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120AcrylicN/A25.519.517.5Smart® Glovebox2ISO 7 3305-30A 51749 $2,8471-3 Days2
Only 2 left in stock
120Static Dissipative PVCN/A25.519.517.5Smart® Glovebox2ISO 7 3305-31A 51750 $3,11025-31 Days3
120PolycarbonateN/A25.519.517.5Smart® Glovebox2ISO 7 3305-33A 51752 $3,5321-3 Days4
Only 5 left in stock
120304Static-Dissipative PVC25.87519.87517.875Smart® Glovebox, CleanSeam™2ISO 6 3305-34A 51753 $4,0561-3 Days5
120316Static-Dissipative PVC25.87519.87517.875Smart® Glovebox, CleanSeam™2ISO 6 3305-35A 51754 $4,4621-3 Days6
Only 5 left in stock
120Static Dissipative PVCN/A34.523.524.5Smart® Glovebox2ISO 7 3305-84A 78078 $3,84125-31 Days7
120PolypropyleneStatic-Dissipative PVC34.523.524.5Smart® Glovebox2ISO 7 3305-85A 78079 $4,04925-31 Days8
120PolycarbonateN/A34.523.524.5Smart® Glovebox2ISO 7 3305-86A 78080 $3,78925-31 Days9
120AcrylicN/A34.523.524.5Smart® Glovebox2ISO 7 3305-87A 78081 $3,04625-31 Days10
120316Static-Dissipative PVC352428Smart® Glovebox, CleanSeam™2ISO 6 3305-88A 78082 $6,68935-41 Days11
120304Static-Dissipative PVC352428Smart® Glovebox, CleanSeam™2ISO 6 3305-89A 78083 $6,7991-3 Days12
In stock soon
120AcrylicN/A58.523.524.5Smart® Glovebox4ISO 7 3304-01A 78142 $3,51525-31 Days13
120Static Dissipative PVCN/A58.523.524.5Smart® Glovebox4ISO 7 3304-02A 78143 $4,33225-31 Days14
120PolypropyleneStatic-Dissipative PVC58.523.524.5Smart® Glovebox4ISO 7 3304-03A 78144 $4,56625-31 Days15
120PolycarbonateN/A58.523.524.5Smart® Glovebox4ISO 7 3304-04A 78146 $4,24525-31 Days16
120304Static-Dissipative PVC592428Smart® Glovebox4ISO 6 3304-05A 78147 $7,25225-31 Days17
120304Static-Dissipative PVC37.52939Smart® Glovebox2ISO 6 3304-06A 78148 $8,83225-31 Days18
120316Static-Dissipative PVC592428Smart® Glovebox4ISO 6 3304-07A 78149 $8,01725-31 Days19
120316Static-Dissipative PVC37.52939Smart® Glovebox2ISO 6 3304-08A 78150 $9,85025-31 Days20
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Custom-configured product. Contact Terra by phone, chat or email for a project-specific quote.
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Product Details
  • Available ISO Ratings: ISO 6, ISO 7, ISO 8
  • Smart® gas-purge glove box automates low-humidity control down to 0% RH
  • Ideal for moisture-sensitive materials: microelectronics, medical devices, pharmaceutical powders
  • Gas control system auto-adjusts nitrogen purge to maintain sub-ambient humidity set point
  • Fast-acting and economical; maintains below 10% RH with 78% less nitrogen than manual flow meter
  • Fully integrated turnkey system takes only a few minutes to install and program
  • Smart® controlled atmosphere glove box isolator features automated RH control that toggles nitrogen inflow (binary on/off) for fast setpoint response.
  • Mini LED display and built-in RH sensor simplifies installation. Operation requires only one gas line, one low voltage power connection, and a pair of gloves.
  • UL-listed Smart® control module is designed and built to the highest standards required by defense and semiconductor industries for long-term reliability and protection against damage, injuries, and electrical hazards.
  • Chamber Design:
  • Choose chamber material to match your application and budget:
  •        Low cost acrylic.
  •        ESD-safe and chemical resistant static-dissipative PVC (SD-PVC).
  •        High-impact polycarbonate (cracks less easily than acrylic).
  •        Polypropylene for maximum chemical resistance.
  •        Heavy-duty 304-grade stainless steel for sterile and ESD-safe applications.
  •        Heavy-duty 316L-grade stainless steel for greater corrosion resistance.
  • Removable back wall on plastic models allows transfer of large process equipment that can't fit through openings.
  • Round ABS plastic glove ports provide a wide range of motion, and compatibility with numerous glove types. ABS Plastic offers excellent tensile strength and stiffness. Resists heat, most oils, acids, and alkalis.
  • Automatic relief/bleed (RB) valves continuously bleed off excess internal gas in only one direction. Helps maintain a slight positive pressure inside the glove box without allowing contaminants inside.
  • Requires gloves (sold separately): available as one-piece, fully dipped gloves or two-piece glove and sleeve combinations with Glove-Under-Sleeve (GUS) connectors to allow fast, inexpensive glove replacement.
  • Optional Accessories:
  • Inert gas airlock: minimize nitrogen loss and contamination inflow when materials are passed through the glove box. The airlock is connected to an inert gas line to purge out ambient air before the inside door is opened to allow materials to transfer into or out of the main chamber.
  • Nitrogen generator: provides a continuous, reliable supply of pure, dry nitrogen to eliminate dependence on bulky canisters.
  • ErgoHeight™ automatic height adjusting table: perfect for workstations holding heavy or fragile equipment that require frequent height adjustment.
  • NOTE: Glove box is designed for positive-pressure operation and is therefore not tested as a hermetically sealed chamber, and is not designed for containment of hazardous materials.
Smart® Inert Glove Box
Standard Features
  • A Humidity set point controls
    Two-button interface lets user establish a low-humidity set point
  • B %RH display
    Real-time LED display of chamber humidity; press button to view set-point value
  • C Range of Materials
    Choice of six materials, including 304/316L SS and dissipative PVC
  • D Automatic RB Valve
    Releases gas to prevent excessive internal pressure while blocking influx of ambient air
  • E Illuminator
    Stainless steel model comes with fluorescent illuminator
  • F Glove Ports
    9" (229 mm)-diameter glove ports (order desired gloves separately)
Optional Features
  • 1 Airlock
    Optional air lock provides minimizes disruption of internal environment during parts transfer.

