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Compact Dry Roughing Pumps

Adixen Compact Dry Roughing Pump ACP 40 Series
Dry Roughing Pumps
Alactel Part # Cat. # Price
V8SACSFAMF 7901-34 $ 10,498
  • Reliable, clean, high-performing laboratory and cleanroom dry pumps for inert gas pumping
  • Oil-free operation with universal single-phase power featuring multi-stage Roots type pumping concept
  • With a frictionless design and no wearing parts, no particulate contamination can result
  • No hydrocarbon backstreaming due to lubricant-free pumping module
  • Constant pumping speed and ultimate pressure due to constant internal clearances
  • With complete overhauls due only every 20,000 hours, maintenance costs are low

These Dry Roughing Pumps are extensively field proven and provide clean, low-maintenance, reliable operation in laboratories and cleanrooms. Their compact design allows for easy integration into any application.

Outstanding Features

The single-phase frequency converter allows these pumps to be powered in the range of 100 V to 230 V 50/60 Hz through a standard IEC connection with automatic voltage range selection. Rotational speed and pumping speed remain constant regardless of voltage and frequency.

A digital timer gives information about accumulated operational hours for maintenance purposes.

Remote control is facilitated through the Sub-D Connector located at the rear side.

Units are air cooled, so no water supply is required.

Typical Applications

Designed for non-corrosive applications:

  • Analytical instruments—electron microscopes, surface analyzers, leak detectors, spectrometers
  • R&D—particle accelerators and laboratories
  • With a frictionless design and no wearing parts, no particulate contamination can result
  • Industrial—light bulbs
  • Load Locks of clean processes

Performance Curves

Adixen Pumping Speed ACP 40 Series
Adixen Pressure Drop ACP 40 Series

Description Cat. # 7901-34
Peak pumping speed 623.48 L/min
22 CFM
Ultimate pressure w/purge 3.10² mbar
Ultimate pressure
With sccm purge
1.10¹ mbar
1650 mbar
Maximum continuous inlet pressure 1013 mbar
Input voltage 90 V to 254 V
50/60 Hz
Power consumption
- at ultimate pressure
- atmosphere
700 W
1200 W
Ambient temperature 10 to 40 ºC
Inlet port DN40 ISO-KF
Exhaust port DN25 ISO-KF
Tightness 5.10-7 mbar.l/s
Port for N2 purge ¼” G
Weight 40.5 kg
Overall dimensions: L x W x H 634 mm x 185 mm x 310 mm

Note: These pumps are designed for inert gas pumping and should not be used for applications where the pump will be exposed to high water vapor, particles, corrosive chemistries, or solvents.

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