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  1. Cleanroom Space-Saving Humidifier
    Group of 2 products
    6710-PP-02 74158
    Some ship in 25 - 29 days
    2 Voltage

    Voltage: 120 V, 220 V
  2. Cleanroom Air Conditioning Systems
    Group of 5 products
    6704-PP-01 72269
    Some ship in 4 - 6 days
    1 Voltage5 A/C Type

    Voltage: 240 V
    A/C Type: 18,000 BTU, A/C only, 48,000 BTU, A/C only, 57,000 BTU, A/C only, 48,000 BTU, A/C + RH Control, 57,000 BTU, A/C + RH Control
  3. Cleanroom Humidification/Dehumidification Modules
    Group of 3 products
    6710-PP-01 72275
    Some ship in 15 - 21 days
    2 Voltage3 Process Air Flow

    Voltage: 120 V, 240 V
    Process Air Flow: 50 CFM, 150 CFM, 300 CFM
  4. Stocked
    Exhaust Fans (Ventilators)
    Group of 8 products
    6600-PP-13 73959
    Some ship in 5 - 7 days
    5 Voltage3 Width3 Depth5 Height

    • Adjustable high-volume fans allow precise regulation of pressure inside a cleanroom/other enclosures
    • HEPA-filtered models remove sub-micron powders and particles to protect the external environment
    • Ideal for operations with hazardous materials requiring a negative pressure controlled environment
    Voltage: None, 120 V, 240 V, 220 V, 208 V
    Width: 24", 27", 30"
    Depth: 24", 37", 48"
    Height: 11.5", 39", 13", 31", 12"
  5. Vertical Air Returns for Cleanrooms
    Group of 4 products
    6602-PP-05 72262
    Some ship in 20 - 24 days
    2 Material2 Height

    Material: Powder-Coated Steel, 304 Stainless Steel
    Height: 7', 8'
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24 products meet your criteria.

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Features and Benefits

High-Capacity, HEPA-Filtered Exhaust Fan

Ideal for a wide range of critical environment applications— decontamination of surgical zones, even field surgical tents, emergency ventilation of contaminated facilities, creation of clean zones within an existing clean room

Powder Coated Steel Vertical Air Return, Wall Mount, High Capacity/Efficiency, Over 7'

Several configurations are available, with return air recirculated through Vertical Air Return modules mounted outside the cleanroom or directly through the BioSafe® cleanroom panels.

Air Handler; High-Volume, 1HP, 120VAC, 60Hz

These models are ideal for high-volume removal of non-hazardous exhaust. An available filter removes up to 95% of particles 0.5 microns and larger.

Cleanroom AC and Plenum Illustration

Additional FFUs are typically fed air recirculated from the cleanroom through Vertical Air Returns, as shown in the illustration above.

UVC Germicidal Irradiation Solutions

Ideal for installation in HVAC returns in modular cleanrooms, these UV modules decrease germ loads and minimize contamination accumulation.

Containment Exhaust Plenum

Negative-pressure containment cleanrooms include exhaust plenums that route air to floor- or ceiling-mount fans, protecting the external environment from hazardous materials inside the cleanroom.

Vertical Air Return

Vertical Air Returns (VARs) pass air from exhaust slots along a cleanroom or A/C module to ducted Fan/Filter Units (FFUs)

All-Steel BioSafe Cleanrooms Air Return

External air plenums can be added to all-steel BioSafe cleanrooms and ducted directly back into the fan/filter units (shown with integrated air conditioning unit).

Cleanroom HVAC

  • Time-Lapse Video of Cleanroom Assembly Installation of a Modular Hardwall Cleanroom
  • BioSafe Containment Cleanrooms BioSafe Containment Cleanrooms
  • Assembly of Modular hardwall cleanroom with Ducted AC System Modular Hardwall Cleanroom Installation
Time-Lapse Video of Cleanroom Assembly
BioSafe Containment Cleanrooms
Assembly of Modular hardwall cleanroom with Ducted AC System

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