For professionals with jobs that center around a work station, desk or computer, investing in quality furniture promoting health and productivity is important. Choose furniture that is comfortable for workers and appropriate to the application. Stresses placed on joints and muscles, for example, will reduce efficiency and morale.

Adjustable chairs and stools, such as these models, are a common and practical choice for many professionals. Combining comfort and durability, they feature an ergonomic seat, a variety of upholstery options and simple seat height adjustment. The ultra-clean materials provide an added benefit to cleanroom employees; they are compatible with strictly-controlled environments.

However, if your work is done mainly on a computer, or you use desktop equipment, an automatic height-adjustable table offers several benefits. Not everyone is average height, so adjustable chairs can’t always solve the issue of a work surface that is too low or too high. And, even the highest-quality, most comfortable chair can cause stress and soreness in your neck, back and joints when sitting for an extended period of time. In some people, inactivity linked with sitting for a long duration has been connected to lethargy and difficulties with maintaining a healthy weight.

Auto adjust table

In addition to the health concerns linked to hours of sitting, an auto-adjustable chair is not suitable for all work environments. Testing and assembly procedures may require workers to walk from station to station or perform tasks on higher surfaces. In these cases, chairs impede movement and are simply in the way. Some adjustable tables, like Terra’s ErgoHeight™, also have vibration-isolation features for working with motion-sensitive equipment and materials.


By opting for an auto-adjustable table, you can alleviate some of the health effects linked with desk jobs, while increasing your productivity and reducing your level of physical stress. Here are some of the ways that an auto-adjustable table may enhance your work environment.

Adjustable Positions

Unlike traditional tables, an auto-adjustable table can be raised or lowered according to your needs; lower it as low as 28”, or as high as four feet. Adjustments are handled through a control panel mounted on the benchtop frame, which contains all the controls needed for up/down motion and leveling the work surface.

The ErgoHeight table features a high-torque, low-rpm motor located inside the two lifters, which are situated on the right and left sides of the table. Each of the lifters can safely handle 210 pounds of net load, providing a total net load of 420 pounds. Adjustments are smooth and easy, and don’t require moving heavy equipment, eliminating the risk of back injury or damaging expensive equipment.

Smooth Operation

All of the parts of an ErgoHeight table are constructed to suit a cleanroom environment. The lifters are thermally protected to provide years of durability and operation, and come sealed within the legs to ensure cleanroom compatibility; any particles generated from the lifters are retained within the stainless steel or powder-coated steel frame.

The smooth, controlled height adjustment is ideal for any work environment and is especially suited for applications using vibration-sensitive equipment. Delicate test equipment, even liquids, can generally be brought to optimal height without risking vibration. The auto-adjustable table eliminates the need for long interruptions to your work, keeping you productive.

Improved Efficiency

Because moving heavy equipment is unnecessary with an auto-adjustable table, you don’t waste valuable time on non-work tasks. Additionally, an auto-adjustable table provides you with the freedom to move around without restrictions, accomplishing tasks more efficiently.


Height-adjustable tables are ideal for all workers, regardless of work-station layout or job function. All users will be able to work comfortably while avoiding hunching over their work or straining to accomplish their tasks. The greater the comfort you experience while working, the more efficient and productive you will be.

Health Benefits

Sitting in a chair all day puts strain on your body. Physical inactivity and poor posture resulting from non-ergonomic furnishings can lead to a decrease in performance, as workers experience discomfort. By using an adjustable work surface, whether you sit or stand to do your job, means you will experience less back and neck pain and healthier blood flow. Feeling better physically will relieve some of the mental stresses of a job; concentrate on the job-at-hand instead of how uncomfortable you are!


Auto-adjustable tables offer a great deal of versatility and benefits. Selecting a high-quality table design allows you to adjust the height of the table without moving expensive equipment or delicate, vibration-sensitive materials. Incorporate auto-adjustable tables in your work environment so you can promote good health, eliminate stress on your back and joints and improve your overall efficiency and job satisfaction.

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