Terra Part # 5608-31
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BSX900-DAF Compact Walk Through Boot Scrubber, Dual Sole Brushes by Best Sanitizers, 120 V
Product Details
  • Compact BSX900 Walk Through Boot Scrubber with two rotating horizontal sole brushes and a bi-directional entry/exit design
  • Anti-slip steps enable users safe and sturdy access during walkthroughs
  • Spray nozzle directs cleaning solution down preventing over-spray of diluted cleaning solution
  • Stainless steel Venturi dilution valve and metering tip provides desire PPM
  • •  Throughput: 1 user at a time; 15 to 25 users per minute
  • For use in food processing plants with medium traffic, limited space and access to water lines and floor drains
  • Recommended: Alpet® No-Rinse Quat Sanitizer (footwear requires pre-cleaning prior to applying sanitizer)
  • BSX900-DAF-115V Features:
  • Sole brushes rotate in opposing directions to effectively remove debris from boots
  • Open grate design directs dirt into the self-draining tub for effective management of dirt
  • Solid stainless steel construction: frame, electrical enclosure, motors, hardware
  • Hinged access grate, two removable anti-slip steps
  • Central emergency stop with bi-directional entry/exit design
  • Unit activated with proximity sensor and spring loaded grate
  • Adjustable timer
  • Self-draining tub with 2.5” tri-clamp fitting
  • Four adjustable dairy approved feet
  • Sprays cleaning solution onto rotating brushes and onto boots
  • Solenoid activated brush spray system and Venturi injector with 1.5 gpm flow rate
  • Operation: User actives system by stepping onto the platform guided by proximity sensor and spring loaded grate
  • Connection Requirements:
  • 115VAC, single phase, 60Hz, 19.1A
  • 110V ac, 15 amp electrical connection required
  • 3/8” Nptf cold water connection, 50psi recommended
  • 2.5” Tri-clamp drain connection
  • Optional side shields available for additional splash or overspray prevention

Type: Wet

Configuration: Dual Sole Brushes

Manufactured by: Best Sanitizers

Manufacturer SKU: BSX900-DAF

Material: Stainless Steel

Unit of Measure: EA

Electrical Specifications: 120 V, 19.1 A, 60 Hz

Weight, Product: 425 lb

Dimensions, Product: 45" W x 54" D x 63" H

Features and Benefits

Bi-Directional Entry and Exit

Stainless steel BSX900 Sole Boot Scrubber with a bi-direction design and a central emergency stop enables users to enter and exit the unit from either side

Anti-Slip Steps and Easy-To-Clean Design

BSX900-DAF Sole Boot Scrubber with anti-slip steps enables users to safely step onto the boot scrubber and the self-draining tub design makes the unit easy to wash down

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