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Aluminum29.9" Hg7"7"7.7" 5235-38 60427 $2,84073-79 Days2
Aluminum29.9" Hg15"9"10.5" 5235-33 60422 $4,60343-49 Days3
Aluminum29.9" Hg15"15"11.5" 5235-40 60429 $6,58673-79 Days4
Aluminum29.9" Hg8"8"8.5" 5235-32 60421 $3,12243-49 Days5
Aluminum29.9" Hg29.375"23.375"16.75" 1590-60 6261 $13,57043-49 Days6
Aluminum29.9" Hg30"30"40" 1590-70 42865 $36,68443-49 Days7
Aluminum29.9" Hg35"35"35.5" 1590-68 42867 $37,82243-49 Days8
Aluminum29.9" Hg11"10"8.5" 5235-30 60419 $3,78543-49 Days9
Aluminum29.9" Hg12"12"6.5" 5235-31 60420 $3,78743-49 Days10
Aluminum29.9" Hg16"16"12.5" 5235-34 60423 $7,62443-49 Days11
Aluminum29.9" Hg11"10"11.5" 5235-35 60424 $4,34443-49 Days12
Aluminum29.9" Hg14"8"9.5" 5235-36 60425 $5,31973-79 Days13
Aluminum29.9" Hg11"11"5.5" 5235-37 60426 $3,32873-79 Days14
Aluminum29.9" Hg10"10"8.5" 5235-39 60428 $3,64173-79 Days15
Aluminum29.9" Hg11"8"10.5" 5235-41 60430 $3,76673-79 Days16
Maximum Vacuum
Chamber Width
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Product Details

• Provide an optimal environment for vacuum testing and processing to one atmosphere 29.9" Hg

• All chambers include two preinstalled metering valves and a 0 - 30" Hg vacuum gauge

• Benchtop units as small as 9" x 9" x 9.5"

• Floor-standing units as large as 37" x 37" x 37.5"

• Aluminum resists Spor-Klenz and alcohol-based sterilants

• Benchtop sizes ideal for degassing samples and materials, and transporting items sensitive to moisture

• Larger chambers can be used for processing large components and assemblies

• Durable powder-coated aluminum construction ensures a long service life under heavy service

• 1"-thick aluminum walls sustain maximum vacuum pressure without warping

• Optional castered stand built from powder-coated steel (supports chamber and pump)

• Call to discuss custom sizes and applications, including installation of cable feed-throughs

Vacuum Chambers

  • Powder-Coated Aluminum Vacuum Chamber with Model Powder-Coated Aluminum Vacuum Chamber
  • Powder-Coated Vacuum Chamber with Model Powder-Coated Aluminum Vacuum Chamber
  • Aluminum Vacuum Chamber Powder-Coated Aluminum Vacuum Chamber
  • Terra Universal Vacuum Chamber Overview

Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

Powder-Coated Aluminum Vacuum Chamber Walls

One-inch-thick, powder-coated aluminum walls ensure chamber cleanliness and integrity while subject to vacuum up to 29.9”Hg.

Installed Vacuum Gauge and Metering Valves

Gauges and valves preinstalled on vacuum chambers allow vacuum application, monitoring, bleeding and backfilling (shown mounted on aluminum chamber).

Powder-Coated Aluminum Vacuum Chamber Gauge and Metering Valves Inlaid O-Ring

O-ring rests in a precision-routed channel for an optimal seal that prevents leakage.

Viewing Window for Vacuum Chamber

A sealed, 1”-thick acrylic window affords a view of the chamber’s contents.

Available Accessories

Popular Accessories

For a full list of accessories, select a product then click Choose Accessories on that product page.
  • Multi-pin Feedthrough
    Optional 25-pin connector can be used to monitor conditions within the vacuum chamber.
  • Coaxial SMA Feedthrough
    Double-ended, 50-ohm connectors allow small electronics to operate within the chamber.
  • Optional Burst Valve
    Adjustable bleed valve that limits the vacuum levels within the chamber, preventing damage to contents.

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