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Pneumatic VacuumYes15"0.25"YesTSV Series120 V 4053-36 $4,23512-18 Days2
Pneumatic VacuumYes15"0.25"YesTSV Series240 V 4053-36-220 $4,46612-18 Days3
Pneumatic VacuumYes15"0.25"YesMTV Series120 V 4053-25 $7,66212-18 Days4
Pneumatic VacuumYes15"0.25"YesMTV Series240 V 4053-25-220 $7,89312-18 Days5
Pneumatic VacuumYes15"0.25"YesT Series120 V 4053-31 $3,09212-18 Days6
Pneumatic VacuumYes15"0.25"YesT Series240 V 4053-31-220 $3,32312-18 Days7
Pneumatic VacuumYes35"0.25"YesTSV Series120 V 4053-40 $5,35212-18 Days8
Pneumatic VacuumYes35"0.25"YesMTV Series120 V 4053-29 $9,58712-18 Days9
Pneumatic VacuumYes35"0.25"YesMTV Series240 V 4053-29-220 $9,81812-18 Days10
Pneumatic VacuumYes35"0.25"YesT Series120 V 4053-35 $4,05712-18 Days11
Pneumatic VacuumYes35"0.25"YesT Series240 V 4053-35-220 $4,28812-18 Days12
Pneumatic VacuumYes30"0.25"YesTSV Series120 V 4053-39 $5,15912-18 Days13
Pneumatic VacuumYes30"0.25"YesTSV Series240 V 4053-39-220 $5,39012-18 Days14
Pneumatic VacuumYes30"0.25"YesMTV Series120 V 4053-28 $9,08612-18 Days15
Pneumatic VacuumYes30"0.25"YesMTV Series240 V 4053-28-220 $9,31712-18 Days16
Pneumatic VacuumYes30"0.25"YesT Series120 V 4053-34 $3,81212-18 Days17
Pneumatic VacuumYes30"0.25"YesT Series240 V 4053-34-220 $4,04312-18 Days18
Pneumatic VacuumYes25"0.25"YesTSV Series120 V 4053-38 $5,04412-18 Days19
Pneumatic VacuumYes25"0.25"YesTSV Series240 V 4053-38-220 $5,27512-18 Days20
Pneumatic VacuumYes25"0.25"YesMTV Series120 V 4053-27 $8,58612-18 Days21
Pneumatic VacuumYes25"0.25"YesMTV Series240 V 4053-27-220 $8,81712-18 Days22
Pneumatic VacuumYes25"0.25"YesT Series120 V 4053-33 $3,26112-18 Days23
Pneumatic VacuumYes25"0.25"YesT Series240 V 4053-33-220 $3,49212-18 Days24
Pneumatic VacuumYes20"0.25"YesTSV Series120 V 4053-37 $4,62012-18 Days25
Pneumatic VacuumYes20"0.25"YesTSV Series240 V 4053-37-220 $4,85112-18 Days26
Pneumatic VacuumYes20"0.25"YesMTV Series120 V 4053-26 $8,08512-18 Days27
Pneumatic VacuumYes20"0.25"YesMTV Series240 V 4053-26-220 $8,31612-18 Days28
Pneumatic VacuumYes20"0.25"YesT Series120 V 4053-32 $3,26112-18 Days29
Pneumatic VacuumYes20"0.25"YesT Series240 V 4053-32-220 $3,49212-18 Days30
Pneumatic VacuumNo15"0.25"YesE G Series120 V 4053-01 $1,94812-18 Days31
Pneumatic VacuumNo15"0.25"YesE G Series240 V 4053-01-220 $2,17912-18 Days32
Pneumatic VacuumNo15"0.25"NoE V Series120 V 4053-20 $1,63012-18 Days33
Pneumatic VacuumNo15"0.25"NoE V Series240 V 4053-20-220 $1,86112-18 Days34
Pneumatic VacuumNo35"0.25"YesE G Series120 V 4053-05 $2,93412-18 Days35
Pneumatic VacuumNo35"0.25"YesE G Series240 V 4053-05-220 $3,16512-18 Days36
Pneumatic VacuumNo35"0.25"NoE V Series120 V 4053-24 $2,66012-18 Days37
Pneumatic VacuumNo35"0.25"NoE V Series240 V 4053-24-220 $2,89112-18 Days38
Pneumatic VacuumNo30"0.25"YesE G Series120 V 4053-04 $2,78712-18 Days39
Pneumatic VacuumNo30"0.25"YesE G Series240 V 4053-04-220 $3,01812-18 Days40
Pneumatic VacuumNo30"0.25"NoE V Series120 V 4053-23 $2,37212-18 Days41
Pneumatic VacuumNo30"0.25"NoE V Series240 V 4053-23-220 $2,60312-18 Days42
Pneumatic VacuumNo25"0.25"YesE G Series120 V 4053-03 $2,56212-18 Days43
Pneumatic VacuumNo25"0.25"YesE G Series240 V 4053-03-220 $2,79312-18 Days44
Pneumatic VacuumNo25"0.25"NoE V Series120 V 4053-22 $2,19512-18 Days45
Pneumatic VacuumNo25"0.25"NoE V Series240 V 4053-22-220 $2,42612-18 Days46
Pneumatic VacuumNo20"0.25"YesE G Series120 V 4053-02 $2,14312-18 Days47
Pneumatic VacuumNo20"0.25"YesE G Series240 V 4053-02-220 $2,37412-18 Days48
Pneumatic VacuumNo20"0.25"NoE V Series120 V 4053-21 $1,77912-18 Days49
Pneumatic VacuumNo20"0.25"NoE V Series240 V 4053-21-220 $2,01012-18 Days50
Pneumatic VacuumYes35"0.25"YesTSV Series120 V 4053-40-220 $5,58312-18 Days51
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Product Details

