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BenchtopDigital20 kHzYesCup Horn0.125"Generator125 W110 VQ125-110 5323-14 $2,8445-7 Days2
BenchtopDigital20 kHzYesCup HornOrder SeparatelyGenerator125 W110 VQ125A-110 5323-15 $2,6055-7 Days3
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• Elapsed time indicator displays duration of sonication

• Overload protection

• Overload protection

• RoHS compliant: lead free components

• Standard for cell disruption, DNA/RNA shearing and homogenization

• Pulse Mode prevents heat build-up in temperature sensitive samples

• Digital amplitude/intensity control: output intensity can be set from 20-100%

• Programmable operation: hands free operation with set time and amplitude

• Accessories: Probes, Cup and Tip Horns, Stand, Sound Enclosure Replacement Converter and Footswitch

  • Sonicator; Booster & Probe, QSonica, 220V, 1375W
  • Sonicator; 1/2" Probe, QSonica, 500W, 110V
  • Q55 Sonicator, 110V, w/ 1/8" Probe
  • Q700 Sonicator by QSonica with optional probe and clampstand Q700 Sonicator by QSonica
  • QSonica Q125 Sonicator QSonica Q125 Sonicator
Q700 Sonicator by QSonica with optional probe and clampstand
QSonica Q125 Sonicator

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

QSonica Programmable Sonicator Display

Select QSonica Sonicators feature a programmable microprocessor control for real-time monitoring of time and pulse mode

QSonica Q500 Sonicator Display Panel

Microprocessor Control for real-time monitoring of time and pulse mode.

Available Accessories

Popular Accessories

For a full list of accessories, select a product then click Choose Accessories on that product page.
  • Replacement Converter; Q125, QSonica
  • Tube Holder; 8 tubes, Stem and Cover (White), Q500 Sonicator, QSonica
  • Tube Holder; 24 tubes, Stem (Blue), Q500 Sonicator, QSonica
  • Tube Holder; 8 tubes, Stem (Green), Q500 Sonicator, QSonica
  • Tube Holder; 12 tubes, Stem (Black), Q500 Sonicator, QSonica
  • Tip Horn, 8; For Q125 Sonicator, QSonica
  • Dual Horn, Double; 3/4" Solid Probes, Q500 Sonicator, QSonica
  • Probe; 3/4" Half Wave Extender, Replaceable Tip, for Q500 Sonicator, QSonica
  • Foot Switch; Sonicators; QSonica
  • Probe; 3/4" High Gain, Replaceable tip, Q500, Sonicator, QSonica
  • Flocell, High Volume; Probe, QSonica
  • Jack Stand; 6" x 6", Q500 Sonicator, QSonica
  • Flocell; Low Volume, Continuous, Q500 Sonicator, QSonica
  • Probe; 1" dia., Nodes, QSonica
  • Probe; 2" dia., QSonica
  • Probe Tip, 5/64", 200ul - 5ml, Very High
  • Microtip, 1/16", 0.2-5ml, Ultra High
  • Large Clamp Stand, for Q700
  • QSonica Sound Enclosure with Converter Holder
    Select QSonica Sonicators available with an optional sound enclosure that reduces noise by 20 dBA; interior wall lined with water acoustical foam
  • Sound Enclosure; Converter Holder, QSonica
  • Probe; 1/2", Replaceable Tip, for Q500 Sonicator, QSonica
    1/2" probe with replaceable tip for Q500 Sonicator by QSonica delivers direct sonication of samples from 20-50ml
  • Probe; Temperature, QSonica
  • Water Jacket; Low Volume Flocell, Q500 Sonicator, QSonica
  • Booster; 2:1 gain, Q500 Sonicator, QSonica
  • QSonica Direct Probes for High Volume Batch Processing
    The three available probes are driven at their resonant frequencies causing them to expand and contract longitudinally
  • QSonica High Volume Flocell with Probe for In-Line Processing
    High Volume Flocell (HVF) Includes #4625 1" Probe

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