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120 V Ambient -15°C to 60°C 17.8" x 17.8" 30-300 rpm Yes H2012 2823-29A 75843 $7,4985-7 Days2
240 V Ambient -15°C to 60°C 17.8" x 17.8" 30-300 rpm Yes H2012-E 2823-29A-220 75844 $7,4985-7 Days3
120 V Ambient +5 to 60°C 17.8" x 17.8" 30-300 rpm H2010 2823-00A 75834 $5,3045-7 Days4
240 V Ambient +5 to 60°C 17.8" x 17.8" 30-300 rpm H2010-E 2823-00A-220 75835 $5,3045-7 Days5
120 V Ambient +5 to 70°C 9.5" x 11.5" 30-300 rpm H1001-M 2823-02A 75836 $2,6015-7 Days6
240 V Ambient +5 to 70°C 9.5" x 11.5" 30-300 rpm H1001-M-E 2823-02A-220 75837 $2,6015-7 Days7
Temperature Range
Platform Size
Shaking Speed
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Product Details

• Compact, durable incubators with built-in, low-speed shaking function

• All models provide variable speed shaking from 30 to 300 rpm

• LED control panel displays temperature, shaking speed and run time

• Optional MAGic Clamp platform allows for quick swapping of different size flask clamps

• Optional shelves allow for processing large batches of Petri dishes, microplates and staining trays

• Incu-Shaker 10L models provide incubation from (Ambient+5°C) to +65°C

• Incu-Shaker 10LR models provide incubation/refrigeration from -15°C to +60°C

• Incu-Shaker Mini models provide incubation from (Ambient+5°C) to +70°C

• Heat distribution system ensures excellent uniformity by eliminating temperature stratification

• Brushless induction drive extends the life of the unit, ideal for heavy workloads

• Motor isolation reduces noise and vibration

• 19mm orbit for gentle mixing

• Internal system monitors accuracy of programming and detects over-temperature/over-speed conditions

• Includes rubber mat platform for flat vessels (use MAGic Clamp™ system for flasks and tube racks)

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Incu-Shaker CO2 Specifications

Incu-Shaker™ CO2 Mini Shaking Incubator with MAGic Clamp Orbital Shaker

  • Flask Capacity 20 for 50ml, 12 for 125ml, 8 for 250ml, 5 for 500ml, 4 for 1000ml
  • Microplate Capacity 4
  • Tube Capacity 64 for 15ml, 30 for 50ml
  • Exterior Dimensions 16.5” x 18.3” x 21.8” (420 x 465 x 553mm)
  • Electrical 120V or 230V, 50/60Hz, 350W
  • Temperature Range Ambient +5°C to 60°C
  • Temperature Accuracy ±0.5°C
  • Temperature Uniformity ±0.5°C
  • Temperature Increment 0.1°C
  • Temperature Stability 0.1°C
  • Speed Range 30 to 300 rpm
  • Speed Increment 1 rpm
  • Mixing Orbit 19mm (3/4 in.)
  • CO2 Range 0 to 20%
  • CO2 Increment 0.1%
  • CO2 Accuracy ±0.1%
  • CO2 Sensor Dual Beam Infrared
  • Time Range 1 min. to 48 hours (or continuous)
  • Platform Dimensions 9.5”x11.5” (235x290 mm)
  • Chamber Dimensions 13.2” x 10.25” x 15.4” (335 x 260 x 392mm)
  • Chamber Volume 46L
  • Chamber Material Stainless Steel

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Available Accessories

Popular Accessories

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  • Incu-Shaker Mini with MAGic Clamp Platform
    MAGic Clamp™ platforms and accessories make changing between flask clamps of different sizes easy. Incu-Shaker™ Mini accepts two 1-Liter Erlenmeyer flasks; extremely compact at 11 in. wide.
  • Incu-Shaker MAGic Clamp Tube Racks and Microplate Holders
    Sophisticated overtemperature and over-speed controls ensure long life, safety and sample integrity. The Incu-Shaker™ series is designed for continuous operation and is capable of handling heavy workloads with a powerful, brushless induction drive.
  • Incu-Shaker Mini CO2 Incubator Adjustable MAGic Clamp for Erlenmeyer Flasks
    Benchmark Scientific Adjustable MAGic Erlenmeyer Flask Clamps for Incu-Shaker Mini CO2 Shaking incubator in 125ml, 250ml, and 500ml configurations; additional clamp sizes available.

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