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Palm-Sized Temperature/Humidity Meters

Palm-Sized Temperature/Humidity Meters

  • Excellent reproducibility and reliability by capacitance type humidity sensor
  • Humidity sensor with quick response in 15 seconds
  • Easy maintenance by complete interchangeable sensors
  • Handheld type, desktop type and wall-mounting type are available for various applications.
  • Data logging function capable to store each 8000 readings of temperature and humidity into memory
  • The sensor used in probe type and separated type can be used in temperature from -40 to 80°C.
  • With RS-232C or RS-485 communications interface

The palm-sized series is reliable and accurate temperature/ humidity meter with a measuring humidity range of 0 to 100%RH by using a new developed humidity sensor that comes in three types, depending on application.


  • Environmental testing equipment
  • Chambers
  • Clean benches
  • Food storage, grain storage, greenhouses
  • Art galleries, museums
  • Food transport trucks
Palm-Sized Temperature/Humidity Meters
With Built-in Sensor
Temperature/Humidity Meter, Palm-Sized, RS232C Interface, Built-in Sensor; Cable and AC Adapter
Chino Works America Part # Cat. # Price
HN-CHNR-SP 1401-17 $ 477
  With Probe Sensor
Temperature-Humidity Meter, Palm-Sized, RS-232C Interface, Probe Sensor; Cable and AC Adapter
Chino Works America Part # Cat. # Price
HN-CHPR-SP 1401-18 $ 757
With Separated Probe
Temperature/Humidity Meter, Palm-Sized, RS232C interface, Separated Probe; Cable and AC Adapter
Chino Works America Part # Cat. # Price
HN-CHTR-SP 1401-19 $ 733
Replacement Parts
Part Description Chino Works America Part # Cat. # Price
Built-in Sensor HN-CSHN 1401-38 $ 134
Probe Sensor HN-CSHP 1401-39 $ 256
Separated Sensor HN-CSHT 1401-42 $ 221
AC Power Supply HN-CYHR 1401-59 $ 74
RS232C Cable HN-CYHC 1401-60 $ 25
Sensor Humidity: High Polymer capacitance type humidity sensor
Temperature: Semi-conductor type temperature sensor
Measuring range Humidity: 0 to 100%RH
Temperature: -10 to 50ºC (sensor built-in type)
-40 to 80ºC (separated type, probe type)
Accuracy rating Humidity: ±2%RH (at 0 to 90%RH and 25ºC)
* Except for ±3%RH in 90 to 95%RH (at 25°C)
Response time Shorter than 15 seconds (at 90% response, 25°C and under 0.1m/s wind flow)
Current data display Month, day, hour, minute, relative humidity or dew-point temperature, measured temperature
Logging data storage Each 8000 data of temperature and humidity
Data logging system Manual or interval
Data logging interval Continuous, 1 to 60 minutes (1 minute increment)
Read data replay Data logged per year, month, day, hour and minute, maximum/minimum/average temperature/humidity, totalized temperature
Functions High/low alarm, totalizing reference temperature/totalizing direction, logging repetition, auto-power-off, etc.
Communications RS-232C or RS-485
Working temperature range -10 to 50ºC (meter)
Power supply AA batteries or 100VAC (by AC adapter: sold separately)
Dimension/weight W64 mm x H113 mm x D32mm, about 140g (meter including batteries)
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