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Adjustable Diamond Scriber

Adjustable Diamond Scriber
  • Performs fast, easy scribing on a variety of substrates up to 0.375" (10 mm) thick
  • Features four-edged diamond for efficient operation, with fully adjustable scribing force
  • Mechanical stop ensures precise stepping and repeat
  • Adjustable optical lens enhances visual control of operation
  • Easy to maintain

This reliable Diamond Scriber performs fast, easy scribing and cutting of silicon wafers, as well as ceramic and glass substrates, for thick and thin-film circuits.

It scribes the precise grooves necessary for effective glass or ceramic cutting: shallow, even and continuous. All essential operating parameters—the angle of the scribing tool, the scribing force, and the cutting speed—are fully adjustable to ensure optimal flexibility and repeatable results. In addition, an adjustable dispensing head releases an alcohol coolant to increase operating efficiency and prolong the life of the cutting diamond. A tool holder further enhances system performance.

The system includes a measuring gauge, scriber head with diamond cutting tool, tool holder, and viewing lens.

  Cat. # Price
Diamond Scriber 8920-00 $ 5,660
Replacement Scribing Diamond Tool 8920-01 $ 258
Overall Dimensions: 11" x 10.25" x 4"
279 mm x 260 mm x 102 mm
Maximum Scribing Length: 5" (127 mm)
Scribing Force Range: Approx. 200-800 grams, adjustable Overall
Maximum Substrate Thickness: 0.375" (10 mm)
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