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Mills, Tube Mill Control, 120 V
  • Eliminates possibility of cross-contamination
  • USB interface for control and documentation
  • The drive and grinding chambers are secured with labyrinth seal
  • Dust proof housing
  • Batch mill with disposable grinding chamber
  • Permissible relative temperature 5 - 40 °C
  • Speed deviation 2 ± %
  • Timer, adjustable from 5s to 3 min
  • Protection class according to DIN EN 60529 IP 30
  • For small scale batch milling of materials
  • Ideal for grinding seeds such as corn and wheat
  • Disposable and stainless steel grinding chambers and spare parts sold separately
  • Security features: Unit starts only when clear hood is closed; Motor only operates when correct grinding chamber is attached; Machine will not start if grinding chamber is not properly closed; Grinding chamber cannot be opened when unit is in operation;

Adjustable Speed Control: Yes

Volume: 40 ml

Maximum Speed: 25000 rpm

Cooling Method: Dry Ice

Feature Pack: Batch: 5 Moh

Grinding Procedure: Impact/Cutting

Feed Hardness: 5 mohs

Feed Grain Diameter: 10 mm

Motor Output: 80W

Manufacturer SKU: 4180001

Unit of Measure: EA

Electrical Specifications: 120 V, 1 A, 200 W, 60 Hz

Weight, Product: 5.95 Lbs

Dimensions, Product: 8" W

Weight, Shipping: 8 lb

Package Type: Box

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  1. Reduces soft, medium, hard and brittle materials with a Mohs hardness of up to 5 | 6927-10 displayed
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  2. Reduces soft, medium, hard and brittle materials with a Mohs hardness of up to 5 | 6927-10 displayed
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  3. Caps for stacking grinding chambers | 6927-12 displayed
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  4. Reduces soft, medium, hard and brittle materials with a Mohs hardness of up to 5 | 6927-13 displayed
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  5. Includes a rich set of spare parts so that wearing parts can be replaced if necessary | 6927-15 displayed
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  • IKA Tube Mill Control Video IKA Tube Mill Control Video
IKA Tube Mill Control Video

Features and Benefits

6-Step Process and Storage

6-Step Process and Easy Storage of Tube Mill Control Grinding Chambers

1. Fill grinding chamber
2. Place in Tube Mill and turn clockwise
3. Press to start
4. Clear cover allows full view of sample
5. Lift top and remove grinding chamber
6. Remove sample
IKA Tube Mill control bath mill is suitable for a wide array of materials with a hardness of up to Mohs 5. Built-in safety features allow the unit to start only when the clear hood is closed and a compatible grinding chamber is inserted. The clear lid conveniently allows operators to observe samples being processed.

Applications and Industries for IKA Tube Mill Control
  • Food rice, wheat, cobnut, coffee beans, seeds, chocolate (with dry ice), parsley and spices
  • Pharmacy vitamin tablets, tea leaves, glauber salt, blond plantain, sour orange paring, hawkbit roots, calamus roots and pastilles (with dry ice)
  • Cosmetics color pigments, rubber benzo and bees wax (with dry ice)
  • Chemical Industry rubber, molecular sieve, PE and PET flakes
  • Biology tobacco, fresh ginger (with dry ice), leaves (with dry ice) and grass (with dry ice)
  • Renewable Energy wood pellets, woodwoll + wax, straw, solid recovered fuel pellet, tetrapack, charcoal and chipped wood
  • Medicine and Forensics chicken bones, chicken skin (with dry ice), pig craw (with dry ice)
  • Building Material Industry marble and gypsum
Tube Mill control Cryo Grinding with Dry Ice
Moist, fatty, fibrous and resilient samples can be embrittled by adding dry ice directly into the grinding chamber. This creates an insulating effect within the chamber with minimal use of dry ice allowing the operator to handle the grinding chamber easily.

Type of application samples embrittled with dry ice
Chocolate, bread, nuts, soil samples, gummy bears, leaves, meat, sausages, some plastics, bones, beef, feedstuffs, tobacco and grass
Sample Viewing and Disposable Grinding Chambers
Put dry ice and material inside grinding chamber
Tube Mill Control shown with dry ice inside Disposable Grinding Chamber
Close lid and process

IKA Tube Mill Control Safety Features

Motor only recognizes compatible grinding chambers, open/close lid operation prevents accidental starts and stops and labyrinth seal prevents dust from entering motor

IKA Disposable Grinding Chambers

Disposable polypropylene grinding chambers for IKA Tube Mill Control save in cleaning costs

IKA Easy Sample Storage

Samples stored in disposable grinding chambers compatible with IKA Tube Mill Control

Popular Accessories

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  • Mills, MMT 40.1 Stainless Steel Grinding Chamber Package
  • Mills, MTC 40.100 Cover for MT 40
    Polypropylene covers enable stacking of disposable grinding chambers compatible with IKA Tube Mill Control; 100 quantity
  • IKA MT 40 Disposable Grinding Chambers
    Chemical resistant polypropylene Disposable Grinding Chambers, compatible with IKA Tube Mill Contro
  • Mills, A-MMT 40.100 Abrasion Set Spare Parts
    A-MMT 40.100 Abrasion Set Spare Parts (for use with MMT 40.1 Stainless Steel Grinding Chamber) includes 100 chamber sealings, 10 beaters and 10 couplings; compatible with IKA Tube Mill Control

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