Terra Part # 6712-03
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Terra Part # 6712-03
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Product Details
  • Available ISO Ratings: ISO 8
  • Ultra-hygienic Hinged FRP Doors meet GMP, FDA and cleanroom requirements; supplied pre-hung and fully fitted-out for easy site installation
  • Fiberglass doors with smooth, seamless construction prevent gathering of bacteria ideal for use in controlled environments
  • 100% waterproof and chemical-resistant door with one-piece encapsulation design without voids, ledges and lippings
  • •  Available in 11 standard width and four heights; available in custom, non-standard height (call, chat or email Terra for details)
  • •  Applications and Environments: Pharmaceuticals, Biopharma, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Research, Food, Operating Room, Vivarium, Hospitals
  • Modular Design features of Dortek FRP Doors for high-hygiene environments:
  • 40 mm or 44 mm thick FRP seamless molded construction (no ledges or seams)
  • Integral color
  • Choose manual or automatic door opening
  • Single action or double action opening (one door or two-doors)
  • Doorleaf: fiberglass free of organic materials ideal in areas requiring maximum hygiene and cleanability
  • Helps maintain correct room pressure, air circulation rates and operating efficiency
  • Reinforcement: internal aluminum for hardware fixing
  • Finish: Non-porous, smooth gelcoat surface (easy-to-clean and maintenance-free)
  • Specify when ordering:
  • Door size
  • Manual or automatic opening
  • Frame options: FRP, stainless steel, aluminum wrap-around frame or powder coated steel
  • FRP frame: seamless glass fiber reinforced polyester with insert(screws directly to structure)
  • Powder coated steel or satin anodized: adjustable frame incorporates a neoprene seal for screw fixing to a sub frame
  • Stainless steel: fixes to installation panel and block work (can also be fixed to client’s own frames)
  • Options: factory-fitted hardware and door protection; 20ga stainless steel edge protection; flush vision panels with integral blinds, smart glass or x-ray and laser protection, automation and interlocking

ISO Class: ISO 7

Unit of Measure: EA

Pre-Hung Manual Swing Doors

  • Color Options for Dortek FRP Doors Color Options for Dortek FRP Doors
  • Dortek Doors Video Dortek Cleanrooom Doors Video
Dortek Doors Video

Features and Benefits

Flush Vision Panels

Optional flush vision panels with integral blinds feature smart glass or x-ray and laser protection for FRP standard and fire-rated doors

100% Waterproof and Chemical Resistant

Dortek FRP Hygienic doors made with seamless fiberglass for a smooth encapsulation unaffected by water, steam, chlorine, H2O2, chemicals, and other solvents

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