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Glove Box Filtration Module

filtration module
Perfect for weighing and packaging pharmaceutical powders, processing contamination-sensitive samples, and containing fine dust generated during glove box operations (shown mounted on Series 100 Glove Box with pressure gauge, not included).
filtration module detail

Versatile valve system allows conversion from open-loop (single-pass) operation for fresh make-up air, to closed-loop recirculationfor particle containment.

filtration unit stand alone
All stainless steel is good for applications
using chemicals that can damage plastic.
  • Easily configurable closed- or open-loop system provides isolation for product protection or containment for environmental protection
  • Inlet and outlet ULPA filters provide 99.999% efficient filtration of particles 0.12µm and larger to ensure an ultra-clean processing environment for particle-sensitive materials
  • Ideal for removing fine pharmaceutical powders, aerosols and most microbial contaminants
  • For the plastic model, static-dissipative PVC filter housing ensures safe particle containment during filter change-out
  • Stainless steel model is best suited for applications using chemcials, as it resists damage
  • Brushless DC motor eliminates carbon contaminants, provides ultra-clean, high-static pressure operation

Versatile valve system allows conversion from open-loop operation with fresh make-up air, or closed-loop recirculation for particle containment.

Terra’s Filtration Module enhances glove box cleanliness by providing continuous scrubbing of the process gas environment to remove micro-contaminants, including aerosols, particulates, germs and mold spores.

ULPA filters, rated 99.999% efficient with particles 0.12 microns in diameter, are enclosed in either stainless steel, or dissipative PVC housings for particulate containment. A brushless DC motor, housed in a powder-coated or stainless steel enclosure, eliminates carbon contaminants for ultra-clean operation. Air speed can be adjusted via tamper-resistant settings on the variable-speed motor.

An operation status indicator mounted in the motor housing glows continuously when the unit is operating, and flashes when it isn’t.

Wafer/Turnkey Sys Turnkey Convenience
Whichever modules you select, Terra will configure a turnkey system that's ready for operation.
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Ordering Information: Glove Box Filtration Module

Glove Box Filtration Module
Includes mounting on specified Terra glove box. Filters included with housing.
Housing Material Voltage Cat. # Price
Powder-Coated CRS Housing, ABS pipes and valves 120VAC, 60 Hz 3306-71 $ 2,252
240VAC, 60Hz 3306-71-220 $ 2,145
304 SS Blower Housing, ABS pipes and valves 120VAC, 60 Hz 3306-72 $ 2,605
240VAC, 60Hz 3306-72-220 $ 2,482
304 SS Blower Housing, SS pipes and valves 120VAC, 60 Hz 3306-72-SS $ 3,014
240VAC, 60Hz 3306-72-SS-220 $ 3,014
Dimensions: 2"-diameter PVC or stainless steel pipe
Power: 120 or 220VAC, 60Hz
Filter: ULPA filter rated 99.999% effective @ 0.12µm particles
Motor Brushless DC, variable speed

File Type File Name Publication Date
Manual (PDF) Filtration/Recirculation Modules: Doc. # 1800-06
Describes the Open-Loop (single-Pass air) and Closed-Loop (recirculating air) gloveboxes, which uses two ULPA filters for a clean process environment.
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