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Designed in the USA

• Features an 1/8" NPT inlet

• Single model features two 10" (254 mm) diameter ports that provide a wide range of motion

• Includes grounding terminals

• Stainless steel work surface (order separately) recommended to prevent scratching the glovebox interior during use

• Includes 304 Stainless Steel lift latch

• Designed for use with Terra’s NitroWatch/Dual Purge systems, which provide automated RH set-point control; includes provisions for mounting a NitroWatch sensor

• Not an air-tight containment chamber; not suitable for use with biohazards

• Dual access doors include stainless steel door frame

• Doors include Santoprene® “e”-shape nonoutgassing rubber gasket to eliminate leaks

• Transparent static-dissipative PVC helps control static charges and the particles they attract

• Dual gasketed side doors and a fully gasketed back permit introduction of small and large equipment

• Designed for positive-pressure operation, in conjunction with RB valves to relieve overpressure

• Order illuminator separately

• All-stainless steel ergonomic LiftLatches operate without strain to hinges and eliminate corrosion and contamination common with plated hardware

Chamber Material: Static Dissipative PVC

Maximum Working Height: 24.5"

Chamber Dimensions: 34.5" W x 23.5" D x 24.5" H

Airlock Opening: 10" W x 10" H

Marks & Listings: CE

Electrical Specifications: 120 V, 0.5 A, 60 Hz

Weight, Product: 55 lb

Weight, Shipping: 154 lb

Dimensions, Product: 35" W x 24" D x 25" H

Dimensions, Shipping: 41" W x 30" D x 33" H

Package Type: Crate

Unit of Measure: EA

Features and Benefits

Isolation vs. Containment

More Information

Type A in. (mm) D in. (mm) F in. (mm) H in. (mm) I in. (mm) L in. (mm) M in. (mm) N in. (mm)
Single 16.75 (425) 24 (610) 35 (889) 25 (635) 10.5 (267) 10 (254) 10 (254) 14 (356)
Twin 16.75 (425) 24 (610) 59 (1499) 25 (635) 10.5 (267) 10 (254) 10 (254) 14 (356)
Nitrogen Generator Group

Nitrogen Generators give you a reliable point-of-use supply of up to 99%-pure nitrogen. Eliminate the drawbacks of canisters and 3rd-party suppliers! You control volume, purity and rate; all you need is a clean compressed-air feed. Terra's three sizes of maintenance-free membrane generators meet several capacity requirements are ideal for back-filling or continuous flow into desiccators, glove boxes, vacuum chambers and incubators.

Positive Pressure Isolation vs. Biohazard Containment

Terra glove boxes are designed as positive-pressure isolation chambers that operate with a continuous inflow of process gas and include bleed valves to relieve overpressures. Unless specified, they are not designed as low-leak or air-tight containment chambers, nor should they be used with hazardous substances that require air-tight seals. In containment applications, a glove box should typically be operated under continuous negative pressure, via a ventilated duct, so that any small leaks do not contaminate the operator or the environment.

304 and 316L Stainless Steel Latches

Glove box isolators are equipped with 304 or 316L all-stainless steel latches for ergonomic operation and extended service life.

Glove Ports with Detachable Iris Port and Covers

Unique glove ports accept wide range of gloves and feature screw-on Iris Port Adapters (shown) and Port Covers for additional system capabilities

Side Access Doors for Plastic Glove Boxes

Dual-side access doors features stainless steel reinforcement frames that increase structural rigidity and built-in LiftLatch™; acccommodate standard air locks to allow contamination-free parts transfer.

Removable Rear Wall

Gasketed rear wall allows transfer of large equipment into the main glove box chamber

Popular Accessories

For a full list of accessories, select a product then click Choose Accessories on that product page.
  • 3-inch Diameter Caster Set
    Casters are easily retrofitted for mobility. Products can be rolled out of the way when cleaning or relocated as workflow changes.
  • Dual Purge and NitroWatch
    Terra’s Dual Purge and NitroWatch relative humidity controllers maintain a low-RH set-point inside a desiccator or glove box; they provide variable purge control that ensures continuous positive pressure and eliminates nitrogen waste.
  • Relative Humidity and Temperature Data Logger
    Simply plug the USB-502 logger into any USB port on your PC to name the logger, set your start time and date, sample rate, units (ºC or ºF), and hi/lo alarms—then place in controlled atmospher chamber to start logging data.
  • Automatic RB (Relief-Bleed) Valve
    One way-valve continuously bleeds gas to relieve pressure and release moisture-laden air. Available in several sizes, materials for process combatibility (acrylic shown).
  • Removable Glove Port Cover
    Removable Glove Port Covers screw onto 10"-diameter glove ports (order separately) for convenient sealing of glove box during glove replacement or off-hours
  • Glove Box Iris Port Adapter for 10" Ports
    The self-closing, clean silicone Iris Port Adapter attaches to Terra's 10"-diameter glove ports to allow easy access to chamber parts and processes (order port separately).
  • Glove Box Stand, Powder-Coated Steel
    Powder-coated steel stands are made of 1.5" (38 mm) square steel tubes to support loads to 400 lbs. (181 kg) and includes nylon leveling feet; positions chamber 30" above floor
  • Pass-Through Air Lock for Series 100 Glove Box
    Pass-through air lock is available with wire racks is ideal for transferring shelves or trays with kitted components (order shelves & trays separately).
  • Universal Air Lock for Series 100 Glove Box
    Universal air locks allow connection of multiple glove boxes in series (polypropylene model shown); mounts to either right or left side of glove box.
  • Nitrogen Generator
    Terra’s Nitrogen Generators provide a continuous, reliable supply of clean, dry nitrogen up to 99% pure to eliminate dependence on bulky canisters to operate desiccators and glove boxes.
  • Air Locks Minimize Cross-Contamination
    Air locks provide a buffer space that minimizes cross-contamination and moisture fluctuation during parts transfer; standard mounting is right side (dissipative PVC model shown).

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