Not Shown: Nitrogen Generator provides an uninterrupted supply of nitrogen up to 99% pure to eliminate reliance on bulky gas canisters

SImple push-button interface lets you program a low-humidity set point in seconds!

Smart® Controlled Atmosphere Glove Box Isolators

  • Smart Glove Box Set-up
  • stainless steel glovebox on automatic height adjusting table with N2 generator Stainless Steel ISO 6 Glovebox on Automatic Height Adjusting Table with N2 Generator
  • Stainless Steel Smart Glovebox with Air Lock Stainless Steel Smart Glovebox with Air lock
  • Single Stainless Steel Glovebox Front View Stainless Steel Smart Glovebox
Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

Learn More: Smart Glovebox

Smart™ Glovebox

Stainless Steel controlled atmosphere glove box for inert environment
  • Humidity set point controls
  • %RH display
  • Choice of six materials, including 304/316L SS and dissipative PVC
  • Automatic RB Valve
  • 9" (229 mm)-diameter glove ports (order desired gloves separately)
  • Airlock (optional)
  • Stainless steel model comes with fluorescent illuminator
  • Nitrogen Generator (not shown)
  • Automates low-humidity processing to prevent degradation of moisture-sensitive parts
  • Gas control system auto-adjusts nitrogen purge to maintain humidity set point
  • Ideal for work with semiconductor components, medical devices and pharmaceutical powders
  • Fully integrated turnkey system takes seconds to install and program
Positive Pressure Isolation vs. Biohazard Containment
Polycarbonate Smart Glovebox with Air Lock, Shown in Use

Terra glove boxes are designed as positive-pressure isolation chambers that operate with a continuous inflow of process gas and include bleed valves to relieve overpressures. Unless specified, they are not designed as low-leak or air-tight containment chambers, nor should they be used with hazardous substances that require air-tight seals. In containment applications, a glove box should typically be operated under continuous negative pressure, via a ventilated duct, so that any small leaks do not contaminate the operator or the environment.

Terra Universal's Smart™ Glovebox automatically maintains a low-humidity environment to protect moisture-sensitive parts.

Its quick-response feedback system continuously monitors the chamber’s relative humidity level and indicates the measured value on a bright LED display.

The minute the %RH climbs above a set point value, the Smart™ Glovebox activates a flow of dry nitrogen for as long as needed to restore the desired humidity level.

This fast-acting control system economizes on nitrogen use. Comparison testing reveals that the Smart™ Glovebox maintaining a 10% RH level uses only 22% of the nitrogen required by a flowmeter-based system of identical size. More importantly, this automated operation maintains the integrity of sensitive parts, such as semiconductor chips, medical devices or pharmaceutical powders, without operator monitoring.

For optimal performance, select a pass-through air lock, which functions as a transfer buffer zone.

The Smart™ Glovebox includes a control system, Automatic RB valve, and inlet/outlet fittings for 0.25" (6 mm)-diameter gas line. A removable back wall allows introduction of large process equipment. Select air lock, work surface and gloves separately.

ISO 6 Nitrogen-Purged Stainless Steel Glove Box for Inert Environment

Terra’s Smart® glove box includes a nitrogen control module that maintains a low-humidity set point to protect oxygen- and moisture-sensitive parts; takes only seconds to program. An optional inert gas airlock minimizes nitrogen loss and contamination inflow from materials transferred through the glovebox.

