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Wet Stainless Steel Three 3” Vertical Brushes BSX1000-DAF-3 5608-35 81192 $34,617 10-16 Days 2
Wet Stainless Steel Three 6” Vertical Brushes BSX1000V-DAF-6 5608-36 81193 $37,276 10-16 Days 3
Wet Stainless Steel Three 9” Vertical Brushes BSX1000V-DAF-9 5608-37 81194 $39,272 10-16 Days 4
Wet Stainless Steel Two 2.5” Side Disc Brushes BSX1000-DAF 5608-33 81190 $34,617 10-16 Days 5
Wet Stainless Steel Two 33” Sole Brushes BSX1000S-DAF 5608-34 81191 $34,617 10-16 Days 6
Manufacturer SKU
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Custom-configured product. Contact Terra by phone, chat or email for a project-specific quote.
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Product Details
Product Details
  • High-Capacity BSX1000 Wet Walk Through Dual Boot Scrubber with combination side and sole brushes enable multiple points of contact between brushes and boots
  • Solid stainless steel models include two rotating 33” long horizontal sole brushes (vertical brushes on "V" models)
  • Bi-directional design with two E-stops enable users to enter and exit on either side of unit
  • •  Throughput: 3 users at a time; 15-25 users per minute ideal in high traffic application
  • Use in food processing plants with a high number of employees, ample open space with access to water lines, and floor drains
  • Recommended:  Alpet® No-Rinse Quat Sanitizer
  • Features:
  • BSX1000 models includes two rotating disc brushes
  • BSX1000V models included three vertical rotating brushes and two long horizontal sole brushes
  • Solid stainless steel frame construction: hinged access grate, two removable steps, electrical enclosure (with variable speed drive, timer and e-stop)
  • Solenoid activated brush spray system with Venturi injector for sanitizer with flow rated at 2.5 Gpm
  • Activation: user steps on platform and activates via a proximity sensor and spring loaded grate
  • Stainless steel Venturi dilution valve and metering tip provide desired PPM
  • Diluted cleaning solution sprayed onto rotating brushes
  • Three stainless steel washdown motors (rated ½ hp) and three worm gear reducers
  • Four adjustable dairy approved feet
  • Tool less removal of brushes and components
  • Self-draining tub for easy cleaning
  • Connection Requirements
  • 220V ac, single phase, 15 amp electrical connection required
  • 3/8” Nptf cold water connection, 50psi recommended
  • 1.5” Tri-clamp drain connection
  • Accessories:
  • USP20110: Vertical Brush 8″ Diameter x 2.5″ Wide (for use with BSX600-DAF, BSX800V-DAF, BSX1000V-DAF)    
  • USP20111: Side Disc Brush 12″ Diameter (for use with BSX800-DAF, BSX1000V-DAF)
  • USP20112: Horizontal Brush for BSX-1000 (for use with BSX1000-DAF, BSX1000V-DAF)
  • USP20113: Horizontal Brush 8″ Diameter x 6″ Wide (for use with BSX600-DAF, BSX800V-DAF, BSX1000V-DAF)    
  • USP20114: Combination Brush Assembly (for use with BSX800-DAF, BSX1000-DAF)
  • USP20118: Brush Vertical Cyl 8″ x 6″ (for use with BSX600-DAF-6, BSX800V-DAF-6, BSX1000V-DAF-6)
  • USP20337: Optional Side Shield

Shoe Cleaners & Sticky Mats

  • Video of BSX1000 Series High-Capacity Walk Through Boot Scrubbers by Best Sanitizers Video of BSX1000 Series High Capacity Walk Through Boot Scrubbers by Best Sanitizers
Video of BSX1000 Series High-Capacity Walk Through Boot Scrubbers by Best Sanitizers
Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

High Traffic Boot Cleaning

BSX1000 models with a two-way walk through entry/exit design offer flexibility streamline walk throughs ideal for use in high traffic food processing plants

Washdown-Rated Tub Design

Washdown rated 1/2hp motor and self-draining tub design for quick and easy cleaning of dirt and debris

33” Rotating Horizontal Sole Brushes

All High Capacity BSX1000 models include two 33” rotating sole brushes that are easily removable without tools

Two E-Stops

Two E-Stops located on both ends of the bi-directional walk- through design enable users to easily start and stop the unit upon entry and exit
Available Accessories
Popular Accessories
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  • Four 1-Gallon Containers Alpet No-Rinse Quat Surface Sanitizer by Best Sanitizers

  • 5-Gallon Alpet No-Rinse Quat Surface Sanitizer by Best Sanitizers

  • 50-Gallon Drum Alpet No-Rinse Quat Surface Sanitizer by Best Sanitizers

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