42
54 (102)1.125 (29)UrethaneSelf Lube.375 (10)275 (125)5.0625 (129)Stainless SteelPlateMedium duty Swivel1701-42
64 (102)1.125 (29)UrethaneSelf Lube.375 (10)275 (125)5.0625 (129)Stainless SteelPlateMedium duty Fixed1701-43
74 (102)1.125 (29)UrethaneSelf Lube.375 (10)275 (125)5.0625 (129)Stainless SteelPlateMedium duty Swivel1701-41
86 (152)1.25 (32)UrethaneStainless Steel.375 (10)300 (136)7.25 (184)Stainless SteelPlateHeavy duty6704-08
94 (102).9375 (24)RubberSelf Lube.9375 (24)115 (52)5.15625 (131)Zinc.5-13 x 1.5 (13-330 x 38)Medium duty1700-16
104 (102).9375 (24)RubberSelf Lube.9375 (24)115 (52)5.15625 (131)Zinc.5-13 x 1.5 (13-330 x 38)Medium duty1700-17
115 (127)1.25 (32)UrethaneStainless Steel1.25 (32)250 (113)6.25 (159)ZincExpandingHeavy duty1701-37

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