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Overhead Stirrer; RW 28, Digital, 120 V
  • Stirring quantity max.  (H2O): 80 l
  • Motor rating input: 220 W
  • Motor rating output: 94 W
  • Speed display: LED
  • Speed range: 60 - 1400 rpm
  • Viscosity max: 50000 mPas
  • Output max.  At stirring shaft: 90 W
  • Torque max.  At stirring shaft: 900 Ncm
  • Torque max.  At stirring shaft at 60 1/min (overload): 1144 Ncm
  • Torque max.  At stirring shaft at 100 1/min: 900 Ncm
  • Torque max.  At stirring shaft at 1.000 1/min: 86 Ncm
  • Torque I max.: 900 Ncm
  • Torque II max.: 300 Ncm
  • Speed range I (60 Hz): 72 - 480 rpm
  • Speed range II (60 Hz): 288 - 1680 rpm
  • Speed control: stepless
  • Setting accuracy speed: 1 ±rpm
  • Deviation of speed measurement: 10 ±rpm
  • Stirring element fastening: chuck
  • Torque display: no
  • Nominal torque: 9 Nm
  • Noise without element: 62.5 dB(A)
  • Not available with: RS 232 and USB interface, analog output
  • Digital speed display
  • Infinitely adjustable speed with two speed ranges
  • Push-through agitator shafts
  • Motor overload protection for increased safety
  • Self-locking temperature limiter
  • Error code display; robust and ergonomic design
  • Quiet operation
  • Constant power-drive

Maximum Speed: 1400 rpm

Maximum Viscosity: 5000 mPas

Application: General Purpose

Controls: Digital

Model: RW 28

Capacity: 80 L

Reversible Stirring: No

Wireless Controller: No

Manufacturer SKU: 5040001

Shaft Length: [xxx] mm

Immersion Depth: [xxx] mm

Unit of Measure: EA

Electrical Specifications: 120 V, 200 W, 1 Ph, 60 Hz

Weight, Product: 16.5 lb

Dimensions, Product: 4.8" W x 9.9" D x 14.3" H

Weight, Shipping: 24 lb

Dimensions, Shipping: 8" W x 12" D x 16" H

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