Terra Part # 1989-45
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Terra Part # 1989-45
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Product Details
  • Cost-efficient, On-Site OGP 30+ PSA Oxygen Generator easily integrates with existing compressed air installation
  • Plug-and-play model with touch controller for easy purity selection provides up to 70% in energy savings and deliver 24/7 continuous supply of oxygen at desired purity level
  • FOD Nm³/h: 32.9 (90%), 30.2 (93%), 25.3 (95%)
  • FOD Scfm: 19.3 (90%), 17.8 (93%), 14.9 (95%)
  • •  Included: standard O2 sensor, digital flow meter, pressure regulator and PDp+O2 filters
  • Applications: waste water treatment, ozone production, health care, and the glass industry
  • Features of Atlas Copco OGP 30+ Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Nitrogen Generator:
  • PSA technology isolates oxygen molecules from other molecules in compressed air to produce high purity oxygen at the generator outlet
  • Plug-and-play enables purity selection at the touch of a button, and fully automates at start-up sequence, at initial installation or after a long shutdown
  • Variable Cycle Saver (VCS): eliminates energy waste during low demand and in colder temperatures for up to 70% in energy savings
  • Elektronikon touch controller with large HD touchscreen: plug-and-play installation, easy gas purity selection, alarm, alerts, feed air monitoring to optimize compressor performance, interception, and connectivity options
  • Efficient feed air and Zeolite Molecular Sieve (ZMS) utilization delivers double-digit reductions in total cost per unit of oxygen
  • Safeguards integrity of adsorbent media via continuous monitoring and automatic adjustment of the feed air
  • Feed air monitoring and interception protect generator integrity by checking every unit of incoming air and blocks the inlet if the adjustable threshold is not reached and reopens the inlet once quality is restored
  • Gas purity monitoring and interception zirconia sensor (with a precise and long lifetime) checks purity of every unit of produced O2 and if the adjustable threshold is not reached and generator restores O2 level before delivery
  • Small footprint and approval-friendly aluminum extrusions
  • Maximum operational savings with easy oxygen purity selection
  • Components in contact with oxygen cleaned for O2 service
  • Can be combined with a cylinder or bulk gas supply system
  • Protects applications with 24/7 monitoring and adjustment of O2 purity
  • Benefits of Atlas Copco On-Site Oxygen Generator:
  • Provides independent supply of oxygen
  • Enables consumers to produce oxygen purity at their desired level
  • Lowers operational cost by eliminating rental charges, transport expenses and bulk user evaporation losses
  • Easily integrates within existing compressed air installations
  • Requires 30% less feed air compared to a traditional gas generator
  • Guarantees 24/7 oxygen source
  • Eliminates safety hazards when handling high pressure cylinders
  • Only pay for the purity level set
  • Reduces downtime, labor, injuries, and eliminates the need to store additional tanks
  • On-site oxygen generation enables continuity and reliability of O2 supply
  • FOD: Free Oxygen Delivery Reference conditions:
  • Compressed air effective inlet pressure: 6 bar(g)/87 psi(g)
  • Ambient air temperature: 20°C/68°F
  • Inlet air quality [1:4:1] according to ISO 8573-1:2010
  • Outlet oxygen quality [1:2:1] according to ISO 8573-1:2010
  • Optional Accessories:
  • Low ambient temperature settings (-10ºC/14ºF)
  • Oxygen quality (PDP) monitoring
  • Room oxygen alarm (wall mount)

Model: OGP 30+

Manufactured by: Atlas Copco

Type: PSA

Unit of Measure: EA

Weight, Product: 2,862 lb

Dimensions, Product: 56" W x 38" D x 79" H

Features and Benefits

Up to 70% Energy Savings

Variable Cycle Saver (VCS) feature of OGP+ models eliminates energy waste during lower demand productions and in cold weather for up to 70% energy savings

Double-Digit Reductions

Zeolite Molecular Sieve Adsorbent feature offers energy savings and double-digit reductions in the total cost per unit of oxygen

Plug and Play

Designed with complete scope and intelligent controls, OGP+PSA Oxygen Generators are fully-automated at initial installation or after a long shutdown


Models are available with optional low ambient settings of -10ºC/14ºF, oxygen quality monitoring and a room oxygen alarm

Gas Purity Monitoring Interception

Precise zirconia sensor checks the purity of each unit of produced O2 and the generator restores the O2 level prior to delivery if the adjustable threshold is not reached

Feed Air Monitoring Interception

Generator integrity is protected when every unit of incoming air is checked on quality; in the event the required level is not reached, the inlet is blocked and only reopens upon restoration of quality

Cleaned Components

Components in contact with oxygen is cleaned for O2 service to ensure purity

Advanced Control and Monitor

On-site Oxygen and Nitrogen Generators with an advanced control monitor optimizes performance and efficiency, and connects to the optional SMARTLINK Data Monitoring Program

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