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  1. Ceiling Module Covers
    Some ship in 4 - 6 days
    BioSafe classic logoBioSafe classic logo
    1 Width3 Depth3 Panel Size

    • Covers are made of white polypropylene with aluminum grips for convenient handling
    • Polypropylene resists damage from many common sterilizing chemicals
    • Panels are easy to store and wipe-down
    Width: 24"
    Depth: 24", 36", 48"
    Panel Size: 2' x 2', 2' x 3', 2' x 4'
  2. Stocked
    LED Light Panels
    2 Voltage1 Lighting2 Panel Size2 Dimmable2 Color Temperature

    Voltage: 120/277 V, 110/277 V
    Lighting: LED
    Panel Size: 2' x 4', 2' x 2'
    Dimmable: No, Yes
    Color Temperature: Fixed, Adjustable
  3. Stocked
    Torsion Clips for Ceiling Panels
    Some ship in 1 - 3 days
    2 Height2 Package Of3 Clip Type

    • Standard-sized clips (either 3-inch or 6-inch) are available that fit over ceiling joists
    • Clips are designed to secure panels on one or both sides of the joist
    • Convenient kits containing both types of retaining-arm clips (single or double-sided) can be ordered
    Height: 3.5", 6.5"
    Package Of: 12 Clips, 24 Clips
    Clip Type: Single-Leg, Double-Leg, Single + Double
  4. Stocked
    Cleanroom Ceiling Panels and Tiles
    Some ship in 0 - 2 days
    7 Panel Material3 Panel Size

    • Cleanroom compliant ceiling panels cover ceiling bays not occupied by fans or lights
    • Ideal for ISO Classes 5 to 9 and Federal Standard 209 Classes 100 to 100,000 Cleanrooms
    • Also optimal for laboratories, hospitals and other controlled environments
    Panel Material: Clear Acrylic, Polypropylene, 304 Stainless Steel, Static-Dissipative PVC, Amber Acrylic, Vinyl Covered Gypsum, Powder-Coated Steel
    Panel Size: 2' x 4', 2' x 2', 2' x 3'
  5. Stocked
    Power Distribution Module; for LED Light Strips (3800-84)
    Usually ships in 1 - 3 days

  6. LED Light; Double Stacked Strips (3800-40A)
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    Usually ships in 10 - 14 days

  7. StockedStocked
    1 Material3 Size

    Material: Stainless Steel
    Size: 2'x2', 2'x3', 2'x4'
  8. Stocked
    Cleanroom LED Light Panel with Built-In Emergency Battery
    Some ship in 0 - 2 days
    1 Voltage1 Lighting2 Panel Size

    • Cleanroom LED panel with built-in emergency battery helps meet municipal/fire safety requirements
    • When power is cut off, the battery powers the cleanroom LED panel
    • UL recognized emergency driver allows LED panel to be used for both normal and emergency operation
    • Includes test switch, battery-charge status indicator, and programmable time indicator light
    • Programmable time indicator light signals when cleanroom is ready for use after a minor shutdown
    Voltage: 120/277 V
    Lighting: LED
    Panel Size: 2' x 2', 2' x 4'
  9. Stocked
    Ceiling-Mounted UV Light for Cleanroom
    Some ship in 0 - 2 days
    2 Voltage1 Lighting

    • Ceiling-mounted UV light covers over 2,800 cu.ft. to efficiently disinfect cleanrooms and labs
    • Occupancy sensor turns unit off when movement is detected to protect against harmful UV-C exposure
    • Recessed ceiling-mount UV sanitizer fits in a standard 2'x4' ceiling grid
    • Wireless remote RF control switch included for manual operation
    • Adjustable timer range: 15 seconds, 5 min., 10 min., 15 min., 20 min., 30 min.
    Voltage: 120 V, 240 V
    Lighting: Germicidal UV
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40 products meet your criteria.

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