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Product Details
  • SOLO Automated Pipettor is a high-resolution compact automatic robotic pipettor that easily integrates with other liquid handling systems from most manufacturers
  • Compatible with Hudson Robotics liquid handling systems such as the PlateCrane EX and Micro10x Reagent Dispenser
  • Compact unit fits in fume hoods, biosafety cabinets (BSC) and anaerobic chambers
  • Broad dynamic volume range and handles reactions in a sterile environment
  • SOLO functions as an unattended stand-alone instrument, which saves time and provides researchers with walkaway freedom
  • Automates large and small volume experiments, is adaptable to most SBS footprint microplates, and can improve the quality and reliability of many assays
  • Works within a plate, saving valuable time and reducing errors inherent in complex, repetitive pipetting
  • Compatible with 8-, 27-, 96-, and 384-well microplates
  • Compatible with a wide variety of plates, vials, and reagent reservoirs
  • Dispense above the well, tip-touch, or set mix protocol
  • Broad volume range: 1 µL to 200 µL for the multi-tip heads
  • Broad range of accurate pipetting volumes, from 0.5 µL to 200 µL with CVs better than 3%
  • Standard 6-position deck offer 50% more capacity
  • Multi-tip is available with either an 8-tip or 12-tip pipette head with a broad pipetting range from 1 µL to 200 µL with a single pipette head
  • SoftLinx lab automation software makes it easy to program and operate work cells

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  • COVID-19 Contamination Control Products by Terra Universal
Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

SOLO Adapts and Integrates

Additional Features of SOLO Automated Pipettor

The SOLO is capable of handling broad volume capacities and reactions within a sterile environment and the wide range of available pipette channels make the SOLO a scalable automated pipettor that will meet low and high throughput needs of pharmaceutical and clinical research labs.

The SOLO provides quick sample transfers from plate-to-plate, serial dilutions across the plate and easily adapts without any tools to both heads. Use the 12-tip head to finish plate-to-plate transfers 50% faster than the 8-tip head; remove the head and add the 8-position head for easy serial dilutions.

Users who wish to cherry-pick from individual wells can use either the single-tip SOLO or the multi-tip configuration. The SOLO multi-tip (both 8-channel and 12-channel) can work with just 1 tip, several tips, or all the tips without any issues. There is no need to switch to a single-tip pipette head.

The mechanical drive and software controls of the pipette head allow the SOLO to push the boundaries of pipetting performance. With CVs of less than 3% across the entire pipetting range, users can save valuable time and expense by using a single pipette head for both multi-tip and single-tip operations. Small-volume pipette heads are available for working between 0.5 µL and 20 µL.

  • Single-, 8-, and 12-channel pipetting heads are available
  • The 8- and 12-channel SOLO instruments can use only 1 tip without compromising performance, saving valuable time and expense
  • Features email functionality in the software that alerts the user when a run is completed or that an error has occurred
  • Customizable for unique or specialized applications
Liquid Handling Applications for SOLO Automated Pipettor

The SOLO automatic pipettor can be adapted to any research activity that requires the accurate addition, removal, and mixing of liquid samples and reagents – including those containing live cells. The SOLO can be integrated with other automated instruments for seamless process control and flexibility and has many uses in applications involving:

qPCR – The Hudson Robotics SOLO is the ideal pipettor for building the most complex sample set for your qPCR pipeline. Whether you are building a few qPCR reactions from 1.5 mL source tubes or running serial dilutions on thousands of samples per day, there is a SOLO configuration to get the job done.

High-Throughput Cherry Picking – A compact, self-contained system that allows users to obtain assay plates comprised of the actual hits detected in a primary screen using the same compound source plates that provided the primary screen.

Rapid Serial Dilutions – The SOLO adds the required amount of sample to the first column of each row. The Micro10x then adds solvent to the remaining columns and the SOLO then transfers a fixed amount of the mixture from column 1 to column 2, mixes it, and then continues through the remaining columns.

ELISA Assays – The SOLO forms the core element in a very simple, low-cost, yet powerful ELISA preparation workcell with Hudson's Micro10x reagent dispenser and Hudson's new RapidWash plate washer.

The SOLO forms the core element in a very simple, low-cost, yet powerful ELISA preparation workcell with Hudson's Micro10x reagent dispenser and Hudson's new RapidWash plate washer.

Bioreactor Sampling and Feeding – Using a 24-chamber microplate bioreactor vessel with the footprint of a standard microplate, the AutoReact™ system automatically loads samples and feeds cells growing under 24 independent reaction conditions simultaneously.

Automated High-Speed pH Determination – Accurate and reliable method for High Speed pH measurement in microplates with a proprietary technique.

Other applications: DNA extraction, DNA and RNA normalization, microbiome/microbiota research, oligo pooling, oligo purification, gene assembly, synthetic biology, plasmid preparation, colony picking (fungal, yeast, stem cell and bacterial, colony plating, protein binding, protein expression & purification, handling non-standard samples plates.

Other Available Accessories for SOLO Automated Pipettor

LabLinx Plate Stacker
  • Feeds plates on track mounted directly to SOLO deck
  • Up to 4 Stackers per SOLO, 480-plate capacity
  • Easy integration using SoftLinx
  • Multiple plates handled simultaneously
  • Easy combination with SOLOSoft methods
  • Access to any SOLO plate nest
VaryVac Vacuum Filtration Nest
  • Feeds plates on track mounted directly to SOLO deck
  • Up to 4 Stackers per SOLO, 480-plate capacity
  • Easy integration using SoftLinx
  • Multiple plates handled simultaneously
  • Easy combination with SOLOSoft methods
  • Access to any SOLO plate nest
Heating/Cooling Nest
  • Electrical: 100 – 260VAC; 50-60Hz; 0.5W
  • RS-232 interface through SOLOSoft
  • Temp. Range: -10°C to 110°C
  • Logs actual nest temperature during run
  • Easy integration into SOLOSoft pipetting
  • Flexible user options
Shaker Nest
  • Electrical: 115 – 230VAC; 50-60Hz; 3W
  • RS-232 interface through SOLOSoft
  • Shaking Speed: 100 to 2000 RPM
  • Up to 4 independently-controlled shaker nests per SOLO
  • Easy integration into SOLOSoft pipetting methods
  • Control of Shake Speed, Shake Time, Acceleration and Shaking Pattern:

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