1. BioSafe Frameless Tempered Single Glass Window

    Cleanroom Windows

    Framed or frameless flush-mount windows; single or double-sided construction available with a variety of window pane materials

    148 Products

    148 Products

  2. Automatic Door Operator Installed above Air Shower Entrance

    Cleanroom Doors

    Cleanroom doors are available in swing and sliding configurations, including fire-rated construction and automatic openers for hands-free operation

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    134 Products

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Features and Benefits

Iris Scanner

Fully automated iris scanner for secure, hands-free access (includes datalogging and optional secondary keycard reader).

Fingerprint access scanner

Fingerprint access scanner stores up to 120 fingerprints for secure storage of pharmaceuticals and other controlled substances.

High-Speed Doors

Interlocked polyvinyl-coated fabric doors open or close in under four seconds, reducing chamber exposure to airborne contaminants and speeding up transfer.

Touch Panel

The flat touch interface is easy to clean and operated by gloved personnel and impervious to moisture; includes emergency stop.

BioSafe Windows Framed Design

Single-side construction has a clearly defined "clean" side (flush against wall) and "dirty" side (with ledge)

BioSafe Frameless Single Tempered-Glass Window

Frameless design is as stylish as it is clean! Shown: 47” x 36” BioSafe powder-coated cleanroom window flush-mounted in a BioSafe Cleanroom with FRP finish.

Flush-Mount 304 SS Framed Cleanroom Window, Two Tempered-Glass Panes

Flush-mounted stainless steel frame holds two tempered-glass window panes in place against cleanroom wall (specify wall thickness)

Cleanroom Fire-Rated Doors

UL-listed fire-rated door with wired-glass window, shown with optional mortise locking mechanism and hinges installed. SIngle- and double-door designs available.

Frameless Door Stainless Steel Jambs and Header

Left-Hand Reverse Polycarbonate Frameless Door with Stainless Steel Jambs and Header, including concealed closure (specify other desired swing or door panel material).

Doors & Windows for Cleanrooms

  • Hardwall Modular Cleanroom – Multi-Room Configuration Hardwall Modular Cleanroom – Multi-Room Configuration
  • Roll-Up Door Pass-Through Chambers Roll-Up Door Pass-Through Chambers
  • Door, Roll Up; Aluminum, 29.5 Door, Roll Up; Aluminum, 29.5"W x 42"H finished opening, 110V, Installed
  • High-Speed Cleanroom Roll-Up Door High-Speed Roll-Up Door
Hardwall Modular Cleanroom – Multi-Room Configuration
Roll-Up Door Pass-Through Chambers
Door, Roll Up; Aluminum, 29.5
High-Speed Cleanroom Roll-Up Door

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