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Ductless Exhaust Fume Hoods

Terra’s Ductless Exhaust Fume Hoods and Filtered Enclosures ventilate and remove chemical fumes and particles, allowing safe indoor release of exhaust. Freestanding ductless enclosures and workstations provide ample working space for large process equipment. Portable ductless exhaust hoods feature a space-saving design that can be positioned on nearly any bench. High-clearance chemical fume hoods accommodate large flasks and other glassware.
Labconco Ductless Exhaust Fume Hoods, Enclosures and Workstations

Paramount Ductless Enclosures
Labconco's ductless work station is designed to eliminate air turbulence; specialized filters remove vapors and particulates

Protector Ventilation Station
Low-profile enclosure with Labconco's baffle system for maximizing containment. Air velocity remains stable, whether sash is open or closed

Protector Downdraft Powder Stations
Open-top ductless workstations in 2 and 3 ft. models or containing fingerprint powder; multiple units can be placed side by side

XPert Balance Enclosures
Horizontal laminar airflow for maximum containment of toxic powders during weighing operations; requires blowers, exhausters, and HEPA filters

Xpert Nano Enclosures
Horizontal laminar airflow units with built-in blower and 99.999% ULPA exhaust filter for nanoparticle manipulation and dry powder chemical handling
Terra Universal Ductless Exhaust Fume Hoods, Workstations and Modules

Exhaust Fume Workstations
Flexible hood design and the optional use of filters allow ductless or ducted exhaust of fumes and particles. Work surface is free of vibration

Ductless Exhaust Fume Hood
Turnkey hood with fluorescent light is made of acid-resistant polypropylene. It has dual 1200 CFM blowers with fast and easy filter replacement

Universal Hoods
Modular design allows flexible configuration; use as positive-pressure or negative-pressure. Air flow remains stable with uniform face velocity

DownDraft Workstation
Enhances operator safety during soldering, chemical processing, and other tasks involving noxious fumes. A sub-work surface filter draws fumes downward

Particle Exhaust Hood
Safely exhaust sub-micron particles, aerosols and dust with this portable ventilation hood: quiet HEPA filter unit and fluorescent light included

ValuLine™ Ductless Fume Hood
Economical work station with coved corners and continuous welds for ease of cleaning. Safely removes organic vapors

Chemical Fume Hood
Our high-clearance work bench is well-ventilated and ideal for large equipment. Quick-release filter housing makes filter replacement fast and easy

Ductless Workstation
Compact, portable work station is ideal for removing aerosols, soldering fumes, and other chemical vapors. Fumes are drawn into the charcoal filter

Environmental Control Modules
Modular HEPA or charcoal filter/blower units with hoods of varying sizes and materials form configurable enclosures

File Type File Name Publication Date
Tech Resource (PDF) HEPA and ULPA Particle Filters
These filters remove sub-micron particles, which are too small to see but create BIG problems in many critical manufacturing operations.
Tech Resource (PDF) Charcoal Filter Life
Unlike HEPA and ULPA particle filters, activated charcoal filters create no additional backpressure when they near the end of their service life. So when do you replace them? Here's how to tell.