Terra Part # 7200-62
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Terra Part # 7200-62
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Product Details
  • DA 600N Desiccant Dehumidifier with a drying capacity of 15.6 lbs. per hour
  • For use in extremely low temperature environments and extremely low humidity requirements of 10 - 20% RH
  • Non-flammable and silicone-free sorption rotor brings humidity values down to a minimum at temperatures as low as -22°F (-30°C)
  • •  Speak to a Terra Product Specialist about your required configurations
  • •  Features: double-wall housing, comprehensive controller, highly-efficient desiccator rotor, efficient fans, regenerative heat sources, service-friendly construction
  • Industry Applications:  cleanrooms, pharma, food processing and storage, electronic, military equipment storage, museums and archival storage
  • Desiccant dryer fitted with durable AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Completely UL Certified
  • Fiber optic desiccant rotor with honeycomb structure and coated with extremely hygroscopic silica gel
  • Specifications of DA 600N Desiccant Dryer
  • Nominal process air volume: 589 CFM
  • Nominal regeneration air volume: 206 CFM
  • Ext. compression — process air: 1.2 (in H2O)
  • Ext. compression — regeneration air: 0.8 (in H2O)
  • Regeneration heater power: 10.2 kW
  • Process air connection diameter in (mm): 15.7 (400)
  • Dry air connection diameter in (mm): 12.4 (315)
  • Humid/regeneration air connection diameter in (mm): 7.9 (200)
  • Sound pressure dB: 62
  • Features:
  • Double-wall housing: fully-insulated models constructed with corrosion resistant Aluzinc® with powder coating, housing space filled with 1.25"mineral wool insulation
  • Comprehensive controller: adsorption desiccant dryers feature PLC with touch screen display for setting and viewing of humidity control, monitors internal components for increased operational reliability, and alarm
  • Maintenance-free desiccant rotor: hygienic, non-flammable and non-respirable adsorption rotors feature a honeycomb structure coated with an extremely hygroscopic silica gel; enormous internal surface provides efficient moisture transmission
  • Efficient EC fans: regeneration process with push configuration directs air over the desiccant rotor with positive pressure for problem-free use even at very low humidity levels, fans do not come into contact with hot moist air from desiccant rotor for problem-free use; features fan speed adjustment and flexibility between process and reactivation air
  • Regenerative heat sources: features electrical PCT heating elements, and self-regulating properties protect against fusing and thermostat interruptions
  • Service-friendly construction: easy-to-remove components and filter inserts, vertically arranged rotor for low overall height, and optimum load distribution of installed components ensure long service life and high operation reliability
  • Standard models fitted to pre and/or post cooling additions, PTC heaters (configured for staged modulation)
  • Can be configured per request

Capacity lb/hr: 15.6 lbs/hr

Manufactured by: Condair

Model: DA 600N

Process Air Flow: 589 CFM

Unit of Measure: EA

Dimensions, Product: 48" W x 39" D x 36" H

Dimensions, Shipping: 54" W x 45" D x 42" H

Electrical Specifications: 208V or 480V

Weight, Product: 419 lb

Manuals & Resources

Cleanroom HVAC

  • Dehumidification and drying in cold rooms by Condair Dehumidification and drying in cold rooms
Dehumidification and drying in cold rooms by Condair

Features and Benefits

Condair Dehumidifier Features Comparison Overview Chart

Sound Level Heater Power Voltage Air Volume Tolerance Drying Capacity DA300N DA400N DA600N DA800N DA1400N DA2000N DA2400N

Desiccant dehumidifiers are essential for maintaining accuracy and stability within a clean room. The accuracy and stability of humidity levels are critical, which is why desiccant dehumidifiers are preferred due to their ability to control humidity levels with a high accuracy of +/-2% RH.

Also referred to as desiccant dryers, Terra offers several dehumidifier models from Condair to support industrial or cleanroom environments with extremely low relative humidity levels of 10 - 20% RH. These high-performance dehumidification systems have several unique features and attributes when compared to typical residential dehumidifiers:

Condair DA Desiccant Dehumidifier Features

Energy and Efficiency: Condair DA Desiccant Dehumidifiers are standardized with all UL approved components, and boast energy-efficient operation to lower operating costs.

