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Humex™ 2 Inline Humidifier

inline humidification of nitrogen
  • Releases a controlled volume of water vapor into a glovebox, desiccator or other enclosure to achieve above-ambient humidity level
  • Allows precise %RH humidity control when operated in tandem with Terra's Dual Purge™ System
  • Low-volume vapor output minimizes water condensation and energy costs
  • Ideal for biocompatibility studies, material failure testing, and other humidity research
  • Recommended for enclosures up to 60 cubic feet. (1.7 m³)

The Humex 2™ Humidifier provides inline humidification of nitrogen or other process gas being fed into a glove box or similar enclosure.

During operation, a 20W resistance heater inside the Humex 2 vaporizes incoming water fed into a stainless steel chamber. Process gas, which enters the Humex 2 through separate .25" (6 mm)-diameter flexible tubing, is humidified as it passes through this chamber on its way to a glove box or other enclosure.

The Humex 2™ humidity sensor, installed inside the remote enclosure, monitors the relative humidity level. As soon as the %RH falls below a user-selected threshold, a relay inside the Humex activates the heater and a solenoid that turns on the water flow. When the %RH set point is attained, the Humex turns off heater and water flow.

Operation with the Dual Purge™ System
For optimal efficiency the Humex™ 2 can be operated with Terra’s Dual Purge™ Variable Purge Controller.

In this configuration, the Humex 2 issues a signal to the Dual Purge™ via a low-voltage cable to initiate high flow (bypassing the Dual Purge™ flowmeter) whenever the humidity falls below the set point. This high flow of process gas quickly humidifies the enclosure.

When the set point is attained, the Humex 2 deactivates the high flow (as well as the Humex™ humidification system). In this low-flow purge, the flow rate is restricted by the Dual Purge flowmeter.

Humex™ 2 Inline Humidifier Cat. # Price
120VAC, 509/60Hz 9081-02 Price
220VAC, 50Hz 9081-02-220 Price
Humidity Sensor (Installed) 9500-02A Price
Replacement Heater Cat. # Price
120VAC, 509/60Hz 9081-05 Price
220VAC, 50Hz 9081-05-220 Price
Replacement Filter
Activated charcoal filter, attached to incoming water line.
9081-06 Price
12"W x 11.25"D x 7"H
305 mm x 286 mm x 178 mm
Weight: 16 lbs.
7257 g.
Power: 12 V/DC (from Dual Purge or 12VDC supply) for electronics; 120VAC for heater
Sensor Dimensions:
1.5" x .75" x 4"
38 mm x 19 mm x 102 mm
Case Material:
304 Stainless steel
Water Line Pressure:
35 psi
Water Filter:
Activated charcoal
Gas Line Pressure: Should be externally regulated between 20 - 35 psi**
Humidification Rate: 35% RH / Cu. Ft. of enclosure / hour
Humidity Display: 3 1/2 digit LED display
Humidity Output: 0-5 V
Measuring Range: 0-100% RH
Accuracy (at 20° C): ± 2% RH
Display Resolution: ± .1% RH
Temp. Dependence: ± .04% RH/°C
Sensor Calibration: None required. Calibration (“Add”) mode allows %RH readout adjustment to independent calibration source, if required.
Heater: 20W, 120VAC resistance heater in SS housing; 1.25" x .25" (32 mm x 6 mm)
Water Solenoid: 6W
Fuse: 4A
* Flow should be externally regulated between 5 - 20 CFH
** User-furnished regulator or Dual Purge System required for gas pressure regulation
Note: for higher flow capacities, select
Terra's Humex™ (No. 9081-00).

File Type File Name Publication Date
Manual (PDF) Humex 2™ Inline Humidification System: Doc. # 1800-69
Set-up and programming instructions for the Humex 2 inline humidification system, including illustrations. This manual also discusses maintenance and specifications.
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