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• Unit Dimensions without Stand: 50”W X 27”D X 57 ½”H (1270 x 686 x 1460.5 mm) Unit Weight: 2700 lbs. (1225 kg)

• Work Area Dimensions: 48" W X 22" D X 29" H (1220 x 559 x 737 mm)

• Material: 100% Stainless Steel with pharmaceutical grade finish

• For sale in the U.S. only

• Meets all requirements for USP 797 compliance

• Provides ISO Class 5/Class 100 HEPA filtered unidirectional (laminar) vertical airflow

• Continuously bathes the work area with positive pressure ISO Class 5/Class 100 HEPA filtered air and negative inward airflow to protect product from contamination and promote user safety from hazardous samples

• Includes 37" tall all-welded stainless steel stand

• Provides user protection with ¾” lead shield while compounding

• 70% of air from each cycle recirculated through supply HEPA filter and remaining air discharged from hood through exhaust HEPA filter

• Lead Shielding: 2” thick lead-lined dose calibrator housing; dose calibrator monitor arm; lead on sides, back and bottom (3/4” thick); 37” tall all-welded heavy duty stainless steel stand; sliding leaded glass shield with 3/4" lead (13 3/4" x 20"); viewing window in shield is 8"x8"x4" with a density of 5.2g/cm3

• Performance Data: Passes Biological Tracer Containment Tests of the National Institutes of Health (NH), the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Units listed with MET Labs to comply with UL 1262

• HEPA filter life extended by high capacity motor/blower with speed control

• Easy to remove gasketed front lifting viewing panel

• Concave front panel allows operator to lean into work area

• Placement (parallel to work area and each other) of HEPA filters prevent turbulence

• Removable stainless steel filter screen and stainless steel work tray for easy clean-up and decontamination

• Externally mounted fluorescent lights minimized heat build-up

• I.V. Bar in work area includes 12 stainless steel hooks

• ON/OFF indicator switches for blower and lighting

Marks & Listings: CE, UL, USP 797

Electrical Specifications: 120 V, 10 A, 1,500 W, 60 Hz

Weight, Product: 2,700 lb

Weight, Shipping: 2,969 lb

Dimensions, Product: 50" W x 27" D x 94" H

Dimensions, Shipping: 56" W x 34" D x 100" H

Package Type: Pallet

Unit of Measure: EA

Special Purpose Hoods

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Labconco Protector ClassMate
Labconco Xpert Balance Enclosure – 8 ft
Labconco Xpert Balance Enclosure – 4 ft
Labconco Xpert Nano Ductless Exhaust Hood
PCR Workstation
Explosion-Proof WhisperFlow Hood

Features and Benefits

Specializing Common Lab Hoods

Adapting Common Laboratory Hoods for Specialty Purposes

Most hoods designed for specialty applications are derived from standard laboratory configurations (e.g. laminar flow and fume hoods) adapted to specific requirements.

PCR Workstations

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a common technique used in molecular biology to exponentially amplify a target region of DNA or RNA. PCR can turn a single piece of DNA into more than a million pieces in the matter of hours. Unfortunately, a single piece of contaminating DNA can also be amplified, making it extremely important that researchers work within a sterilized area that prevents cross contamination of samples.

PCR workstations were designed to minimize this problem. Adapted from laminar flow hoods, PCR workstations provide HEPA-filtered, sterile air within the hood. These hoods are outfitted with UV-C germicidal lights to disinfect the work surface when the hood is not in use. The lights are also placed on a timer to reduce the risk of UV exposure. In addition to its germicidal properties, UV-C light also causes breaks in strands of DNA that prevent the DNA from being amplified during PCR. Therefore, the UV-C light also serves to prevent carry-over contamination from previous experiments.

Explosion-Proof Hoods

Explosion-proof hoods are a variation of either the laminar flow or exhaust fume hood, designed for work involving potentially flammable material. The conventional motor of the hood is replaced by an NEC Division I-rated non-sparking motor, mounted in a cast-iron, explosion-proof housing. In addition, the hood features an explosion-proof light, and all wiring is encased in filled rigid conduit.

These hoods bear an NEC sub-rating: Division I, Class 1 indicates suitability for use where flammable materials are generally present, and Division I, Class 2 indicates suitability for use when such materials are only intermittently present.

Balance Enclosures

Weighing dry powder chemicals is a routine laboratory task. Weighing procedures frequently result in some of the powder becoming airborne irritants – and potentially toxic threats – to lab personnel. Balance enclosures minimize this danger.

They are essentially ductless fume hoods with a few minor modifications. These negative pressure enclosures direct air from outside the hood through a HEPA filtration system before it is returned to the room. The HEPA filtration system is 99.99% effective in removing particles as small as 0.3 microns in diameter from the air, virtually eliminating the risk of personnel exposure. The front sash of the balance enclosure opens upward, allowing easy transfer of balances into and out of the enclosure.

Nanoparticle Enclosures

These enclosures are essentially balance enclosures that use an ULPA filter, which is 99.995% efficient in removing particles as small as 0.12 microns, to contain the much smaller particles generated during nanomaterial processing.

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