Large Diameter Desiccant Rotors offer low pressure drop and more efficient absorption of water molecules. The rotors are vertically mounted providing greater mechanical stability. The desiccant rotor system is more effective at low temperatures where traditional units struggle. Importantly, the desiccant rotor material is nonflammable and silicone-free to minimize particulate generation and prevent fire hazards.

Double-Wall Housing: The sturdy double-wall housing construction ensures superior durability and minimizes thermal transfer, reducing operating costs and optimizing performance in harsh environments.

Flexible Configuration: Options include integration with pre-cooling or post-cooling batteries, heat exchangers, and condensation modules for streamlined integration with existing facility systems.

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A - Cleanroom Dehumidifier Drying Capacity (60% RH)
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The dehumidifier comparison chart below delineates the attributes and specifications of various cleanroom dehumidifier models, specifically Condair's DA 300N, DA 400N, DA 600N, DA 800N, DA 1400N, DA 2000N, and DA 2400N.

Technical Data Units DA 300N DA 400N DA 600N DA 800N DA 1400N DA 2000N DA 2400N
Drying capacity at 68° F -60% RH lbs/h 7.3 11.2 15.6 22 29.7 31.9 44.1
Nominal process air volume CFM 294 412 589 824 1413 2001 2354
Nominal regeneration air volume CFM 88 129 206 235 294 323 500
Ext. compression - process air in. H20 1.2 0.9 1.2 0.8 1.2 1.2 0.8
Ext. compression - regeneration air in. H20 1.2 1.0 0.8 1.2 1 0.8 0.8
Regeneration heater power kW 4 7 10.2 13 17 18 23
Electrical connection load 208V 5.8 8.8 11.9 14.8 21.6 22.1 n/a
480V 7.9 9.6 12.9 15.6 20 23.4 31.4

A1 - 5 - 10 lbs/hr: The DA 300N model is capable of drying 7.3 lbs/hr. These systems are ideal for small cleanroom operations and general lab environments with minimal air handling requirements.

A2 - 11 - 20 lbs/hr: Both the DA 400N and DA 600N models have a drying capacity ranging from 11 - 15 lbs/hr, respectively.

A3 - 21 - 30 lbs/hr: The DA 800N and DA 1400N models are designed for a higher drying capacity, falling within the 22 - 30 lbs/hr range.

A4 - 31 - 45 lbs/hr: The most advanced models, DA 2000N and DA 2400N, offer the highest drying capacity, capable of handling 31 - 44 lbs/hr.

B - Cleanroom Dehumidifier Tolerance
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Typical HVAC sensors, while widely used, offer an accuracy margin of +/-4%, with potential hysteresis effects doubling this inaccuracy, cumulatively impacting control precision to about +/-7.5%. Therefore, selecting sensors with rapid response times (less than 30 seconds) is essential to ensure reliable data reporting and simplify calibration of dehumidifier control equipment.

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B1 - +/- 2% RH Dehumidifier Tolerance

Fluid Bed Drying: Consistent and responsive humidity control in FBD processes results in the product’s moisture content reaching the target level more rapidly and with less wastage through over or under drying. Close control steam humidifiers running on pure RO water can provide ±2%RH and increase productivity when compared to more traditional live steam humidifiers mounted on fluid bed dryers.

Stability Testing: Regulations on accelerated or long-term stability testing mostly require humidity to be controlled within a tolerance of ±5%RH. If the condition of the atmosphere falls outside this window, results are often unreliable and require retesting, which is not only expensive but also likely to delay project deadlines.

Pharmaceuticals: Maintaining precise humidity levels is crucial for many aspects of the manufacturing, processing, drying, and storage of pharmaceutical products. Since pharmaceutical products are generally hygroscopic and easily absorb moisture from the air, therefore the environment must achieve and maintain humidity control zones within +/-2% relative humidity.

FDA / GMP / GLP Compliant Facilities: Reliable moisture control is instrumental for FDA-compliant facilities with zero tolerance for mold, mildew, and opportunistic microbes. Beneficially, reliable humidity control prevents instances where environmental drift could negatively impact processes that affect potency, purity, and shelf life. To mitigate these risks and ensure optimal process performance, FDA-enforced facilities adhere to strict temperature and humidity control guidelines.

