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Toxic Gas Detector System
and Airflow Testing Kit

Laminar Flow Hoods — Toxic Gas Detector System
Complete line of detector tubes.

Toxic Gas Detector System

  • Complete, easy-to-use sampling and analysis system
  • Detects and measures hazardous gases and vapors
  • Ideal for monitoring performance of Exhaust Purification Filters
  • The most cost-effective solution to air sampling and analysis
This Toxic Gas Detector System is an ideal, easy-to-use method for day-to-day gas checking. It allows effective monitoring of exhaust purification filter efficiency. It also provides a valuable aid to QC in the lab, plant or office and spot testing for a wide variety of hazardous gases and vapors.

This low-cost, portable system consists of two components: detector tubes detect specific vapors; and a precision sampling pump draws an air sample through the detector tube. One sample is all that is needed for most analysis, compared to other devices that require that you keep track of multiple strokes and introduce the possibility of operator error.

More than 200 detector tubes are available to measure a wide variety of hazardous gases and vapors. Each is formulated with high purity reagents that absorb and react with the gas or vapor being measured. The reaction causes a colorimetric stain which corresponds in length to the concentration of the gas or vapor being measured.

Ordering Information

Matheson Tri Gas Part # Cat. # Price
Toxic Gas Detector Kit
Includes pump, maintenance items and carrying case. Tubes not included.
8014KB 9002-00 $ 641
Replacement Rubber Inlet Flange and Ring 8014-002 9002-02 $ 25
5 Meter Extension Hose (with tube holder) 8014017 9002-04 Call TUI
10 Meter Extension Hose (with tube holder) 8014018 9002-05 Call TUI
Air Flow Indicator Kit
(with aspirator bulb, case and one box of Air Flow Indicator Tubes)
8014300K 9002-06 Call TUI
Laminar Flow Hoods — Air Flow Testing Kit
Laminar Flow Hoods — Air Flow Testing Kit

Air Flow Testing Kit

  • Determines flow and strength of air currents
  • Provides an inexpensive way to monitor the proper flow of vapors under the Exhaust Fume Hoods

The Air Flow Testing kit allows you to check the strength and flow patterns of slow-moving air currents. The kit is ideal for monitoring the correct operation of ventilators, air conditioners, and laminar flow stations; it also ensures that hazardous vapors under the fume hoods are properly vented. And because it helps determine the distribution of toxic vapors in the workplace, it allows you to determine the optimal measuring points for conducting air analysis with Terra's Gas Detector Kit (see above for a full description).

The Air Flow Testing kit consists of a hand-held rubber aspirator bulb, four rubber plugs, and ten air current tubes. A plastic case contains all components and includes a device for opening the air current tubes. Each of the 43/4" (1448 mm)-long tubes contains a porous element impregnated with fuming sulfuric acid that produces the smoke. To release smoke, you simply break off the tips of a tube, insert one end into the bulb, and squeeze. Each tube contains two domed metal screens that hold the chemical reagent securely in place without hampering the free flow of smoke.

After use, simply remove the tube from the bulb and plug both ends with a rubber stopper. Tubes can be reused until the smoke is exhausted. Kit dimensions: 5.75" x 2" x 2.5" (146 mm x 57 mm x 64 mm). Kit Weight: 6 oz.

1. This Air Flow Testing kit cannot be used to test nitrogen flow because the smoke generated in a completely dry environment is invisible. The density of the smoke increases with increasing atmospheric humidity.
2. The smoke particles generated have acidic properties (sulfuric aerosol).
3. The smoke cannot cause ignition because it is generated without heat. The smoke can therefore be safely used in air containing solvent vapors.
  Cat.# Price
Air Flow Testing Kit 1718-62 Call TUI
Package of 10 Air Current Testing Tubes 1718-63 $ 73
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