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Stainless SteelDigital220°C2.3 cu. ft.Vacuum240 V3618-6CE 3700-83 $5,2035-7 Days
Stainless SteelDigital220°C2.3 cu. ft.Vacuum120 V3618-5 3700-82 $5,0985-7 Days
Stainless SteelDigital220°C0.7 cu. ft.Vacuum240 V3608-6CE 3700-81 $3,0275-7 Days
Stainless SteelDigital220°C0.7 cu. ft.Vacuum120 V3608-5 3700-80 $3,0355-7 Days
Stainless SteelAnalog220°C2.3 cu. ft.Vacuum240 V3618-1CE 3800-21 $4,8095-7 Days
Stainless SteelAnalog220°C2.3 cu. ft.Vacuum120 V3618 3800-20 $4,7165-7 Days
Coated SteelAnalog220°C0.7 cu. ft.Vacuum240 V3608-1CE 3700-36 $2,6665-7 Days
Coated SteelAnalog220°C0.7 cu. ft.Vacuum120 V3608 3700-35 $2,6525-7 Days
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Product Details

• Ideal for drying, curing, vacuum embedding and plating applications

• Maximum temperature range of 220°C

• Front-mounted three-way valve (for evacuation, venting and purging of inert gasses)

• Vacuum fitting located on the front of the unit

• Side-mounted control panel with all controls in a single convenient location

• Control thermostat has an indicator light showing when the heaters are energized

• Power switch is a combination circuit breaker and indicator light

• Available in 0.7 and 2.3 cu. ft. capacity sizes

• Temperature range: Ambient +5° to 220°C

• Hydraulic thermostat controls temperatures with 5°C increments

• 3608 and 3618 models feature front-mounted three-way valve evacuates, vents and purges inert gasses (nitrogen or argon)

• 3in.(7.6cm) glass wool insulation prevents heat loss

• Includes two removable aluminum shelves

• Select models available with dial thermometer or LED readout at 1°C increments


  • Thermo Fisher Scientific Squaroid Vacuum Oven Vacuum Oven by Thermo Fisher Scientific
Thermo Fisher Scientific Squaroid Vacuum Oven

Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

Features and Specifications

Specifications for Standard Vacuum Ovens

  • Temperature resolution: ±1.5°C
  • Temperature Uniformity: ±5.0°C at 100°C 25in.Hg
  • Plug Type: Nema 5-15
  • Material: silicone door gasket, corrosion-resistant stainless-steel tubing, powder-coated heavy-gauge steel exterior
  • Vacuum fittings located on front of unit
  • LED Display
  • Glass door protected with Polycarbonate safety shield
  • Silicone door gasket and positive latch door maintains seal at every vacuum level (vacuum grease recommended)
  • Built-in high-limit thermostat guards against overheating
  • Radiant warm-wall heating provides more even chamber temperatures
Free Air Displacementcfm(l/min.)@60Hz 2.3 (65)
m3/h(l/min.)@50Hz 3.4 (57)
Utl. Pressure, torr(mbar) 9 (12)
Maximum Vacuum, in.Hg29.6
Type of DutyStandard
Motor Horsepower, watts1/3 (250)
Tubing Needed, I.D. in.(mm)1/4 ((7)
Intake/Exhaust thread NPT 1/4
Weight, lbs.(kg) 16.5 (7.5)
Overall Dimensions in.(cm) LxWxH 11.7(29.7) x 7.2(18.3) x 9.5(24.1)

Solenoid Vacuum Control Chart

All Turnkey Connection Kits include a solenoid vacuum valve and all necessary hosing, clamps, adapters and other connection hardware for the specified application. Draws power from the Vacuum Control Module.

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