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120Powder Coated SteelAcrylic1093445Protector4Stainless Steel 3644-09 51496 $59,41530-34 Days2
120Powder Coated SteelAcrylic643445Protector2Fiberglass 3644-05 51488 $24,05630-34 Days3
120Powder Coated SteelAcrylic643445Protector2Stainless Steel 3644-07 51492 $29,85830-34 Days4
230Powder Coated SteelAcrylic1093445Protector4Stainless Steel 3644-09-220 51497 $59,41540-44 Days5
230Powder Coated SteelAcrylic643445Protector2Fiberglass 3644-05-220 51489 $24,05630-34 Days6
230Powder Coated SteelAcrylic643445Protector2Stainless Steel 3644-07-220 51493 $29,85830-34 Days7
120Powder Coated SteelAcrylic643445Protector2Fiberglass 3644-06 51490 $32,54330-34 Days8
230Powder Coated SteelAcrylic643445Protector2Fiberglass 3644-06-220 51491 $32,54330-34 Days9
120Powder Coated SteelAcrylic643445Protector2Stainless Steel 3644-08 51494 $38,09230-34 Days10
230Powder Coated SteelAcrylic643445Protector2Stainless Steel 3644-08-220 51495 $38,09230-34 Days11
120Powder Coated SteelAcrylic1093445Protector4Stainless Steel 3644-10 51498 $67,24740-44 Days12
230Powder Coated SteelAcrylic1093445Protector4Stainless Steel 3644-10-220 51499 $67,24740-44 Days13
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Product Details
  • Protector Controlled Atmosphere Glove Boxes provide a leak-tight environment ideal for contamination-sensitive materials under vacuum or in an inert environment
  • Two- and four-glove port models available with one-piece molded fiberglass or stainless steel liners; includes neoprene gloves
  • Select models available with Auto Pressure Controller for reduced moisture and oxygen levels
  • Four manual valves with 3/8"(10 mm) compression fittings (2 on main chamber, 2 on transfer chamber)-for evacuating, filling and increased control
  • Factory-installed, rear-mounted, low profile stainless steel pressure relief bubbler at ±6 inches of water gauge
  • Required Accessories: base stand, vacuum source and inert gas
  • Material: laminated safety glass (viewing window, epoxy-coated aluminum glove ports, powder-coated 18 and 20 gauge steel exterior panels,
  • Interior Working Width: 35” for 2 glove-port models; 81.84” for 4 glove-port models
  • Factory leak-tested with a mass spectrometer while pressurized with Helium at 5 inches of water gauge
  • Two rear-mounted inlet and outlet fittings for easy connection to optional AtmosPure
  • Space-saving inner and outer transfer chamber doors pivot upward
  • Compliance: ETL Listing, UL 61010-1 and CAN/CSA C22.2 No.1010.1 conformity (domestic); CE Conformity Marking (international)
  • Exceeds Class 1 atmosphere containment conditions for oxygen permeation
  • Large viewing area: 36" W x 27.6" H (914 mm x 701 mm)

Glove Box Isolators by Labconco

  • Labconco Protector Fiberglass Controlled Atmosphere Glove Box Labconco Controlled Atmosphere Glovebox
Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Labconco Protector Controlled Atmosphere Glove Boxes

Additional Features of Protector Controlled Atmosphere Glove Boxes

Fiberglass-lined models feature a one-piece molded fiberglass liner with clear acrylic inner and outer transfer chamber doors. This model has been performance tested to maintain oxygen levels as low as 0.4 ppm and moisture levels as low as 2 ppm. The oxygen permeation is less than 0.3 ppm/min per ISO 10648-2 and illumination exceeds 120-foot candles.

Stainless steel-lined models feature a Type 304 stainless steel liner, front panel and inner and outer transfer chamber doors. This model has been performance tested to maintain oxygen levels as low as 0.2 ppm and moisture levels as low as 1 ppm. The oxygen permeation is less than 0.16 ppm/min per ISO 10648-2 and illumination exceeds 80-foot candles.

Auto Pressure Controller Modules

Select Labconco Protector Controlled Atmosphere Glove Boxes include an Auto Pressure Controller that reduces moisture and oxygen levels. This provides automatic control of the main chamber pressure (-5 to +5 inches of water gauge), main chamber evacuation and filling cycles (up to 499 cycles), and transfer chamber evacuation and filling cycles (up to 199 cycles). The main chamber vacuum/pressure is regulated as well as the transfer chamber pressure. The transfer chamber pressure remains between 0 and 29.5 inches of Mercury. This module has a mutable, audible alarm that sounds when pressure/vacuum levels are outside the set limits. Additionally, there is an LCD display to indicate the pressure (in inches of water, inches of mercury, and mBar) of the main chamber and transfer chamber. A three-position foot pedal is used to increase gas/fill, evacuate/decrease gas levels, and turn off gas in the glove box. There is also an input/output port for optional AtmosPure Re-Gen as Purifier.

Optional AtmosPure Re-Gen Gas Purifier

This gas purifier maintains ultrapure inert atmosphere within Protector Controlled Atmosphere Glove Boxes. It has the capacity to remove 5 liters of oxygen gas (13,500 ppm) and 660 grams of moisture (water vapor), which is equivalent to 18 million ppm. Regeneration can be completed in 13 hours is, in turn, completed in 13 hours.

Protector Controlled Atmosphere Glove Boxes also feature:

Interior left-hand side wall-mounted pass-through plug for on-site installation of an optional accessory such as electrical outlet, RS-232 port, gas/liquid port, or port for oxygen or moisture monitor. The glove box also comes with a pair of neoprene gloves, two 8" (203 mm) ID epoxy-coated aluminum, double grooved glove ports, and two 25-watt fluorescent lights.

Available Accessories
Popular Accessories
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  • Latex Gloves, Size 9-3/4, one pair, for Labconco Glove Boxes

    Choose latex gloves for optimal dexterity, gloves also available in neoprene, butyl and hypalon, with one or two-piece configurations.
  • Fan, Anti-static Ionizer, 100/115V, 50/60hz, for Labconco Glove boxes

    Labconco Anti-Static Ionizer Fan, compatible with Protector, Precise and XPert Glove Boxes, neutralizes static charge by circulating ionized air inside containment glove boxes; features a dual steady state DC circulator and easily mounts to light support.
  • Vibration Isolator, for Labconco Glove boxes

    Balance Vibration Isolator for Labconco Glove Boxes minimizes vibration within the chamber improve accuracy of sensitive analytical balances; includes a thick marble slab, 4 isolator pads and a 304 stainless steel protective top cover
  • Adjustable Height Mobile Stand for Labconco Glove Boxes

    Stationary and mobile adjustable-height stands provide stable support for 2- or 4-port Protector and Precise Glove Boxes (mobile stand shown with 5" casters)
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