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Humex™ 2 Inline Humidifier

inline humidification of nitrogen
  • Releases a controlled volume of water vapor into a glovebox, desiccator or other enclosure to achieve above-ambient humidity level
  • Allows precise %RH humidity control when operated in tandem with Terra's Dual Purge™ System
  • Low-volume steam output minimizes water condensation and energy costs
  • Ideal for biocompatibility studies, material failure testing, and other humidity research
  • Recommended for enclosures up to 60 cubic feet (1.7 m³)

The Humex 2 Humidifier provides inline humidification of nitrogen or other process gas being fed into a glove box or similar enclosure.

During operation, a 20W resistance heater inside the Humex 2 vaporizes incoming water fed into a stainless steel chamber. Process gas, which enters the Humex 2 through separate 0.25" (6 mm)-diameter flexible tubing, is humidified as it passes through this chamber on its way to a glove box or other enclosure.

The Humex 2 humidity sensor, installed inside the remote enclosure, monitors the relative humidity level. As soon as the %RH falls below a user-selected threshold, a relay inside the Humex activates both the heater and a solenoid that turns on the water flow. When the %RH set point is attained, the Humex turns off heater and water flow.

Operation with the Dual Purge System
For optimal efficiency the Humex 2 can be operated with Terra’s Dual Purge Variable Purge Controller.

In this configuration, the Humex 2 issues a signal to the Dual Purge via a low-voltage cable to initiate high flow (bypassing the Dual Purge flowmeter) whenever the humidity falls below the set point. This high flow of process gas quickly humidifies the enclosure.

When the set point is attained, the Humex 2 deactivates the high flow (as well as the Humex humidification system). In this low-flow purge, the flow rate is restricted by the Dual Purge flowmeter.

Humex™ 2 Inline Humidifier Cat. # Price
120VAC, 509/60Hz 9081-02 $ 2,387
220VAC, 50Hz 9081-02-220 $ 2,387
Humidity Sensor (Installed) 9500-02A $ 684
Replacement Heater Cat. # Price
120VAC, 509/60Hz 9081-05 $ 112
220VAC, 50Hz 9081-05-220 $ 112
Replacement Filter
Activated charcoal filter, attached to incoming water line
9081-06 $ 60
12"W x 11.25"D x 7"H (305 mm x 286 mm x 178 mm)
Weight: 16 lbs. (7257 g)
Power: 12V/DC (from Dual Purge or 12VDC supply) for electronics; 120VAC for heater
Sensor Dimensions:
1.5" x 0.75" x 4" (38 mm x 19 mm x 102 mm)
Case Material:
304 Stainless steel
Water Line Pressure:
35 psi
Water Filter:
Activated charcoal
Gas Line Pressure: Should be externally regulated between 20 - 35 psi**
Humidification Rate: 35% RH/cu. ft. of enclosure/hour
Humidity Display: 3 1/2 digit LED display
Humidity Output: 0-5V
Measuring Range: 0-100% RH
Accuracy (at 20° C): ± 2% RH
Display Resolution: ± 0.1% RH
Temp. Dependence: ± 0.04% RH/°C
Sensor Calibration: None required. Calibration (“Add”) mode allows %RH readout adjustment to independent calibration source, if required
Heater: 20W, 120VAC resistance heater in stainless steel housing; 1.25" x 0.25" (32 mm x 6 mm)
Water Solenoid: 6W
Fuse: 4A
* Flow should be externally regulated between 5 - 20 CFH
** User-furnished regulator or Dual Purge System required for gas pressure regulation
Note: for higher flow capacities, select Terra's Humex™ (Cat. no. 9081-00).

File Type File Name Publication Date
Manual (PDF) Humex 2™ Inline Humidification System, with Dual Purge: # 1800-69
Set-up and programming instructions for the Humex 2 inline humidification system, including illustrations. Connections to Dual Purge and NitroWatch also illustrated. This manual discusses maintenance and specifications.
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