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Ultimate Pressure

Maximum Pumping Speed

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115Yes2 mbar65 7906-08A 73520 $4,4815-7 Days2
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115Yes8 mbar97 7906-29 52613 $3,5395-7 Days3
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115Yes1065 7906-50 52667 $1,3085-7 Days4
In stock
115Yes1225 7906-51 52668 $2,4145-7 Days5
In stock
115Yes1235 7906-06A 73516 $2,8085-7 Days6
In stock
115Yes5335 7906-03A 73373 $1,7065-7 Days7
In stock
115Yes20031 7902-00 19892 $6705-9 Days8
120Yes8 mbar173 7906-26A 73527 $4,9225-7 Days9
In stock
120Yes10036 7906-07A 73377 $4,3225-7 Days10
In stock
120Yes420031 7903-00 19896 $83514-20 Days11
In stock soon
220Yes0.00431 7903-01-220 19898 $8971-3 Days12
In stock
240Yes20031 7902-01 19894 $36814-20 Days13
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240Yes5329 7906-03A-220 73514 $1,7065-7 Days14
In stock
230Yes1221 7906-51-220 73515 $2,4145-7 Days15
In stock
240Yes1229 7906-06A-220 73517 $2,8085-7 Days16
In stock
230Yes10033 7906-07A-220 73518 $4,3225-7 Days17
In stock
230Yes2 mbar65 7906-08A-220 73521 $4,4915-7 Days18
In stock
230Yes1257 7906-50-220 73524 $1,3085-7 Days19
In stock
Ultimate Pressure
Maximum Pumping Speed
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Custom-configured product. Contact Terra by phone, chat or email for a project-specific quote.
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Product Details
  • Oil-free, diaphragm pumps for rough and medium-high vacuum; ideal for research and science applications
  • An economically and ecologically superior alternative to water-operated vacuum pumps
  • Also used as regeneration pumps in combination pumping systems
  • ILMVAC diaphragm pumps are quiet and compact with low vibration
  • Chemically resistant diaphragm pump models MPC are used with aggressive solvents and acid vapors
  • Made from cleanroom-compatible aluminum, PTFE, PP and PVDF
  • Maintenance and service work is fast and easy
  • ILMVAC guarantees outstanding operation and long vacuum pump life span; rated for thousands of hours
  • Manufactured and tested in accordance with DIN 28 432
  • Applications include vacuum distillation, vacuum concentration, molecular distillation, drying ovens, vacuum filtration, and gel drying
  • Pumping and connection heads are carbon fiber reinforced with virtually no electrical conductivity
Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Oil-Free (Dry) Pumps

More Information

High-Flow Diaphragm Oil-Free (Dry) Vacuum Pump (Ilmvac MP Series)
  • Two-stage pumps for quicker and more efficient vacuum pump-down
  • ON/OFF Switch and internal protective thermal switch for the motor
  • Vibration isolating feet
  • High-flow units operate at 125 LPM and 222 LPM; draw to 8mbar pressure (29.85" Hg vacuum)
  • Suitable for applications using dry, moist or ethanol vapors: Vacuum Ovens, Glove Boxes and Vacuum Chambers
Standard Duty Dry Vacuum Pump
  • Continuous oil-free pumping
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Vacuum to 9Torr (29.6” Hg)
  • As the piston wobbles, Teflon seal expands to increase efficiency and lesson wobble motion
Chemical Duty Dry Vacuum Pump
  • Features Advanced Vapor Management (AVM) for adjustable vacuum control
  • Model 2034B-01 has a flow rate of 25 LPM and an ultimate pressure of 9 torr (12 mbar or 29.6" Hg vacuum)
  • Ideal for rapid drying and evaporation in small vacuum ovens, benchtop rotovaps and chemical duty filtration
Mini Vacuum Pump for Laboratories
  • Used for filtration, drying and degassing
  • Standard and chemically resistant models
  • Low vibration and noise with twin head design
  • Plug and play wide-range power adaptor
  • Standard duty pumps (MP) for pumping air, and chemically resistant models (MPR) for solvent applications
Compact Diaphragm Pump
  • Ultimate vacuum is <45 mbar
  • Standard duty pumps (MP) for pumping air, and chemically resistant models (MPR) for solvent applications
  • Great for aspirating liquids
  • 115/230V wide-range motor
Diaphragm Pumps
  • Available in standard and chemically resistant versions
  • Compact, practical solution for vacuum range 1000 to 1 mbar
Model MP901Z MP1801Z
Numbers of heads/stages4/28/2
Free Air Displacement CFM (l/min.) @ 60Hz4.42 (125)7.84 (222)
Free Air Displacementm3/h (l/min.) @ 50Hz6.8 (113)12 (201)
Ultimate Pressure, Torr (mbar)8 (6)8(6)
Maximum Vacuum, in.Hg29.729.7
Motor Power, watts (HP)370 (0.5)370/440 (0.5/0.6)
Free Air Displacement CFM (l/min.) @ 60Hz2.3 (65)
Free Air Displacement m3/h (l/min.) @ 50Hz3.4 (57)
Ultimate Pressure, Torr (mbar)9 (12)
Maximum Vacuum, in.Hg29.6
Motor Horsepower, watts1/3 (250)
Intake/Exhaust thread NPT1/4
Free Air Displacement CFM (l/min.) @ 60Hz0.9(25)
Free Air Displacement m3/h (l/min.) @ 50Hz1.25(21)
Ultimate Pressure, Torr (mbar)9 (12)
Maximum Vacuum, in.Hg29.6
Adjustable Vac./Gas BallastYes
Motor Power, watts (HP)1/5 (150)
Intake/Exhaust thread NPT1/4
ModelMP 060 EMPR 060 EMP 104EMPC 104E
Final Vacuum, mbar<60<60<45<45
Flow Rate, l/min101015-1615-16
Head MaterialAluminumPPSAluminumPTFE Compound
Connections6-8 mm6-8 mm8mm8mm
Noise Level, dBA<42<42<45<45
Ultimate Pressure, mbar<8<8<2<2
Pumping Speed 50/60 Hz16.7/18.3 L/min38.3/41.7 L/min33.4/36.7 L/min75.0/81.7 L/min
Motor Power60W180W90W370W
Ultimate Pressure, mbar<8<8<2<2
Pumping Speed 50/60 Hz16.7/18.3 L/min38.3/41.7 L/min33.4/36.7 L/min75.0/81.7 L/min
Motor Power60W180W90W370W

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