• ACCVACS affordable digital pneumatic vacuum sealers all feature gas purge and come in six widths, from 10" to 35" (254 mm to 889 mm)

• Programmable digital control, via the LCD touch-screen display, helps operators achieve uniform, repeatable results With the optional firmware module, users can reverse the cycle from gas-vacuum seal to vacuum-gas seal

• All units have 1/4" (6 mm) seal elements.

• Five vacuum sealer series, with progressively expanded features, offer feature choices to best match intended use

• ACCVACS models come with maximum vacuum of 27 in. Hg and air consumption of 5 CFM (8.5 m³/hr) @ 90 psi.

• Cleanroom compatible

• Backlit LCD display is easy to read

• Electronic foot switch gives users added control

• Protective features include a no-pinch safety jaw and overheat shut-off

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Digital Vacuum Sealer Info

More Information

EV Series
  • Vacuum Only, No Purge
E G Series
  • Purge and Vacuum allows N2 Backfill
T Series
  • Multiple Programs
  • Stainless Steel Retracting Nozzle
  • Touch Screen Controls
  • Password Protection
TSV Series
  • Fast P I D Temperature Control with Auto-tune
  • Five Bag Preset Menu
  • Stainless Steel Retracting Nozzle
  • Touch Screen Controls
  • Password Protection
MTV Series
  • Fast P I D Temperature Control with Auto-tune
  • Five Bag Preset Menu
  • Stainless Steel Retracting Nozzle
  • Pressure Gauge Validation Port
  • Color Touch Screen Controls
  • Multiple Programs

Available Accessories

Popular Accessories

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  • Vacuum Sealer Replacement Heating Element Kit
    Replacement heating element for ACCVACS digital vacuum sealer includes heating element, upper and lower Teflon tape, and rubbers.
  • ACCVACS Digital Vacuum Sealer Filter
    The ACCVACS vacuum filter protects sealer and vacuum injector by blocking liquids from getting into small components.
  • ACCVACS Digital Vacuum Sealer Regulator
    The ACCVACS vacuum regulator is used to pack sensitive products and delicate parts. It extends life of heating elements and Teflon insulating tape for an accurate, repeatable seal.
  • Accvacs Digital Vacuum Sealer Dual Nozzle
    Double the ACCVACS vacuum sealer capacity for faster packing; allows the sealer to work twice as fast.

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Manuals & Resources

Manuals & Resources

Digital Vacuum Sealer Info

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