Cleanrooms are used to perform clean processes, so it’s counterintuitive to think of maintenance and repair activities inside a controlled environment. Yet, they are very necessary and performed quite often. Protocol for crews working inside a cleanroom is different than the typical office space: personnel must gown and adhere to strict clean processes, just like lab technicians. The equipment crews bring into the cleanroom must also be compatible with the required ISO rating. Slow, careful movements and meticulous control over dust and other contaminants are critical to prevent complete shut-down and time-consuming recertification of the room.

Five-step cleanroom stairs with work platform and safety rails.

Five-step cleanroom stairs with work platform and safety rails

An important furnishing used for equipment repair and maintenance is a ladder or raised work platform to access hard-to-reach areas such as ceiling modules, laminar flow hoods and glove boxes. There are many designs of cleanroom step stools and ladders available, but tools or replacement parts may be challenging to carry, and where do you put the supplies? As with other activities, OSHA requires best-practices using safety-approved equipment. A safer and more convenient alternative to ladders? Use the stairs!

Terra’s BioSafe® cleanroom step stairs with large work platforms simplify tasks of monitoring and replacing light bulbs, filters and other wearable parts in your cleanroom. With deep stair steps and sturdy hand rails, workers keep the balance and stability needed to tote tool boxes up to the top platform. The large-footprint work platform is roomy enough to comfortably stand and organize supplies and parts.

Step stairs are made of perforated electropolished stainless steel, compatible with ISO 4 cleanrooms. The perforations on horizontal planes give workers a non-slip walking surface, in addition to enabling laminar flow. The reduced surface area also makes cleaning easier and faster. Electropolishing streamlines wipe-down processes; this stainless steel treatment removes surface contaminants and uneven texture to create an ultra-clean, smooth surface that resists damage from harsh chemicals. During fabrication, connections are sealed with continuous-seam welds so particles have no place to hide.

Retractable stainless steel rolling casters and nylon leveling feet

Retractable stainless steel rolling casters and nylon leveling feet

Stairs are easily relocated using the all-stainless-steel mobile casters. They are spring-loaded to safely retract when weight is applied. Non-sloughing nylon leveling feet on each corner can be independently adjusted to compensate for uneven floors. Push stairs out of the way when not in use, or permanently locate them near a high-maintenance location: perhaps the area where you commonly perform particle counts, air change rate readings or other environmental checks.

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