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High-Capacity Vacuum Chamber

High-Capacity Vacuum Chamber
  • 28"-diameter x 48"-long (711 mm x 1219 mm) chamber provides ample processing space for degassing large assemblies
  • 0.375" (10 mm)-thick powder-coated steel chamber with 1" (25 mm)-thick aluminum door supports vacuum to 29.9" Hg
  • 1" (25 mm)-thick polycarbonate viewing window allows convenient viewing of process area
  • Includes piping, fittings, and solenoid valve for easy vacuum pump connection and control (order pump and vacuum controller separately below)
  • Internal 18"W (457 mm) shelf supports load up to 75 lbs. (34 kg.)
  • Optional powder-coated steel stand with 6" (152 mm)-diameter casers provide ample support for all system components


Cat. # Price
3404-03 $ 27,690

Turnkey charge may apply, depending on vacuum configuration. Call your Terra sales representative for more details.
Chamber: 28" diameter x 48"L (711 mm x 1219 mm) (processing chamber)
23.44" (595 mm) vertical clearance from shelf to top of chamber
Stand*: 44"L x 27"W x 34.6"H (118 mm x 686 mm x 879 mm), 38" (965 mm) from shelf level to floor
47.81" (1214 mm) from chamber center to floor; 61.44" (1561 mm) total height (chamber top to floor)
Shelf: 18"W x 48"L (457 mm x 1219 mm); creates platform 4.5" (114 mm) above chamber floor
Chamber: .375" (10 mm)-thick powder-coated 304 stainless steel with 1" (25 mm)-thick aluminum door
Window: 1" (25 mm)-thick polycarbonate, 8.57" (218 mm) in diameter
* Dimensions of chamber mounted on optional stand (order below).

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System Options
Heavy-Duty Stand (for vacuum chamber No. 3404-03)
Made of powder-coated 2" (51 mm) CR steel tubes, this stand offers ample support for the vacuum chamber above. Overall dimensions: 44"L x 27"W x 34.6"H (118 mm x 686 mm x 879 mm), see above for critical dimensions of chamber resting on stand. Includes shelf for mounting optional vacuum pump and controller. Includes set of four 6" (152 mm) diameter casters, two rigid and two swivel. All feature stainless steel wheels and forks.
Cat. # Price
3404-04 $ 1,430

Recommended Pump and Accessories — See Sample Pump Configuration




Pump Type Ilmvac # Cat. # Price
High-Flow Diaphragm Pump MP901Z 7906-29 $ 2,503
Click here for full specifications
  Vacuum Control Module
Allows automatic vacuum control. Includes a vacuum gauge with set point controller and on/off switches for built-in vacuum solenoid and pump (order pump separately).
  Cat. # Price
110VAC, 50/60Hz 1681-75 $ 2,943
220VAC, 50Hz 1681-75-220 $ 2,943
Vacuum Pump Connection Kits
Tubing in. (mm) Cat # Price
1/4 (6) 5400-24 $ 1,833
Click here for full specifications.
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