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Full-View Toxic Chemical Repackaging Glove Box

Full-View Toxic Chemical Repackaging Chamber
Model shown: Series 500 Full-View Glove Box
This 304 stainless steel containment chamber features dual-side static-dissipative PVC viewing windows. It is used for repackaging toxic chemical solids, mounted on a 3" (76 mm)-diameter mandrel, for subsequent disposal.

Side doors slide open to allow insertion of the support mandrel, which contains one or two chemical containers. Doors then slide shut to seal around the mandrel. A constant negative pressure inside the isolation chamber, generated by a remote ventilation system, draws fumes into an exhaust line in the chamber ceiling. This exhaust system protects operators as they repackage the chemical solids in disposal containers. Pressure safety valves ensure that negative pressure remains below 2" WG, protecting chamber and glove seals.

Disposal containers are removed from the chamber through a trap door on the chamber floor, and the side doors are then reopened to allow removal of the mandrel.

Application Guidelines
  • Pressure: Negative pressure to 2" WG (main chamber)
  • Access: Neoprene gloves. Rapid-access sliding side doors. 8" x 12" (203 mm x 305 mm) disposal trap door
Full-View Toxic Chemical Repackaging Chamber   Full-View Toxic Chemical Repackaging Chamber
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