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Laboratory Chairs

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Ergonomic Upholstered Chairs


Ergonomic Upholstered Chairs

These industrial-grade chairs feature a rugged frame and durable upholstery along with an ergonomic design that increases worker comfort and productivity.

Adjustable Static-Control Stool


Static-Control Stool

Upholstered seating available in several conductive and nonconductive materials and steel models ensure optimal cleanliness and chemical resistance.

ESD Chair


Eddy Lab Chair

Competitively priced, Eddy’s rugged construction and great versatility make it a great choice for furnishing a laboratory.


Cleanroom Chairs


Cleanroom Chairs REDIRECT

These durable, ergonomic chairs from BioFit and Dauphin are designed specifically for cleanroom and laboratory seating. Select among many designs, including general lab chairs, static-control chairs, ergonomic task chairs, adjustable stools, and seating approved for Class 1, Class 10 and Class 100 clean rooms.
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