Product complexity makes the process of arriving at a purchase decision more difficult. In consideration, you'll find dozens of specialty glovebox systems at Terra Universal that are built and explicitly designated for general use, as well as those intended for high-risk applications and specialty uses.

Terra is a leading manufacturer of glovebox systems and solutions for labs, cleanrooms, and research environments. As such, we offer a broad array of prebuilt and custom-manufactured glovebox systems, as well as authorized products from leading brands like Labconco, Shel Lab, and GermFree. When browsing online, you'll find several specific types and styles of glovebox categories

What Makes Terra's Glove Box Manufacturing Solutions Unique?

With over 45 years in designing specialized containment environments, Terra's glove box designs offer unrivaled performance, endless customization options, and a host of accessories and add-ons. Designed, manufactured, and built in Fullerton, CA, these systems are created with modular principles and configurable add-ons to meet or exceed virtually any cleanroom, lab, or controlled environment requirement.

Terra's gloveboxes offer a customizable solution tailored to meet current needs while remaining adaptable for future requirements. This philosophy extends to all of Terra's configurable products, including desiccators, flow hoods, and vacuum gloveboxes. Add-ons such as gas purge systems, monitoring systems, trace gas analyzers, and vacuum control modules are designed for cross-compatibility, eliminating the need to replace the entire glovebox as your processes evolve. Importantly, Terra provides a high degree of servicing for ongoing maintenance, upgrades, and replacement parts, all readily available with industry-leading delivery times.

Before we discuss specialty and custom glovebox configurations, let's evaluate broader characteristics and construction attributes that may be important for initial consideration and discovery.

Plastic Glove Box & Isolator Designs

Plastic Glove Box Designs offer a lower-cost option that is easily configurable for several applications including particulate/powder control (HEPA/ULPA filtered), nitrogen purge supplementation systems, ionizing bars for ESD-safe environments, or vacuum controls simulation and material stress testing.

  • Acrylic glove box: lowest cost, lightweight, rigid, and provides full visibility.
  • Static-Dissipative PVC glove box: protects materials against electrostatic discharge (ESD) by safely dissipating surface charges. Elimination of attractive forces such as static cling also helps maintain low-particle conditions. Transparent with a slight blue tint, PVC panels support clear viewing of glove box-enclosed processes.
  • Polypropylene glove box: provides excellent chemical resistance against acids and solvents. Polypropylene gloveboxes have an opaque white material construction and include a lighting unit mounted to the viewing window.
  • Polycarbonate glove box: transparent with a slight gray tint, these units offer broad-spectrum chemical resistance, high impact resistance, and excellent thermal resistance (to 200°F / 93.3°C)

Terra's ValuLine™ Portable Glove Boxes are designed for processing small parts in a clean, particle-free environment. Bench top configurations offer three materials and tilt-up windows for easy parts transfer. Portable models include a removable back panel, a tilt-up window, a right-side air lock port, and ports for flow meters and nitrogen purge compatibility (flow meters and air locks sold separately).

Stainless Steel Gloveboxes & Isolators

When your glove box or isolator application requires stainless steel construction and cleanroom-rated features, you'll find dozens of prebuilt, configurable, and customizable options on Terra's website.

Stainless Steel Gloveboxes, offer best-in-category features that exude durability, chemical resistance, cleanliness, and support for moisture rich environments. Terra’s stainless steel glove box designs are available in 316 or 304 stainless steel, as well as Terra's signature white powder coat. Stainless steel is often preferable for pressured containment solutions that require tight seals and low leakage under positive pressure, negative pressure, or partial vacuum.

Terra's BioSafe® Glove Boxes feature medical-grade stainless steel with gapless, seamless, all-welded assemblies. Removable autoclave friendly components and cleanroom-rated materials support any ISO, GMP, GLP, or USP requirement. Every component, including hardware, latches, and fixtures, adheres to the same rigorous requirements.

Labconco Glove Box Isolators span isolators for precise atmospheric control, aseptic compounding, and protection containment solutions for hazardous materials and radioisotopes. As a long-standing Labconco partner, Terra has field proven expertise when it comes to specifying, configuring, optimizing any Labconco glovebox or isolator for your specific needs.

GermFree Glovebox Isolators encompass Type A1 or A2 nuclear pharmacy isolators meet USP 797, ISO Class 5 for sterile compounding of radiopharmaceuticals, and Class II or Class III biosafety cabinets for biohazard containment.

  • Aseptic Compounding Isolators
  • Aseptic Compounding Containment Isolators
  • Lead Shielded Radiopharmaceutical Isolators

Shel Lab Anaerobic/Hypoxia Glove Box Chambers by Shel Lab provide an oxygen-free environment to support microaerophilic bacteriology and hypoxia tissue and cell culture from within an isolated glovebox chamber.

Nitrogen Purge Glove Boxes

Gas Purge Gloveboxes encompass plastic and stainless steel gloveboxes that integrate inlet and outlet ports for supplementation of inert gases into the chamber, such as nitrogen or argon. Gas purge chambers allow acute control over the internal climate, especially when achieving precise levels of humidity.

Nitrogen purge glove boxes serve a wide variety of applications ranging from pharmaceuticals and biotech, electronics and semiconductors, chemical research, aerospace and defense, and emerging applications for oxygen-sensitive EV battery production.

Negative-pressure gloveboxes support exhaust ventilation or full vacuum with inert gas backfill to allow anaerobic processing in a low humidity environment.

Gas Purge Glovebox Add-On Capabilities

HEPA Filtration Gloveboxes

Filtered Gloveboxes include single-pass, closed-loop, and adjustable HEPA/ULPA filtration systems that provide Class 100/10 conditions for particle sensitive operations.

