Seems like a cleanroom is no place for a ladder: a dirty, dusty, paint-smeared structure used by the contractor who does the termite repair on your house. But in fact, cleanrooms are perfectly-suited to ladders, if they are Terra’s BioSafe brand. Cleanroom and lab ladders are used to access out-of-reach filters, lighting, or equipment. For example, taking particle measurements and airflow readings below the filter face in preparation for an ISO inspection may require a ladder. And what about changing light bulbs and making small repairs? Terra’s shelf platform can be attached to ladders, providing a convenient surface for tools and small instruments.

Terra Universal Biosafe Folding ladderBioSafe folding cleanroom ladders have a number of unique features that make them ideal for aseptic environments.


Ultra-Clean Electropolished Steel

BioSafe ladders are manufactured from 304 stainless steel that has gone through a purifying electropolishing treatment. First, all seams are welded and the steel is mechanically buffed to smooth-out burrs and crevices. The steel is then immersed in an electrified chemical bath which removes surface impurities, resulting in metal with a nickel- and chromium-rich surface that forms a protective layer. Traces of corrosion-prone iron are removed, as well as fine directional lines common with mechanical finishing. The ultra-smooth finish is easier to clean; wipes won’t snag.

OSHA Safety Standards

OSHA compliant ladder with handrails | Terra Universal

OSHA-compliant ladder with handrails and collapsible shelf.

Terra’s ladders also meet OSHA Part 1926-1053 safety requirements. Medium-duty ladders are Type II with a 225-pound rating, and special-duty ladders are Type IAA for loads up to 375 pounds. Rungs have raised cut-outs that help maintain firm footing while stepping up and down. These cut-outs also reduce overall surface area where particles can accumulate. Non-slip polyurethane leveling feet ensure that the ladder will stay securely in place while you complete your service tasks. Some ladders are also designed with handrails to help maintain balance.

Storage and Transportation

Fold the ladders to store them away from work-in-progress areas. They can be collapsed and hung on walls with hooks, or placed in out-of-the-way locations away from foot traffic. Steel can be heavy to lift and move, so wheels are built into every ladder: simply fold the ladder, tilt it, and roll it like a suitcase to the desired location. When it’s unfolded in place, the non-slip feet make sure the ladder doesn’t move.

Shelf extender adds height and work surface to hold tools or supplies

Shelf extender adds height and work surface to hold tools or supplies

Removable Work Surface

The optional shelf extension holds a tool chest, meters and gauges, hardware components and other supplies used in cleanroom service and monitoring tasks. The removable shelf hooks to brackets on the top of ladders, and folds down flat when the ladder is placed in storage. It is also made of ultra-clean electropolished 304 stainless steel.

Terra’s medium-duty Type II cleanroom folding ladders (225-lb load capacity) are built in 4-foot, 6-foot, 8-foot and 10-foot heights. The removable work platform is 11.5”W x 15” deep with a spill lip (good for containing small hardware). The platform raises the shelf to 18” above the top of the ladder, and can support up to 20 pounds.

Installing detachable platform shelf | Terra Universal

Installing detachable platform shelf.

The special-duty Type IAA ladders (375-lb load capacity) have three steps with balancing handrails for safety. One model has a standing platform with the option of a removable 23.75” x 15” service shelf, attached using convenient hooks and bracket. Use it to hold up to 20 pounds of supplies or tools.

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