Stainless Steel Inert Glove Box for Medical Devices

Smart® stainless steel glovebox is suitable for heavy-duty, sterile, and ESD-safe applications. CleanSeam™ design features fully-welded single piece enclosure with smooth and seamless interiors to eliminate hard-to-clean cracks and crevices that can harbor contaminants.

Acrylic Inert Glove Box for Moisture-Sensitive Materials

Smart® plastic glove box isolator with low cost Plexiglass acrylic offers durability (17x impact resistance of glass), superior clarity, and UV resistance (won't yellow from exposure to sun).

Polypropylene Inert Glove Box for Corrosive Chemicals

Smart® automatic inert glove box isolator with opaque white polypropylene offers the best resistance to a wide range of corrosive acids, solvents, and disinfectants. The solid frame and walls feature continuous-seam welds for easy cleaning and maximum protection against chemical splashes and spills.

ISO 7 ESD-Safe Inert Glove Box for Microelectronics

Static-dissipative PVC (SD-PVC) construction dissipates electro-static charges and eliminates static-cling of dust particles to help maintain clean surfaces. Bonded dissipative layers resist abrasion and retains surface resistivity of 106 - 108 ohms/square longer than spray-on coatings that can wear off after a few years. Easy to clean with increased chemical resistance to isopropyl alcohol and other cleaning agents.

Polycarbonate Inert Glove Box for Pharmaceutical Packaging

Smart® inert glove box isolator with Lexan polycarbonate offers visual clarity plus several benefits over acrylic. Superior durability cracks less easily with 250x the impact resistance of glass, 15x the impact resistance of acrylic. Chemical resistant formula withstands many cleaning agents such as isopropyl alcohol. Increased thermal resistance (115–130 °C / 239–266 °F) helps withstand repeated steam sterilization.

UL-Listed Smart® Module for Long-Term Reliability

The Smart® module is UL-listed and built to the highest standards required by defense and semiconductor industries for long-term reliability. The compact controller includes an LED display and sensor to eliminate the need for external control boxes. Installation is simple, requiring only one gas and one low voltage power connection.

External LED Illuminator

Light fixture mounted outside the glovebox illuminates the interior and is easy to access. The hinged cover lifts up for LED maintenance or replacement.

High Caliber Hardware

Seemingly small details like latches, ports, glides and hinges are often overlooked or ignored by other manufacturers, and later become the point of costly recurring maintenance or equipment failure. Terra’s products are made of long lasting, cleanroom compatible, top tier hardware. Individual components are carefully designed and rigorously tested to guarantee the highest quality, durability, and craftsmanship.

Continuous Product Improvement

At Terra, we strive to develop and produce the highest quality products for our customers to improve health, safety, performance, and yields. Our product quality is enabled by high-grade manufacturing equipment and processes, 45 years of engineering and application expertise, and our commitment to continuously improve.

Manufacturer, Distributor and Service Provider

Terra is not just a product manufacturer, we provide a suite of services to help our customers navigate the complex process of ensuring their equipment is operational

Products Compliant With Your ISO Rating

Provide Terra with your desired ISO rating. We will tailor the product to meet your rating and certify it with the serial numbers appended to your invoice, to be included in your compliance package.
Available Accessories
Popular Accessories
For a full list of accessories, select a product then click Choose Accessories on that product page.
  • Stainless Steel ISO 6 Glovebox on Automatic Height Adjusting Table with N2 Generator

    Gloveboxes can easily mount to an automatic height adjusting table (28”-43”H). Ideal for workstations with sensitive equipment that undergo frequent height adjustment. A compact Nitrogen generator requires only a compressed air supply for continued nitrogen gas supply.
  • Sleeve and Glove Assemblies

    Sleeve/glove combinations, available in many materials, allow fast, inexpensive glove replacement without removing sleeves from the glove box port (shown: Hypalon with glove/sleeve connectors).
  • Laboratory Nitrogen Generator

    Terra’s Nitrogen Generators provide a continuous, reliable supply of clean, dry nitrogen up to 99% pure to eliminate dependence on bulky canisters to operate desiccators and glove boxes.
  • Air Locks Minimize Cross-Contamination

    Air locks provide a buffer space that minimizes cross-contamination and moisture fluctuation during parts transfer; standard mounting is right side (static-dissipative PVC model shown).
  • Stainless Steel Work Surface Improves Safety and Service Life

    Installed inside on the floor of a plastic glove box, a conductive stainless steel surface improves ESD-safety, simplifies cleaning, and extends service life by protecting from scratches and heavy impacts of dropped items.
  • Ionizing Module for Glove Boxes

    Safe, low-voltage static-neutralizing unit includes fans to eliminate static charges throughout the glove box chamber to prevent electro-static discharge (ESD) and particle attraction
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