Terra's Open-Loop Containment Glove Boxes feature a single-pass configuration equipped with an inlet ULPA filter to remove microcontaminants from the air drawn into the glove box. An exit ULPA filter captures fine particles from the exhaust, ensuring the safe indoor release of exhaust air. This design maintains a high level of air purity, suitable for sensitive applications.

Closed-loop filtration glove box systems continuously filter and recirculate air inside the glovebox, without introducing any ambient air. They are suitable for applications that require both a low-particle and controlled gas atmosphere. They can be combined with a process gas such as nitrogen to maintain a low-moisture, low-oxygen atmosphere inside the enclosure.

Adjustable Filtration Glove Boxes are ideal for weighing and packaging pharmaceutical powders, processing contamination-sensitive samples, and containing fine dust generated during glove box operations. This system is shown with an optional pressure gauge and right-side air lock, enhancing its versatility and effectiveness in maintaining a controlled environment.

Custom and Specialty Application Glovebox Configurations

Gloveboxes with integrated Pass-Through Ovens provide a convenient, fast way to dry or degas parts before transferring into a glove box chamber. These systems are relevant for the processing of plastics, composites, and electronic assemblies where solvents, adhesives, or other volatile compounds require drying, curing, or degassing before further processing.

Custom RF Sealing Isolators are designed for transfer of delicate museum artifacts, including manuscripts, fossils, and other fragile specimens, to an acrylic sealing chamber, where an RF sealer preserves them. Vacuum antechambers dry samples before introduction to the isolator, and maintain reliable values of 10% relative humidity or lower.

Terra's Carbon Monoxide Sensor Calibration Glove Boxes offers precise CO gas calibration within a controlled stainless steel chamber. It features a gas mixing system that ensures an accurate CO/air ratio and a Humex™ humidifier that maintains 95% relative humidity. The process gas heater and cooler keep the temperature steady at 120°F. In an emergency, a safety ventilation system efficiently exhausts process gas.

Stable Temperature/Humidity Containment Glove Boxes are designed to safely handle potential biohazards while maintaining a stable environment. The glove box operates within a temperature range of -2 to +36°C and supports humidity levels from 0% to 75% RH. It features a bag in/bag out port for waste transfer and a large swing-up access door for easy cleaning and equipment transfer. The inclusion of an ultrasonic humidifier, low-temperature A/C module, evaporator coil with heater, and waste chute ensures precise control and efficient operation.

Terra's Medical Nano-fiber Processing Chambers enable the safe evaporation of volatile solvents in nanofiber production for medical applications, including organ components, tissue engineering, and drug delivery. The chamber supports processes requiring low humidity (down to 5% RH) and resists corrosive solvents. It includes a solvent exhaust line and a fresh air inlet for 100% recirculation, ensuring a controlled environment. The system's dry process gas is micro-filtered to remove contaminants, providing a safe exhaust line for vapor removal.

Terra's Pharmaceutical Mixing/Packaging Isolators feature static-dissipative PVC chambers that streamline the introduction of drug powders via a hopper interface. A mixing/packaging station operates within the low-humidity, static-safe environment. Ultra-Low Penetration Air (ULPA) filters continuously scrub the environment to remove hazardous airborne powders. Dual-side air locks enable sample transfer.

Radioactive Isotope Containment Chamber, constructed from 12-gauge stainless steel, are designed for safe isotope handling in medical applications. It features dual chambers connected by a vacuum port, with a counterbalanced bag-in, bag-out transfer hatch ensuring a low leak rate of 0.5% per hour. Radius corners simplify cleaning and sterilization.

High-Throughput Processing Chambers are designed for electronics testing and assembly, these nitrogen-purged isolators support up to six operators at individual stations. Samples pass from station to station via an air lock, minimizing disruptions to cleanliness and low-humidity conditions.

Material Stress Testing Isolators allow for accelerated life testing of elastomers, fiber composites, and other materials. Insulated stainless steel chambers operating temperatures that range between -20° to +140°F and reliable humidity values from 5% to 95% RH. Double-wall stainless steel construction with polyurethane insulation enhances temperature stability. When combined with a pass-through oven, these systems can support degassing operations of up to 300°C.

Meteorite Glove Box Isolators are designed with 304 stainless steel chambers for processing meteorite samples in a low-particle, low-humidity environment. Two glove boxes are linked by a pass-through air lock, thus preserving low RH levels and allowing closed-containment transfer from one workstation to another.

Protein Analysis Isolators feature a refrigeration unit and nitrogen purge system for protein analysis of meat samples in an inert environment down to -20°C. The 304 stainless steel chamber includes double-wall construction with 4" polyurethane insulation for thermal efficiency. A microscope bellows is included.

Photoresist Deposition Isolators provide a clean, moisture-free environment for photoresist applications. The HEPA filtration module maintains ISO 10 particle conditions, while a high-volume gas mixer maintains a gas purge with 5-10% RH. Cooling coils in the bottom plenum ensure a constant temperature of 68°F, accommodating most wafer spinners. Radius corners facilitate cleaning.

Need Help with a Glovebox Configuration or New Facility Outfitting?

For new facility builds or large scale upgrades, Terra can provide facility-wide equipment outfitting, validation and qualification services, and also address any planning, integration, or compatibility concerns that you may have.

Terra is well-equipped to handle projects of any size, scope, or complexity. This includes custom design and fabrication capabilities when you require a specific chamber size or workflow integration that is specially tailored to your needs. In tandem, you'll also find a plethora of standard, prebuilt options that can be readily configured with add-ons for automatic humidity controllers, pass through ovens, specialty glove access ports, and more.

Shop glove box systems online, or chat with a live product specialist to discuss configurations and custom solutions.

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