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Terra Part #PriceShips in
304 Stainless Steel1 BoxHorizontalN/A 4949-97 69175 $451-3 Days2
304 Stainless Steel2 BoxesVerticalVertical 4951-51 43841 $521-3 Days3
Acrylic1 BoxHorizontalN/A 4950-81 15417 $211-3 Days4
Acrylic2 BoxesHorizontalVertical 4950-83 15419 $441-3 Days5
Acrylic3 BoxesHorizontalVertical 4950-85 15421 $551-3 Days6
Static Dissipative PVC1 BoxHorizontalN/A 4950-82 15418 $271-3 Days7
Static Dissipative PVC2 BoxesHorizontalVertical 4950-84 15420 $5610-16 Days8
Static Dissipative PVC3 BoxesHorizontalVertical 4950-86 15422 $701-3 Days9
316L Stainless Steel1 BoxVerticalN/A 4951-53-2-316 49905 $8631-37 Days10
316L Stainless Steel2 BoxesVerticalHorizontal 4951-54-2-316 49907 $9431-37 Days11
316L Stainless Steel3 BoxesVerticalHorizontal 4951-55-2-316 49909 $1221-3 Days12
316L Stainless Steel3 Boxes 4949-99A 76177 $8510-16 Days13
316L Stainless Steel2 Boxes 4949-98A 76179 $6710-16 Days14
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Stacking Direction
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Product Details

• Suitable for both wall and countertop

• Keyhole cutouts included for easy placement and removal from wall for restocking/maintenance

• Corrosion-resistant 304 or 316 stainless steel models are ideal for medical and food processing facilities with strict cleaning protocol

• Static dissipative PVC models eliminate static charge and prevent airborne particles from accumulating

• Three sizes to choose from: single, double and triple glove box capacities in vertical or horizontal configurations (select models)

• Holds different glove box sizes and foam insert assures proper fit

Available Accessories

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  • Electropolish Finish
    Electropolishing increases corrosion resistance, improves ease of cleaning, and provides a smooth and bright finish.

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