Terra Part # 6604-99
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Want it faster ? Read about FasTrak

Terra Part # 6604-99
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Want it faster ? Read about FasTrak

  • Customized, modular advanced technology dry rooms by Scientific Climate Systems (SCS) with a 30% energy-efficient design built to your specifications
  • Versatile, modular design adapts to changing needs of manufacturing and facility requirements
  • Can be designed to meet ISO cleanroom classification from 100 to 100,000 with HEPA filtration within mechanical system
  • Guaranteed less than 0.5% relative humidity throughout entire Dry Room
  • Dry Room Applications: processing of lithium and automotive hybrid batteries, medical devices, lithium-ion battery testing, material and processing applications
  • Lithium battery manufacturing: controlled humidity levels less than 0.5% relative humidity with 21°C (70°F); creates a hermetically sealed environment that maintains very low humidity levels for cleanliness of particle filtration; satisfies low humidity conditions requirement below 1% RH or lower (- 35°C or -40°C dew point); creates low particulate environment
  • Automotive hybrid batteries: supplies dew points as low as -70°C
  • Medical device industry: air-tight locking system and ISO 9001 certified equipment satisfies required critical performance and construction integrity
  • Scope and process of work by SCS for custom dry room installation:
  • Site inspection at installation site and meetings (pre-proposal) with customer
  • Creation of design drawings according to customer’s specifications (for customer approval) and determine additional considerations
  • AutoCAD drawing for customer’s permits
  • Determine placement of dehumidification and mechanical systems
  • Modular dry room features: dry room insulated sealed panel enclosure, wall, ceiling, airlock(s) doors, windows and pass-through, sealed joint seams with vapor sealed floor with ESD epoxy finish (coved to walls), interior light fixtures, desiccant dehumidification system(s) with cooling coils and filtration
  • DX refrigeration mechanical systems and insulated piping or chilled water piping when customer CW is available
  • Supply and return air distribution insulated ducting and grilles
  • Sensors and monitoring controls of temperature & dew point or relative humidity
  • Start-up, commissioning and service training
  • SCS Dry Room Features and Specs:
  • Modular design and construction enables easy disassembly and relocation
  • Thick 4” walls with foam-in-place urethane insulation with an R value of 30
  • Installation of dry room chambers in high temperature and/or high moisture environments
  • Fire retardant construction
  • Up to four fire-rated panels available
  • Dry room air supply at a dependable -70°C dew point; maintained at a control level down to - 55°C dew point
  • One path linear flow with a beginning to end process with the SCS skid-mounted mechanical package (located outside the Dry Room increases interior space
  • Dehumidification/mechanical system constructed of vapor-tight and continuously welded 1/8” thick aluminum that encloses all filtration, refrigeration, dehumidification and control components
  • Dehumidification/mechanical system located outside for easy service and maintenance
  • Safety feature with explosion proof motors, fire retardant and fire rated room construction
  • Optional Services: Re-Commissioning Service (for retrofitting, relocating, and expansions in length, width and height)
  • Standard Lead Times: Upon issue of a purchase order by customer, Scientific Climate Systems will provide a design drawing (in 3-4 weeks) for customer approval. Once approved, lead times are as follows:
  • less than 100 square feet – 12-14 weeks after approval/release
  • greater than 1000 square feet to 5000 square – 14-16 weeks after approval/release
  • greater than 5000 square feet to 10,000 square feet – 16-20 weeks after approval/release
  • above 10,000 square feet – 20-26 weeks after approval/release
  • Expedited delivery accommodated for critical applications
  • Advantage of Scientific Climate Systems Custom Built Dry Rooms
  • SCS is a single source provider of low humidity controlled dry rooms around the world since 1967
  • Comprehensive service of design and cost-efficient construction with the latest in advanced technology
  • Full range of engineering specialties
  • Integrated design and construction team geared for fast-track projects
  • Provides latest technology in computerized Dry Room controls
  • Provides full service support
  • Get a free consultation with a Terra product specialist via email, chat or call us at 714-578-6100

Special Application Cleanrooms

  • Dry Room Dehumidification Flow Chart by Scientific Climate Systems (SCS) Dry Room Dehumidification Flow Chart by Scientific Climate Systems (SCS)
  • Dry Rooms Video by Scientific Climate Systems Dry Rooms Video by Scientific Climate Systems
Dry Rooms Video by Scientific Climate Systems

Features and Benefits

Dehumidification and Mechanical Equipment Installation

A Scientific Climate System engineer provides recommendations to help you determine the best placement of your dry room dehumidification and mechanical equipment

Fire Retardant Construction

Focus on safety with explosion-proof motors and fire-rated construction of dry room

Modular Design

Scientific Climate Systems builds modular custom low humidity dry rooms that can easily be relocated or expanded


Designed with an air tight vapor seal to prevent moisture infiltration

On a tight schedule? Choose FasTrak 24/7 Priority Service to help meet your critical schedule for Terra-manufactured products, either before or after your order is placed.*

  • FasTrak 24/7 provides a 24/7 commitment to meet the shipping date YOU specify, regardless of quoted lead times.
  • FasTrak 24/7 assigns a dedicated production team plus a dedicated senior expeditor working three shifts to meet your delivery specification.
  • FasTrak 24/7 guarantees* to meet the agreed-to specified ship date.

Call for pricing. FasTrak service fees cover costs of additional services only, without additional profit.

 * Terra's FasTrak services limited guarantee: to ship on the ESD or date specified OR to refund up to 100% of FasTrak charges. This guarantee covers no direct, special, consequential or other damages and is strictly limited to up to 100% of the amount paid for FasTrak service. When a specified ship date is missed due to factors outside Terra's control (vendor performance, deliveries by shipping companies, etc.) and random factors such as accidents, the credit of up to 100% of the FasTrak 24/7 may not apply. FasTrak service requested after order placement will be quoted and accepted based on available time remaining before required ship date.

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