Dry Rooms and Cold Rooms for modern battery processing maintain precise humidity levels of less than 0.5% relative humidity for lithium battery manufacturing at ambient temperatures of 21°C (70°F). Achieving such low levels of humidity may require dew points that exceed -40°C for lithium batteries. For automotive hybrid battery manufacturing, these rooms support dew points as low as -70°C.

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C - Cleanroom Dehumidifier Nominal Process Air Volume
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C1 - 100 - 500 CFM: This air volume range is supported by models DA 300N and DA 400N, indicating their suitability for smaller cleanroom environments where moderate airflow is sufficient to maintain desired humidity levels.

C2 - 501 - 1,000 CFM: Models DA 600N and DA 800N operate within this air volume range, providing enhanced airflow for medium-sized cleanrooms, and ensuring effective humidity control over a larger area.

C3 - 1,001 - 2,000 CFM: DA 1400N models are equipped to handle substantial air volumes, making it ideal for larger cleanroom settings or areas with higher humidity loads requiring more aggressive dehumidification.

C4 - 2,001 - 3,000 CFM: Models DA 2000N and DA 2400N are designed for the highest air volume range, capable of managing extensive airflow for very large cleanrooms or industrial spaces with significant dehumidification needs.

D - Cleanroom Dehumidifier Voltage
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Voltage selection enhances the utility of dehumidifier deployment among a broader array of cleanroom settings. 208V systems accommodate smaller labs requiring lower voltage, while 480V systems support large-scale industrial applications that require higher voltage levels.

D1 - 208 Volt Dehumidifiers: are a common standard for light to medium industrial and commercial applications, offering a balance between energy efficiency and operational capability. Models with standard 208-volt power supplies include the DA 300N, DA 400N, DA 600N, DA 800N, DA 1400N, and DA 2000N.

D2 - 480 Volt Dehumidifiers: accommodate higher power demands including models DA 400N, DA 600N, DA 800N, DA 1400N, DA 2000N, and DA 2400N. Well suited for larger and more intensive dehumidification tasks.

E - Cleanroom Dehumidifier Regeneration Heater Power
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E1 - 1 - 5 kW: DA 300N models are categorized for moderate dehumidification needs with lower energy consumption, making them ideal for energy-efficient operations.

E2 - 6 - 10 kW: DA 400N and DA 600N models provide a balanced approach to dehumidification with manageable energy usage, suitable for a variety of settings.

E3 - 11 - 20 kW: Models DA 800N, DA 1400N, and DA 2000N are in this category, equipped for more demanding environments, ensuring effective desiccant regeneration in larger or more humid spaces.

E4 - 21 - 30 kW: DA 2400N models fall into the highest power requirement category, necessary for tackling challenging dehumidification tasks in excessively humid or large-scale environments.

F - Cleanroom Dehumidifier Sound Pressure Level
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F1 - 60 - 65 dB: This sound pressure level range, indicative of relatively low operational noise, is featured in models DA 300N, DA 400N, DA 600N, DA 800N, ensuring their suitability for environments where minimal noise disturbance is crucial, such as laboratories or hospitals.

F2 - 66 - 70 dB: Models DA 1400N, DA 2000N, and DA 2400N fall within this higher sound pressure level category, reflecting their capacity for more robust dehumidification tasks, which may be acceptable in industrial settings or areas where noise levels are less of a concern.


Preferred for use in cleanrooms to maintain accuracy and stability of sterile humidity levels with a high accuracy of +/-2% RH


Ideal in pharma compliant environments with hygroscopic products (especially Oral Solid Dosage) requiring indoor air quality, specific temperature and humidity levels mandated by FDA regulations typically within +/-2%

Electronic Components

Provides low humidity levels required in the manufacturing and storage of electronic components requiring between 2-10% RH and 55-66°F; dehumidifies air at low humidity levels with a control accuracy of +/- 2% RH

Food Processing and Storage

Removes moisture through adsorption to prevent food spoilage, clumping and production downtimes by maintaining low humidity levels in low temperature environments such as food production facilities

Military Equipment Storage

Maintains humidity level of 30-50% RH, and dehumidifies air a low temperature levels ideal for unheated defense storage facilities to keep equipment in a constant state of readiness

Museum and Archival Storage

Stores valuable organic and inorganic materials in museums and other unheated facilities storing valuable documents, artwork, metal artifacts in a broad range of operational conditions

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